All You Need To Know About Skin Cancer!

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Cancer is one of the most widely spreading and dangerous disease nowadays with quite a high mortality ratio! Among men and women, this disease is rapidly spreading! Form the exposure towards dust, pollution and sun rays, and this disease has witnessed quick increase! Also, there are different forms of skin cancer which are identified as very dangerous forms of skin cancer! However, cancer types are considered as the preventive disease which can be prevented with care and various preventive measures.

Here’s all you need to know about skin cancer!

  • What is skin cancer?
  • What are the causes of skin cancer?
  • What are the symptoms of skin cancer?
  • What are the available treatment options for skin cancer?
  • Preventive measures for skin cancer

Skin Cancer

What Is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is a cancer which affects and begins from the skin. When the cells in human body starts getting develops in an uncontrollable speed and in a huge quantity, it can cause skin issues, tumors and various other problems.

The increase in the cell growth can also affect the surrounding areas and can gradually affect various areas of your body. There are three different types of cancers known as melanoma, squamous cell skin cancer and basal cell skin cancer.

More than 90% of the cases in skin cancer are caused due to exposure towards the sun light and the harmful UV rays. Direct exposure toward the UV rays is one of the prominent causes of skin cancer and thus, must be avoided!

What Are The Causes Of Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is generally caused due to extreme exposure towards the sun rays but there are some other causes of this disease which are rare but possible. Thus, here are some causes of skin cancer which you must consider seriously!

1. Ultraviolet Rays

  • The DNA in human cells beneath your skin gets affected from the dangerous UV radiations. These UV radiations are found from the sunlight and tanning beds. These rays solely won’t damage your skin but it also weakens your immune system and spreads!
  • Though, UV rays are the first and basic cause of skin cancer. Those people living in areas with high temperature are mostly affected by skin cancer. Especially during the extremely hot climate, when people move in sunlight without any protection, it can lead to skin cancer!
  • The sun exposure is identified to target skin cancer due to severe sunburns. There is other burns, scars and exposure towards chemicals which can affect the skin and cause skin cancer!

2. Sunburn

Sunburn is concerned with a common type of skin cancer known as melanoma. This happens to people who get sunburns and get affected from skin cancer due spending time in beaches and playing water sports in the sun!
When people are quite unaware about the heat and risks of sun burn when they are gardening outside in hot temperatures, swimming in the pools, enjoying in the beaches, playing water sports and enjoying in the hot climate! This can get them exposed to extreme heat and can cause sunburns. These sun burns can gradually lead to skin cancer which spreads rapidly!

3. Tanning

If you love getting your skin tanned, here is an absolute side effect of getting your skin tanned which you must consider seriously! We all love the beautifully tanned skin but are still unaware of the tanning effects on our body!
Either the natural sun tan or the fake tan both can be extremely dangerous for your skin. Generally, people feel that getting a tan is healthy but over exposure towards the sun rays and getting the tan constantly can lead to skin cancer!
Tanning is a sign which showcases that you have been exposed to extreme UV rays which has a very negative impact on your skin. The discoloration is a sign of tanning which you need to consider. This increases your risk to get skin cancer every time!
It is believed that sun tan can give protection against sunburn but the protection is very little and for some time! It would simply not prevent your DNA to get damaged from the rays! Also, the fake tan won’t protect your skin from getting affected with the sun tan! Thus, nothing or no product with fake tans can protect you from skin cancer!

4. Solariums

  • Solariums can emit UV rays which can affect your skin, and get your skin cancer. The solarium use can thus get you affected with skin cancer as the tan won’t save you from skin cancer and would damage your DNA!

5. Exposure Towards X-Rays And Toxins

  • Your skin can get damaged if it exposed not only to the UV rays but also when it gets affected with the X-rays.
  • Also, the toxic substances, pollution and x-rays can damage your skin though the effect of these elements is less if you are constantly exposed to such elements, the risks are high of getting affected from skin issues!

What Are The Symptoms Of Skin Cancer?

The symptoms of skin cancer differ with the different skin cancer types. For the three main types of skin cancer, the symptoms are different which are mentioned below.

1. Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Symptoms

The basal cell skin cancer and squamous cell skin cancer are the nonmelanoma skin cancers. In the beginning of nonmelanoma skin cancer, the skin starts growing or gets sore which won’t get away for quite much time. The signs of this type of skin cancer include a rash, patchiness, spots which get visible in your body!

2. Basal Cell Skin Cancer Symptoms

This kind of cancer shows the scars and patches on the areas like neck, face and upper body which get exposed to the sun rays. The signs of basal cell skin cells are:

  • A huge bump on the skin.
  • A brown or dark brown colored skin rash on your skin.
  • The blood vessels in the center of the patch gets visible in some time.
  • Also, this can develop on the chest if exposed to sun rays.
  • If you feel a brownish scar on your skin which is flat and patchy, it is a sign of skin cancer.
  • These rashes can also start bleeding or discharged after a certain period of time.

3. Squamous Cell Skin Cancer Symptoms

Just like the other nonmelanoma cancer, the areas like the chest, face, neck and also in other body gets affected by this cancer. The signs of this cancer type are as follows:

  • A smooth red nodule on the skin.
  • A flat and dark patch on the skin.
  • A mid-sized lump on the skin.
  • The lumps are quite rough and not smooth.
  • These rough patches keep on developing and do not go away!
  • This cancer develops on the head, neck, and chest but can also develop in the genital areas!

