Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation You Must Know!

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The flawless skin, beautiful long nails, gorgeous long hair and rosy pink cheeks, did you ever think from where does this all come? Well, this is the magic of correct blood circulation in your body! Apart from these, there is certain other life changing benefits of proper blood circulation which you didn’t know! Also, Let’s know here how to treat poor blood circulation!

I have been very particular to ensure proper blood circulation in my body after knowing the benefits and harms of this process. Promoting blood circulation through various activities would keep you healthy all your life long! Know about blood circulation and its importance right here!

  • What is the importance of blood circulation?
  • What causes poor blood circulation?
  • Some interesting facts about blood circulation!
  • Signs of poor blood circulation
  • Measures you can try to get rid of poor blood circulation.
  • Yoga poses to improve blood circulation

Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation

What Is The Importance Of Blood Circulation?

  • Why is so much importance given to blood circulation? Why people work rigorously to enhance blood circulation? Why do doctors suggest various activities to increase blood circulation? Here are the answers!
  • Blood is meant to circulate in all our body parts. Once it gets jammed, problems arise! There are uncountable vessels to allow blood to freely move in the body!
  • Blood circulation does not only supply blood to each and every organ of the body but also it supplies the oxygen to brain and different organs
  • The brain functioning makes us able to sense and our body work! Without enough oxygen supply, our brain would not work as it does!
  • Blood circulation carries oxygen and the healthy blood to our tissues, organs, vessels and every corner of the body.
  • This is responsible for the generation of new cells in our body, to make the body absorb nutrients from the foods, to release the toxic substances out from the body and to also to improve breathing!
  • Adequate blood circulation also helps in normalizing the body temperature after rigorous activities, to maintain the pH balance of our body and such different activities!
  • Thus, blood circulation is extremely important if you want all your body parts to function normally and want to live healthily!

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What Causes Poor Blood Circulation?

  • Poor blood circulation is caused due to different reasons. Though this is a normal and regular process, some of our day to day activities can cause poor blood circulation!
  • Adults specially suffer from this issue as, after passing the childhood, our daily body movement gets reduced.
  • Also, thanks to the technical advancements and machinery which has made human physical efforts almost null
  • Sitting at one place for hours and hours can result into poor blood circulation. The blood flows while you move and if you do not move for hours; your body won’t be able to promote blood circulation.
  • Our habits and daily activities either improve or reduce blood circulation. Eating high carbohydrate and sugar rich foods can block our blood vessels due to fat jamming.
  • Consumption of alcohol and weight gain can thicken up the arteries can cause blocking of blood flow.
  • Also, if you don’t walk even for half an hour a day, your body movement decrease which can cause poor blood circulation!
  • These activities gradually slow down the blood circulation which can result into blocking of arteries and such extreme conditions which you never imagined!

Some Interesting Facts About Blood Circulation!

Here I present some of the interesting and surprising facts about blood circulation which would make you go crazy! Learn about blood circulation and its impact on your body with these facts!

  • How much time do you think a wave of blood flow would take to cover your entire body? Well it takes 20 seconds for a wave to circulate in your entire body and come back! Human body is seriously super fast!
  • Blood circulation is actually intended to supply oxygen and nutrients to the organs while removing the carbon dioxide and waste from your body! Tough job!
  • If our circulatory system is removed and placed on a road, it lengths around 100,000 km, counting all the blood vessels! What? It fits so amazingly in our bodies! Human body is so huge!
  • Our heart can pump up to 6 gallons blood in just minutes! No wonder our body is super fast!
  • Laughing loudly can increase the blood flow and circulation up to 20 times! Crack jokes, burst into laughter and improve your blood circulation with no efforts!
  • Your blood vessels are the boss in case of circulation! The blood vessels can change their functioning as per the weather! It can normalize, increase as well decrease the temperature!
  • This is why touching an extremely cold object can make the blood vessel stop functioning which leads to no blood circulation. This would make all your skin tissues die and create a feel of numbness! Don’t surprise your body with sudden shocking changes in temperature!
  • Dark chocolate can regulate blood circulation and improves blood flow in our body! And now, we are like wow!

Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation

Our body knows very well that blood circulation is extremely important and thus, to remind us that there is a problem, there are different signs which our body would reflect to drag our attention! How amazing is this that before getting into any harmful situation, we can identify and solve the issue!

Here are some signs of poor blood circulation which you must take seriously and work on them!

1. Digestive System Issues

  • Our digestive system is the key to a healthy life. Digestion is the process which helps in absorption of nutrients and flushing out the waste from our body.
  • If this system does not work properly, we can face some severe issues
  • The nutrients which are absorbed form the foods gets into the blood and reaches the organs.
  • All the tissues, organs and elements of the body function due to these nutrients and if the blood circulation is not proper, it can result into digestive system issues.
  • The waste materials won’t get disposed while the organs won’t get enough nutrients to function. Also issues like stomach cramps, constipation, and such conditions can arise
  • You can also suffer from loss of appetite and be disliking towards food due to improper digestion and absorption of nutrients!
  • Thus, digestive system and the circulatory system share a deep connection in which, one system gets damaged if the other fails!

