Most Common Types Of Cancer Among Women!

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Cancer is a very horrify disease which can scare people to the level of depression. It is a disease with 2nd highest mortality rates after the heart disease! Previously, it was considered as one of the incurable diseases which leads and ends up in death but thanks to all the medical researchers, development and technical enhancements which have gifted us numerous treatment options to cure this disease! Today we will discuss cancer in women!

It is identified that more than women, men get affected form cancer and there are different cancer types through which women are getting affected. Among the highest cancer types are skin cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancers are the highly spread cancer types! Here is all you need to know about different types of cancer in women!

  • What is cancer?
  • What are the most common types of cancer in women?
  • Doctor defined top signs and symptoms of cancer women must not avoid!
  • How can cancer be prevented?

Most Common Types Of Cancer in Women

What Is Cancer And What Impact It Has On Women Health?

Cancer is a disease which is caused due to the overgrowth of several cells in human body. Also this is caused due to the intense speed of the cell growth which affects women with tumors.

When the tumor increases, the cells also start covering the surrounding areas through developing new blood vessels and gradually cover huge areas. This spreading, division and growth is called cancer which must be treated at the correct stage.

There are various stages of cancer in women in which, it developed, diagnosed and treated. After few stages, it’s not possible to reverse the disease and a person leads to death!

What Are The Most Common Types Of Cancer in Women?

There are some cancer forms which are identified in women more than men and have victimized uncountable women. Here are the top cancers forms with which, women are suffering!

1. Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most witnessed forms of cancer in women. It is cancer which affects the skin and the women with white or fair skin are affected more with this form of cancer!

  • Skin cancer is caused due to the abnormal and cancerous growth of skin. it separated the upper layer of the skin from the deeper layers and gradually spreads to various parts of your body.
  • Generally, skin cancer is caused due to heavy exposure towards sun rays and through tanning. Women with fair tone are more at a risk.
  • Also, women suffering from STD’s or auto immune disease are at a risk of skin cancer in women. Also, heavy exposure towards x-rays can cause skin cancer.
  • If you find lumps or skin changes like flakiness and changes in your skin color, you must go for a diagnosis.

2. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second most horrible cancer types from which women suffer. Breast gets developed after puberty and consists of various cells, tissues and milk producing ducts. If the cell growth becomes uncontrollable, it can lead to breast cancer.

  • Cancer can begin with the uncontrollable growth of cells in the milk ducts or in the lobules. Also gradually, it starts spreading in the entire breasts which can result into lumps and division of cells.
  • It is identified as a lump over the armpits or in the breasts. Also, changes in nipples show signs of breast cancer.
  • Sometimes, the nipples change their texture, shape and size and a discharge or little bleeding may appear!
  • It is generally caused due to heavy weight, dense tissues in the breasts, exposure towards radiations and such conditions!

3. Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer in women which is life threatening and can impact various organs at a high speed When the cells grow uncontrollably in the ovaries and especially in the outer lining of the ovaries, it can lead to dangerous ovarian cancer which spreads quickly

  • Generally, the symptoms of ovarian symptoms are pain in the pelvis and lower abdomen, heart burns, pain during intercourse, irritation in bowel, weight loss, tiredness, fatigue etc.
  • Women generally suffer from gas, bloating, tiredness, pain in the lower sections of the body.
  • Women who has more pregnancies, who have started menstruating early than other women, or have entered the menopause early than other women are at a risk.

4. Colon Cancer

When the cells start growing in the large intestines, the speedy growth of cells and the huge amount of cells can cause colon cancer in women. Generally, in the large intestine, the tumors or polyps are a present form which, cancer cells starts.

  • From non-cancerous tumor, the cells develop and turns into cancerous or malignant which starts spreading into lymph nodes and blood in various areas
  • These cancer cells and tumor would spread into the surrounding areas and becomes tougher to treat!
  • Colon cancer signs showcase issues in the colon, digestive system, issues in bowel movements etc.
  • A woman suffering from colon suffering from pain in bowel, diarrhea or constipation may have colon cancer.
  • Bleeding during urination, excretion, loose stool, abdominal cramps, weight loss and such issues signify that you may be affected from colon cancer!

5. Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial cancer develops in the uterus, the main organ for fetal development in women. It is cancer which starts to form the uterus and gets spread in the surroundings

  • The cells start getting developed from the uterus lining and is diagnosed early due to its signs and symptoms.
  • Due to these issues in the uterus, each organ related to fetal development gets affected with this cancer. Women suffer from vaginal bleeding which is a prime sign.
  • Also, pain in the pelvic area, bleeding or spotting, unwanted vaginal discharge, pain in the pelvis area etc are the signs which shows there is something wrong in the uterus!

6. Lung Cancer

Lung cancer, as the name suggests, begins and promotes in the lungs. When the cells start growing at an uncontrollable speed in both the lungs, it can result in lung cancer. Instead of the healthy lung tissues, tumors are developed which can then spread and affect many areas

  • The tumors become huge and uncontrollable spread. They also diminish the lung’s ability to fill the blood stream with oxygen.
  • From the different and dense lymph nodes, these cells and tumors start spreading at a huge level and starts covering areas.
  • Intense smoking habits can cause lung cancer and people who have habit of smoking daily, are at a huge risk to get affected from lung cancer.
  • The lung cancerous tumors grow within the period of 3-4 months and starts getting doubled while it is diagnosed through x-rays.
  • People who smoke every day are at a risk of the small cell lung cancer which is the most dangerous and harmful type of lung cancer!

7. Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer starts developing in the neck of the womb which is the starting or entrance of the womb. In the lower uterus, this is a part in which, cancer cells start to grow.

  • Bleeding during intercourse, bleeding in between the menstrual cycle, bleeding post menopause, pain and tightness in vagina, smelly discharge from vagina, pain in the lower body etc are the symptoms of cervical cancer.
  • The cells developing in the cervix won’t stop growing and would double. This overgrowth can lead to tumor and would spread in the surrounding areas.
  • Smoking, weak immune system, sexually transmitted disease, extreme stress, labor at a small age and over use of contraceptive pills can result in cervical cancer!

8. Stomach Cancer

The stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer in women which is caused due to abnormal growth of cells in the stomach.  Women mostly suffer from this cancer and the other symptoms of stomach cancer in women which is caused due to abnormal growth of cells in the stomach.  Women mostly suffer from this cancer and the other symptoms of stomach cancer.

  • Women suffering from stomach cancer can suffer from pain in stomach, cramps problem in swelling food, loss of appetite, indigestion, heart burns etc
  • This cancer causes issues in the stomach and thus, the stomach issue like indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, bloating are common for the patients.
  • Also, vomit with blood and weight loss can showcase that you are suffering from stomach cancer. People who smoke, drink and have such dangerous habits get affected from stomach cancer on the short and long term basis.
  • Also, women consuming high sugary, high carb foods, oily foods and foods which cannot get digested easily are at a risk of stomach cancer!

Top Signs And Symptoms Of Cancer Women Must Not Avoid!

1. Breast Cancer

  • Changes in the breasts are one of the common sign or symptom which can drive your attention towards breast cancer, leading cancer in women!
  • Discharge from the nipples, inward turning nipples, itchiness and redness in nipples, flakiness over the nipples, are the early symptoms of breast cancer which must be diagnosed carefully!

2. Endometrial Cancer

  • Spotting and bleeding issues in between your menstrual cycle is sometimes common but bleeding more than 4-5 times is simply abnormal! Spotting happens due to many reasons and one of it is cancer
  • If the spotting and bleeding continue, you must catch a doctor as, it can be a sign of endometrial cancer in which the uterus lining gets thin and bleeding happens!

3. Skin Cancer

  • Changes in the skin are always a sign of something wrong happening beneath your skin too! If your skin changes while giving you some signs of extreme flakiness, changes in skin color, changes in the mole colors etc, it is a matter of concern.
  • If you are suffering from skin cancer, these are the prominent signs which you must not ignore!

4. Ovarian Cancer

  • Gas and bloating are common for women. generally, during the menstrual cycle and due to eating habits, gas and bloating happens and also banishes within a week or two
  • But if, this bloating and gas issues won’t go away after few weeks, you need the proper diagnosis as it can be a sign of ovarian cancer. Weight loss, bleeding, and spotting are the complementing signs!

