Enhance Your Beauty And Health With Ashwagandha!

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Ashwagandha is one of the therapeutic plants that is noted for its remarkable health and beauty benefits since ages. Various parts of this plant like the berry, leaves, and root in extract or powdered form are used in the manufacture of a variety of medicines. This herb is known for its significant healing benefits in Ayurvedic, African and Unani medicine. Chemicals and ingredients contained in this powerful herb are vital for curing a wide range of ailments related to your skin, hair, nervous system, and immune system.

Few Facts about Ashwagandha

In traditional medicine system, Ashwagandha is known by several names such as “Indian ginseng”, Ajagandha, Amukkirag, Amangura, Asana, Asgandh, Asoda, Asundha, Avarada, Cerise d’Hiver, Ghoda Asoda, Clustered Wintercherry, Hayahvaya, Kuthmithi, Kanaje Hindi, Physalis somnifera, Orovale, Peyette, Samm Al Rerakh, Samm Al Ferakh, Strychnos, Sogade-Beru, Vajigandha, Turangi-Ghanda, Withania somnifera and Winter Cherry.

The name “Ashwagandha” is derived from the Sanskrit language. It is formed by combining two words “Ashva”, that means horse, and “Gandha”, that means smell. This implies that the root of this herb has got a strong “horse-like” aroma. The distinctive smell and remarkable ability of this herb improve strength and energy levels in a person.

Nutritional Composition of Ashwagandha

100 grams of Ashwagandha root powder comprises of following nutrients in it –

  • 3.9 g of Protein,
  • 0.3 g of Fat,
  • 32.3 g of unprocessed fiber,
  • 245 Kcal of Energy,
  • 49.9 g of Carbohydrate,
  • 3.3 mg of Iron, and
  • Calcium

Ashwagandha Benefits for Health and Beauty

1. Cope up with Stress

Ashwagandha Helps Manage Stress

Ashwagandha works as an “adaptogen” that assists the body to cope up with day to day stress. An adaptogen keeps the adrenal system healthy so that it effectively manages the responses of the body to physical, emotional and environmental stress. Due to these attributes, it is widely used in the preparation of sedative and nerve-calming tonics.

By combating fatigue, depression, anxiety, and stress, the soothing action of adaptogens restores peace and calmness in the body. This makes this herb, one of the best treatments for insomnia too.

2. Beautify Body

Free radicals are the cause for the development of various signs of aging such as dark spots, wrinkles, blemishes, and fine lines. Loaded with antioxidants, Ashwagandha is touted as one of the best beautifying agents.

Antioxidants present in it helps in the elimination of free radicals present in the body. Ashwagandha also contains a significant number of “alkaloids” that calms the nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety. This directly impacts the health of the hair and skin.

Some of the ways by which it enhances the beauty of a person are as follows:

  • Moisturizes your skin

    The gentle nature of Ashwagandha soothes your skin and also offer protection against rough and dry skin.

  • Cleanses the skin

    Ashwagandha contains “withanolides” that aids in cleansing impurities and dirt from the skin. This, in turn, prevents the appearance of acne and clogged pores on the skin.

  • Heals the skin

    Ashwagandha can be externally applied on the skin in the form of a liquid ointment to cure bruises, inflammation, and cuts on the skin.

  • Stimulates the skin

    Ashwagandha enhances secretion of DHEA that stimulates the growth of proteins and compounds that are necessary for hydration of healthy skin. Both estrogen and DHEA keeps your skin youthful by way of stimulating the production of collagen and enhancing levels of the natural oils in the skin. Due to the calming action of the vital herb, it reduces cortisol levels that can cause trouble to your skin.

3. Healthy Hair

Ashwagandha Make Hair Long Strong and Healthy

Ashwagandha is incredibly healthy for your hair. It makes them healthy, strong and lustrous. Addition of this herb in your shampoo improves scalp circulation, strengthens hair at the root level, and prevents the occurrence of scalp issues such as psoriasis, eczema, and dandruff. Ashwagandha stimulates melanin that gives natural color to your hair and reverses greying.

4. Combats tumor

This powerful supplement has a large concentration of withanolides, that shows fighting properties against tumor growth and inflammation in the body.

5. Ashwagandha Can Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Consumption of Ashwagandha creates an impact on insulin sensitivity and secretion that assists in stabilizing blood sugar levels. This property makes it an ideal supplement for people suffering from Type II diabetes.

6. Ashwagandha Can Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Consumption of Ashwagandha creates an impact on insulin sensitivity and secretion that assists in stabilizing blood sugar levels. This property makes it an ideal supplement for people suffering from Type II diabetes.

7. It Has Anti-Cancer Properties

Ashwagandha assists in inducing apoptosis, that is referred to as the programmed demise of cancer-causing cells. It impedes the production of new cancer-causing cells in 2 ways.

Firstly, it forms reactive oxygen species in cancer cells that disrupts their function. Secondly, it reduces the resistance of cancer cells towards apoptosis. Due to this action, Ashwagandha treats various kinds of cancer, that includes breast, colon, lung, ovarian and brain cancer.

8. Reduce Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is a “stress hormone” that when gets elevated results in increased storage of fat in the abdomen region along with high levels of blood sugar. Ashwagandha helps in reducing cortisol levels that reduces unwanted fat storage and restores blood sugar levels to adequate levels.