2. Weak Immune System

  • The immune system uses all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients which are absorbed from foods to fight various infections disease and bacteria
  • If you are suffering from low blood flow, the body won’t be able to absorb the nutrients and spread it to various organs.
  • Due to slow circulation, the nutrients won’t reach the protecting organs and thus your body’s ability to fight infections would get reduced
  • All the nutrients while can boost your immune system and fight disease are not absorbed resulting into the weaker immune system!

3. Constant Coldness On Feet And Hands

  • Regular and constant blood flow gives warmth to the body and also maintains the temperature of the body.
  • Due to low blood circulation, our body is not able to maintain and balance the temperature resulting into cold hands and feet.
  • Also your sensitivity towards cold can get increased due to this phenomenon. Due to low circulation, the supply of oxygen gets reduced which can lead to coldness in hands and feet.

4. Change In Skin Color

  • Our skin looks flawless and rosy pink due to the increased blood flow in the body. if the blood flow is inadequate, your skin is the first organ to show the signs
  • Not only blood, but oxygen is too important for your skin and if it does not reach of the skin, the skin may turn blue or purple. Also it can appear pale and dull
  • Your skin can also get flaky, get dry and rough. These are the signs which show that the cell formation has slow down and your skin is not getting enough oxygenated blood
  • Reduced blood flow can make your skin look patchy and pigmented. There are cases in which a patch of skin gets discolored due to reduced blood flow in that specific area!
  • Most of the skin issues can be resolves while increasing the blood circulation and thus, such discoloration and changes in the texture of your skin shows you are suffering from improper blood flow!

5. Dark Under Eye Circles

If every morning you wake up watching some horrible dark under eye circles this is a problem caused due to low blood circulation.

Women generally complain about baggy eyes, swelling under the eyes, dark patches, pigmentation and such issues which reflect low blood flow!

Thus, go for the remedies to increase blood flow and say bye to dark circles forever!

6. Constant Hair Fall And Brittle Nails

  • We love your voluminous tresses and beautifully length nails. But what if you are not able to maintain their beauty?
  • What if hair fall is a regular term for you and what if your nails keep breaking! This hair loss and thinning of nail is due to lack of blood flow in your body
  • Blood circulation improves hair growth by supplying the minerals and nutrients to the scalp. If your scalp does not get nourished with these minerals, your hair would fall and get brittle
  • The same way, your nails also won’t get enough calcium and will constantly break! Thus, lack of blood flow can result into low absorption and transfer of nutrients leading to hair fall plus brittle nails!

7. Swollen Feet And Numbness

  • This is a very common condition for people who sit hours and hours on the same desk in offices and work
  • While you sit on the same place, your feet can get affected with water retention and blood flow in your feet and hands can get slow
  • Also when the blood does not reach your hands and feet they become numb. This happens to lot of people nowadays and is the result of poor blood flow!
  • The tissues retain water and swelling which must not be considered normal which generally happens due to lack of movement!

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8. Chest Pain And Heaviness

  • Probably, the cardiovascular and circulatory systems are the same. The heart needs full amount of blood which can move in and out from the heart and regulate the other organs.
  • If your blood gets thick, the blood flow gets slow. This slow blood flow can irritate the normal functioning of your heart and cause pain
  • The feel of tightness and heaviness in the chest is due to lack of proper blood flow! Generally people with high blood pressure, constantly face this issue which is another symptom of low blood flow.
  • Also, various harmful diseases are the result of thickening of blood and lack of blood flow in the vessels. Thus keep your cardiovascular system efficient by increasing the blood flow!

9. Feel Tired And Lazy

  • Warmth in blood and effective blood flow can fill you with energy. Tiredness, fatigue, dullness etc are the effects of low blood circulation which you must consider.
  • The body parts and organs function due to the adequate blood flow and when the blood flow reduces; your muscles get weaker causing tiredness.
  • The organs and muscles get weak due to low blood flow and thus are not able to get enough oxygen. Oxygen and blood are nutrient carries and thus muscles would ache if these elements are not supplied.
  • This weakens your stamina and makes you feel lazy all the daylong! Thus, weakness in muscles, aches, tiredness etc is caused due to low blood flow!

10. Ulcers in legs

  • Some leg ulcers like venous leg ulcer is a deep wound in the legs which is caused due to lack of blood flow in your body.
  • The reason behind this lack of blood flow is the damaged veins and valves which circulate blood. When these valves get faulty, the blood does flow from your legs to the heart but not from the heart to the legs.
  • This lack of flow can cause various issues and thus, must be considered seriously! The pressure in the veins must be controlled while following some practices intended to increase blood flow and heal the ulcers!