5. Colon Cancer

  • Blood during urinating or in the stool is a very important sign which you probably must not ignore. Bleeding while you excrete shows that there are issues in your colon or in your kidneys.
  • If this lasts for some days and does not go away soon, you must go for a diagnosis session and check for colon cancer!

6. Stomach or Throat Cancer

  • Trouble in eating, swallowing and digesting food is a sign which can lead to stomach cancer. This is a common condition when you are suffering from food poisoning and digestive issues.
  • But if, the trouble of swallowing is accompanied by weight loss and frequent vomit, you need a test. This may be a sign of throat or stomach cancer!

7. Throat, Stomach Or Ovarian Cancer

  • Heartburn and acidity is a quite common nowadays. Especially when you eat spicier, oily and sugar rich foods, heartburn and acidity occurs also stress and alcohol can cause heart burns……
  • But if your heart burn does not last for just 2-3 days and continues to trouble you, it is a sign of stomach cancer, ovarian cancer or throat cancer which is must to be diagnosed!

8. Lung Cancer

  • A cough is common during extremely chilled and cold weather. Also, some drinks and foods can cause an extreme cough the normal cough would go away within few days.
  • But, cough also has a huge concern with lung cancer. Those women suffering from lung cancer would feel a cough getting jammed in their throat and it would become a never ending process! If you feel shortness of breath and cough, it may be a sign of lung cancer!

These are the common symptoms which showcase that something is wrong within your body and there are certain organs in your body which have started facing cell overgrowth and can lead to cancer!

How Can Cancer Be Prevented?

It is found that almost 50% types of cancers are practically preventable and thus, by following some routine and by giving your health first priority, you can prevent cancer! Here are some tips which can help in preventing cancer!

1. Quit Tobacco

Tobacco is identified as the leading causes of lung cancer, throat cancer and different types of cancers. The elements filled in tobacco are mostly filled with cancer triggering elements which you must avoid! Thus quit tobacco and live a healthy life!

2. Avoiding Unhealthy Foods

Can have a great impact on our body. Not only to prevent cancer but also to stay away from such life threatening disease, eating healthy must be considered important. Junk foods filled with carbohydrates, sugar, cholesterol and unhealthy elements can damage your body and cause such problems!

3. Maintain Your Weight

Obesity can trigger various diseases along with cancer. Obesity can damage your body and can block the different processes in your body. thus carry balanced weight and prevent cancer.

4. Keep Working Out

As staying fit and healthy is the best way to battle all the disease. A fit and healthy body would fight various abnormalities in the body which can cause serious illnesses and make your body weak. This work out and stay healthy!

5. Avoid Sun Rays

It is proved that most of the women who faces extreme sun exposure can get affected from skin cancer. The sunrays are filled with extremely harmful UV rays which can damage your healthy skin tissues and develop into skin cancer. Thus, stay away from sun rays and keep healthy!

6. Have Safe Sex

It is also proven that there are different cancer forms which get triggered due to unhealthy sex practices. Using protection or contraceptive pills, considering oral health and hygiene important is needed. Over use of contraceptive pills, pregnancy at low age, high rate of abortion etc must be avoided

7. Strengthen Your Immune System

Immunity is the first stage of fighting the disease. Keep your immunity strong and eat the foods which can strength your immune system. Also get the medications and anti biotics to fight the auto immune disease which can trigger cancer!

8. Drink a Lot Of Water

Water is an amazing cleanser which can fight toxins and reduce the risk of bacteria and infection in your body. Also, it helps in removing out the toxins, waste and harmful element from the body! Thus drink water and revive your body every day with freshness!

9. Consider Pain Important

If you are suffering from anything wrong in your body, the first sign of any disease is the pain. Cancer starts with pain and starts getting spread with increased symptoms and thus, considers pain importantly. Don’t avoid any pain and fight cancer in the beginning phases!

10. Avoid Scans And Exposure To Rays

It is identified that x-rays and UV rays are extremely harmful and can trigger cancer. Thus, avoid unnecessary scans and body checkups and also wear a sunscreen before moving out from your house!

In today’s advanced world, now that we have technology and information at our doorsteps, we know these diseases in detail. We know the causes, symptoms and signs of such disease which we can prevent!

Take an advantage of this change and stay informed regarding the disease and its cure to live a healthy, stress-free and cherish able life!

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