Ginger Root Tea Benefits and How to Make It!

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Imagine a beautiful rainy day outside and you are at your home by the window, curled up with a good book and a cup of ginger root tea by your side. Sip, read and just admire the water droplets pouring down from the sky. Sounds soothing, isn’t it? Well, it isn’t just soothing for your present mood, but also for your overall health. There are numerous amazing benefits related to ginger tea that have long-term effects and completely free of any unsafe components. If you know how to make ginger tea, you know how easy it is to prepare at home for almost any occasion. If not, worry not, we have got your back.

Ginger Root Tea Benefits

  • Ginger root tea has been one of the most important hot beverage of India since the ancient times. Elder people today rely on this beverage not just for pleasure, but for various medicinal benefits too.
  • Ginger is known to be a kind of natural healer. It is anti-inflammatory and is used in almost all kinds of Indian food preparations.
  • This is because ginger triggers the digestion process and prevents the formation of bad cholesterol in the intestine.
  • Although it has been a very famous ingredient for food and beverages in India, the popularity of it has now been seen expanding all over the world, thanks to the various amazing benefits it withholds.
  • Tea in itself is a very soothing beverage. It relaxes the mind and boosts the mood and is very good in taste too.
  • Hot beverages such as tea are taken in case of itchy throat. But when the trivial tea is paired with ginger, its effects are doubled and the whole beverage rather works as a medicine for a cough and dry throat.
  • Other than this, ginger root tea has many other benefits that are beyond digestion helping or throat healing.

But what are these benefits? Let us find out below.

Ginger Root Tea Benefits

Ginger root tea is made with one of the healthiest ingredients of the world. Other than being extremely delicious in taste, it accompanies a lot of benefits that are good for your body and overall health. Some of these benefits have been mentioned as follows.

1. Improves Digestion

The first and the foremost benefit of ginger root tea is how well it works for digestion processes. Disorders such as diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, improper bowel movements occur because of improper digestion. However, ginger being such an effective medicine for digestive disorders, solves such problems and aids the process of digestion for good. The problem of improper bowel movements or pain in bowel movements are also relaxed when ginger tea is consumed daily.

2. Solves Gastrointestinal Problems

Some people tend to suffer from gas problems at unexpected times. Unusual bloated stomach and gas passing problems can be embarrassing at unusual times. However, ginger tea works wonders in relieving the gas problems. When the digestion is aided, the intestines are relaxed and the problem of gas of bloated stomach is solved.

3. Good For Weight Loss

Ginger tea is extremely effective for all the weight watchers out there. In order to lose weight, you need to make sure that your body burns down fat. For that, the metabolism must be excellent so that calories can be burned effectively. This is where the ginger tea comes in. The natural components present in ginger tea works towards speeding up the metabolism process and burns down excess calories, causing you to lose weight. Also, when the digestion is aided, food is properly broken down into its constituents and fat storage is thus decreased, leading to weight loss.

4. Keeps Blood Sugar Levels Under Check

The natural healing properties of ginger makes sure that your blood sugar levels are kept under check at all times. It is usually due to a low blood sugar that you might wish to binge eat at any time of the day or night. If your blood sugar level is kept under control, you might not feel the urge to gulp down the world when you are hungry and later cry about gaining weight. Therefore, ginger tea helps in maintaining a healthy weight by keeping the blood sugar levels normal.

5. Soothes Painful Muscles

It happens after a rigorous workout that you start to experience body pain. This is because your muscles are wearing and tearing as a result of constant contractions. However, consuming ginger tea regularly can calm down painful muscles and help your mind relax after a heavy workout. This will help you not skin further workouts and will help you maintain your strength for your daily chores too.

6. Helps In Absorption Of Nutrients

The food you eat contains multiple nutrients. But it is not necessary that all of them are correctly absorbed by your body as they are supposed to. However, ginger tea is known to be an excellent ingredient that prepare your digestive system to break down the food properly and absorb all the essential nutrients it contains. This property will help your body in maintaining a good health at all times.

7. Improves Blood Circulation

Have you ever wondered why most people crave a cup of hot ginger root tea in winters, especially in the morning? This is because winters tend to be cold and our blood circulation might be affected due to this cold. Ginger is known to make the blood thinner. This allow the blood to flow properly and the overall circulation is improved. Drinking ginger tea will warm up your body from inside which will be visible to you when you feel relaxed after drinking it.

8. Makes The Immune System Stronger

We have often heard that a sick person is being offered ginger tea regularly for a speedy recovery. This is because ginger has excellent properties that help in making the immune system stronger to fight the harmful bacteria and viruses inside the body. A person who drinks ginger tea regularly is less likely to fall ill than the one who never drinks it.

9. Effective In Clearing Sinuses

Ginger tea is known to be very effective when it comes to sinus-clearing. Most people are advised to first try out ginger tea before any medications. This is because ginger is effective in unclogging drainage and open up the sinuses naturally. That is why you must always go for a cup of steaming ginger root tea whenever you face a problem of blocked sinuses.

How To Make Ginger Root Tea?

There can be a number of ways to make ginger root tea. However, here is a very simple ginger root tea recipe for you to try out at your home, whenever you want.

You’ll Need-

  • Organic Ginger root
  • Water: 2 cups
  • A saucepan
  • Lemon: half


  • Cut a ginger root into 12-15 small pieces using a knife.
  • Take a saucepan and pour in 2 cups of water into it. Bring the water to boil over the full flame.
  • Now, add the previously cut pieces of ginger into this water and let the water boil for about 15 minutes. You can constantly lower the flame and then increase it to let the ginger pieces boil to perfection.
  • After about 15 minutes, squeeze out the juice from half a lemon and pour the juice into this boiling water.
  • Now let the contents boil for about 15 more minutes by constantly lowering and increasing the flame.
  • Then, put off the flame and strain the water into a teacup or glass.
  • If you want your ginger tea to be strong, you can pick up some ginger pieces from the saucepan and leave them in your cup for a stronger taste of ginger. If not, the tea will taste fine too.
  • The ginger tea is ready. Sip your way to healthy you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any side effects of ginger tea?

Ginger tea may not have any side effects if taken in the limit, i.e. only 1 cup for a day. However, if someone takes more than the required amount, the ginger root tea side effects may range from heartburn, diarrhoea to some discomfort in the stomach. Excessive consumption may also affect menstrual bleeding in women by increasing it. Therefore, you must never exceed the amount of ginger tea or ginger in general for your diet.

2. Does ginger tea induce sleepiness?

No. Ginger tea is known to improve blood circulation. When blood circulation is improved, body organs are woken up and there is a sudden rise in the energy. Therefore, ginger tea won’t make you sleepy, it will only energise you.

3. Is ginger tea good for weight loss?

Yes. Ginger root tea improves metabolism. A good metabolism will burn calories and fat, preventing you from gaining weight. Therefore, ginger tea is very good if you are looking to lose weight effortlessly.

So, there were some of the main ginger root tea benefits. You can easily make a delicious cup of ginger tea at your home and have one every morning. Try it out today and see for yourself.

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