After knowing so many disadvantages and issues which we can face due to low blood flow, I am sure you want to know the tricks through which you can improve blood circulation. Here are some measures you can follow!

Measures You Can Try To Get Rid Of Poor Blood Circulation

  • Massages are extremely important to fight low blood circulation. Olive oil massages can help the blood to get circulated easily and would boost blood flow!
  • You can try the famous hot and cold treatment! In this treatment, you need to fill two buckets. One with hot water and one with cold. Place your legs one by one in these buckets at 15minutes gap!
  • Every day, at least walk for 30-45 minutes. Working out can improve blood circulation, strengthen your organs, improve metabolism, reduce muscle pain and can flourish your body with blood flow!
  • You can also try different yoga positions. Yoga is not just for stretching and flexibility but also it helps in boosting blood flow and making it reach every organ of your body
  • You can involve at least one activity such as running, cycling, jumping ropes etc for 15-20 minutes in a day and these activities would engage your various body parts and allow blood flow
  • If you love drinking refreshments, go for a delicious green tea. Tea is filled with antioxidants, enzymes, poplyphenols and elements which can boost blood circulation and fill you with instant energy
  • Try to lose weight and keep track of your weight gain. Weight gain is also one of the causes for poor blood circulation and thus, you must balance your weight to prevent such issues
  • If you are a working person, in your office, take some frequent breaks and loosen up your stiff muscles with office yoga poses
  • You can also try body brushing; it is one of the formulas which you can use for improving blood flow. Body brushing is a technique of brushing the skin for improvement in blood flow!
  • Eat more garlic and ginger. These are the foods which you can consume to improve blood circulation and to prevent thickening of blood
  • Improve your posture and keep straight while you work, walk or stand. This helps in letting the blood reach correct places and to the correct organs
  • Quit the harmful habits like alcohol, smoking etc which can have a negative impact on your blood flow. These habits can gradually thicken up your blood and cause issues
  • Eat healthy food. This is one of the most important aspects to consider. Eat green leafy foods, fruits, cereals, fiber rich foods, whole grains and a balanced diet
  • Drink at least 8 10 glasses of water every day. Drinking enough water would allows blood flow as well it would also help in removing the waste materials from your body
  • When you sit ideal, sleep and elevate your legs. This is an amazing poor blood circulation improving workout which you can try. elevated legs would allow the blood to reach to your head
  • Munch on nuts and dry fruits rather than the junk food to stay active and fit! Also use herbs in your food. Herbal ingredients can boost blood flow and keep your body temperature balanced
  • Try to relax and calm. Stress can increase your blood pressure which causes cardiac issues. Also it can thicken your blood and prevent proper blood flow!

After knowing the importance of blood circulation it was simply irresistible for me to try the workouts and remedies for poor blood circulation. Here are the poses which even you won’t be able to resist!

Yoga Poses To Improve Blood Circulation

1. Savasana

Savasana is an amazing yoga pose which helps you to relax and calm. This pose also promotes blood flow throughout the body and stabilizes your body temperature.

Thus, go for this pose and boost blood flow as never before!

Method To Perform Savasana-

  • Lie down on your yoga mat
  • Spread your legs and hands wide
  • Relax and concentrate on your breathing
  • Feel your breath and banish all the thoughts coming in your mind
  • Stay calm and stay in this position for 15 minutes.

2. Downward Dog Pose

The downward doge pose is one of the easiest and extremely helpful poses for blood circulation. While you perform this pose, your head touches the ground and blood flow is regulated from legs to the head and vice versa.

Method To Perform The Downward Dog Poses-

  • Stand straight and keep your posture crisp
  • Now bend down from your abdomen and stretch your arms
  • Make a V position from your arms and legs
  • Feel the stretch in your entire body, keep in this position for few minutes and release

3. The Triangle Pose

This is an exciting and regular pose which you can do while you are moving around in your house or garden. This can work as an amazing option for improving blood circulation!

Method To Perform The Triangle Poses-

  • Stand straight with both the feet apart
  • Keep your arms wide stretched
  • Now keep your left hand in the air while let your right arm touch your right leg
  • Look at the ceiling direction and let your hands touch the feet
  • Keep into this position for few seconds and release
  • Keep performing this pose to boost blood circulation and to keep healthy!

Now that we all know how important it is to increase blood circulation in our body, you must perform try all the remedies and methods to improve blood circulation in the body

From your heart to skin, from head to toe, all the organs and your entire body would get benefited from blood circulation and thus, you must perform all the activities which can improve blood flow and get you a healthy life!

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