9. Boosts Testosterone And Enhances Fertility in Men

Ashwagandha Helps Boost Testosterone
Ashwagandha supplements have a powerful impact on reproductive health and testosterone levels in a person. Men who consumed it daily for the management of stress observed improved sperm quality, increased sperm motility and count, and fertility.

10. Boosts Muscle Strength And Mass

Consuming dried root powder of Ashwagandha enhances body composition and strength. It results in significant gains in muscle size and strength and reducing body fat in a person.

11. Reduces Inflammation

High anti-oxidant levels found in this herb assists in decreasing inflammation. Ashwagandha enhances the action of natural killer cells in the body that helps in fighting off infection and keeps you healthy. It reduces inflammation marker “C-reactive protein”, that is associated with an increased chance of cardiac ailment.

12. Improves Cardiac Function

Besides its powerful anti-inflammatory effect, Ashwagandha also assists in improving heart health. This is done by lowering triglyceride and cholesterol levels in a person. Ashwagandha decreases the level of these two blood fats considerably.

13. Improves Memory

Ashwagandha supplements lower issues related to brain function and memory that are caused by a disease or injury. Its large concentration of antioxidants safeguard nerve cells from damaging free radicals. This results in improved memory, task performance, focus, brain function, and reaction times.


The appropriate dosage of Ashwagandha is dependent on various factors like the age, gender, individual health condition and other conditions of the user. In general, a dose of 250 mg to 500 mg daily for a minimum of one month is adequate to see effective results. It is also advised to talk to your healthcare professional, physician, or pharmacist to include this remarkable herb safely.

Side Effects and Precautions

Ashwagandha is considered safe when it is taken in by mouth in permissible amounts for a short-term. Large dosage of Ashwagandha can lead to stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea. Some of the precautions that need to be taken are as follows:


Pregnant woman is not advised to consume Ashwagandha. This is because there can be a possibility of miscarriage.

Low Blood Pressure

Ashwagandha has the property to reduce blood pressure. So, it can cause problems in people who suffer from low blood pressure.

Stomach Ulcers

It has been seen that Ashwagandha can irritate your GI tract (gastrointestinal tract). It is advised that people with stomach ulcer should not consume it.

Auto-immune Diseases

Intake of Ashwagandha herb can cause your immune system to become more active. This can cause trouble for people who are struggling through auto-immune disorders such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Interactions with medicines

Apart from Ashwagandha benefits, lets take a look at how does it interact with other medicines in general.

  • Don’t take it with medicines that aims at reducing the immune system or Immunosuppressants. This is due to the reverse nature of Ashwagandha that increases the immunity system. So, taking Ashwagandha along with immunosuppressants can reduce their effectiveness.
  • Ashwagandha can interact with sedative medications, thereby causing more drowsiness and sleepiness. This is because of the sedative nature of Ashwagandha that increases the impact of sedative medications
  • Ashwagandha can increase levels of thyroid hormone in the blood. Therefore, it is required that people who are undergoing thyroid medication should use Ashwagandha cautiously or avoid it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ashwagandha

How Does Ashwagandha Taste?

The leaves and roots of Ashwagandha are prominently used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicine. It has an astringent and bitter taste, that shows unctuous and light properties. It is hot in potency with a sweet after digestive effect.

Can My Focus Improve with Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha augments mitochondrial function that improves overall energy levels in the body. It helps in maintaining homeostasis, presence of mind and mental focus, throughout stressful times.

Can One Take Ashwagandha on an Empty Stomach?

Health supplements like Ashwagandha are seen to work best when consumed on an empty stomach. When the herb hits the system, it helps your body to benefit from its full power instantly.

Can Ashwagandha Assist with Weight Loss?

Stress reduction hormone helps in restoration of the normal levels of leptin and aids in controlling obesity to a great extent. Ashwagandha benefits include limiting stress-linked weight gain in people. Thus, the inclusion of Ashwagandha is one of the safe and healthy ways for the effective management of weight in a person.

Does Ashwagandha Enhance Testosterone in Females?

This herb is found to increase levels of serum testosterone hormone, reduce levels of ‘FSH’ (follicle-stimulating hormone), and increase levels of ‘LH’ (luteinizing hormone) production in the body. Ashwagandha can pose the same impact on women. It increases testosterone levels and counterbalances androgen deficiency syndrome in women.

Does Ashwagandha Aid in Regrowth of Hair?

Both hormonal imbalances and acute stress are prime causes of loss of hair in women. Thus, the addition of this adaptogenic herb into your diet promotes healthy and strong hair, while decreasing hair damage and loss.

Does Ashwagandha Lead to Increase in Beard Growth?

Consumption of Ashwagandha is found to be beneficial for your beard growth as it increases testosterone levels in the body. Higher testosterone production results in faster growth of facial hair. If you are facing patches in the beard or uneven growth of hair in beard, then Ashwagandha can treat this problem effectively.


Who knew that Ashwagandha can be the iconic superfoods to supplement any hair and skin routine? It is the secret to lustrous hair and skin and a healthy body. From reducing stress and fighting depression to boosting immunity, testosterone levels, and fertility, this ancient medicinal herb provides a plethora of health benefits to a person. Supplementing with Ashwagandha could be an effective and easy way to enhance your quality of life and overall health.

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