4. Melanoma Skin Cancer Signs

Melanoma skin cancer can also develop on the neck, on the shoulders, face and anywhere on the body. Also, the skin can get affected by melanoma skin cancer from a basic mole.

In women, this cancer develops on the legs and starts developing! Palms soles, toe nails are the areas where melanoma cancer appears! Here are the other signs:

  • A huge brown spot on the skin with darker shade.
  • Mole which keeps changing color. Also the way it feels changes along with it bleeding.
  • A patch which can have atypical border, color and texture.
  • Dark patches and lesions on the palms, toe nails, soles, finger tips etc. also it can appear on the mouth vagina, nose and such areas!

What Are The Available Treatment Options For Skin Cancer?

There are few treatment options which are general and common for all the different types of skin cancer! Here are the treatments which can help in treating cancer too!

1. Chemotherapy

  • Chemotherapy is a treatment in which, the drugs are used to kill the cancer cells. For all the different types of skin cancers, the chemotherapy is used.
  • This is quite a dangerous and harmful treatment which can have intense side effects on our body. The drugs entered into the body would fight the spreading, division and growth of the cancer cells.
  • The cells are destroyed through these harmful drugs and make used that the cells never develop again! Also, this is the therapy which is used after surgical removal of tumors if any tumor exists!

2. Immunotherapy

  • Immunotherapy is the therapy in which, the immune system is protected through various medicines and vaccines. When the body fights with various disease and harmful cells, the body gets protected from the disease.
  • But when the immune system of a person gets weak, it is not able to fight the harmful cells! This can cause the spread of disease.
  • Thus, strengthening your immune system can help in fighting cancer cells easily. This is done while improving the immune system and hormones in the body!

3. Radiation Therapy

  • The radiation therapy is similar as the chemotherapy. In the radiation therapy, instead of the drugs, radiations are passed in the body to control the cancerous cells
  • All the cells which start spreading, capturing the surroundings of your body, the growing can be easily fought with this therapy. If the patient has cancer tumor, after the surgical process, the radiations are used to destroy the other cells which have escaped from the surgical process
  • This is generally used to completely fight cancer and all its cells from the body!

4. Surgery

  • Surgery is the process which is used to remove the cancer tumors. When the skin cells start growing uncontrollably, it can turn into tumors.
  • These tumors can turn into cancerous tumors which can be removed easily through the surgical processes. This surgical process can remove the tumors and after the surgery, the radiation and chemotherapies are used to fight cells.
  • This is a complete process of removing the cancerous cells from the body and to stop the growth and prevalence of cancer cells in the body!

5. Vaccines and Medications

  • It is natural that the doctors would prescribe vaccinations and medicines after the surgeries and different therapies.
  • But sometimes, if the cancer is on the early stages, various vaccinations and medicines can be provided to treat cancer cells and destroy them.
  • Sometimes when cancer has not yet spread in a large area and can be easily battled with drugs, vaccines and injections, these are used to treat cancer!

Preventive Measures For Skin Cancer

Now that we know that skin cancer is one of the cancer types which can be easily prevented, here are some amazing preventive measures which you can try for skin care.

With some amazing ways, you can prevent skin cancer and keep you risk free form such issues!  Don’t forget to follow these cool remedies to keep skin cancer away from you!

  • Beginning from the advice of the skin care foundations, it is necessary to carry the SPF15 or high sun screens when you get exposed to sun rays.
  • Along with the increased cases of skin cancer, it is important to protect ourselves from this issue and this first step towards preventing it is sun screen.
  • Always carry a SPF 15 or higher rated sun screen which can effectively fight sun rays and keep your skin away from rashes, cancer and tan!
  • When the temperature increases in your area or if you visit a place with extremely high temperature, do not move out in between 10 AM and 4 PM.
  • In this duration, the effect of sun rays is extremely high which can affect your skin and get it cancerous!
  • Do not get sun burns. Sun burns has a very active way through which you can catch cancer and thus, try avoiding sun burns and skin burns as much as possible!
  • If you love getting on the tanning beds, resting on the sun for sun bath, understand the risk of cancer and stay away from the tanning beds. They can have an unusual and undesirable impact on your skin and thus, stay away from tanning beds!
  • Whenever you move out in sun, not let your skin parts get exposed towards the sun. Cover yourself from thick and sun protectant clothes, sun glasses etc. less exposure would keep your skin prevented from sun rays and skin cancer!
  • Apply lot of sunscreen to your body 30 minutes before moving out from your home. Also if you are going for swimming, sun bath or for gardening, reply the sunscreen every 2 hours to keep your sin safe!
  • Keep your little babies out of the sun. Children aging 6 months and higher can get affected from skin cancer soon. Thus, keep your babies away from sun!
  • Also, go for a medical examination for complete skin if you have returned from a vacation or have got lot of sun tan!

If you live in an area which always is heated to high temperatures, you must consider all the risks and causes which can get you affected from cancer. It is amazing to get a sun bath on your favorite beach sleeping on the Jacuzzis but while having this fun, you must need to consider the risks of getting affected with skin cancer!

Thus, protect your skin from cancer with these amazing preventive measures and live a healthy life!

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