Surprising Benefits Of Sesame Oil for Hair You Must Know!

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Sesame seeds have been very popular in Asia for a very long time. The main producer and consumer of sesame seeds are in India and China where these seeds are of utmost importance, whether it is food or external applications. The oil extracted from these sesame seeds are used in various things and areas such as cooking, massaging, salad dressings, hair masks, face masks and what not. Sesame oil is easily available and can be used in many ways to gain its natural benefits. To know more about the benefits of sesame oil for hair, read below.

Benefits Of Sesame Oil for Hair

  • Sesame oil is great for use when cooking. Instead of using refined cooking oil or desi ghee, using sesame oil is considered to be a healthier option. The benefits of sesame oil can be compared to that of olive oil.
  • Sesame oil is mainly of two types. It could be light yellow in colour or it could be dark yellow in colour.
  • The one which is light yellow in colour is made from raw sesame seeds whereas the one which is dark yellow in colour is made from roasted sesame seeds. Both of them are equally healthy.
  • In terms of eating purposes, sesame oil is comprised of healthy fat that does not contribute to gaining weight or fat. Instead, it is good for the overall immune system.
  • Sesame seeds are well known to be the best source of antioxidants. Consuming enough of them ensures stronger hair and a radiant skin.
  • Sesame oil is also used for salad dressings just like olive oil.
  • As for massaging, sesame oil is considered to be very healthy. It is known to soothe and relax strained muscles when massaged.
  • Sesame oil is also good in taste and is used in the preparation of various sauces and condiments.

Sesame oil has numerous benefits if we talk about the hair and skin. When it comes to our body, we all want to go for a natural organic source since they are safer than the various cosmetics present today. Some of the basic DIYs face masks can be made at home in a very easy manner.

Sesame oil is beyond just good if we talk about its benefits for the hair. Some of the basic ones are mentioned below.

Benefits Of Sesame Oil for Hair

1. Solves The Problem Of Head Lice

Many people tend to suffer from the problem of head lice which is clearly not very easy to deal with. Instead of trying all kinds of lice killing solutions, try massaging your hair with natural sesame oil every time you are about to shampoo. If this is done regularly, lice problems can be solved easily.

2. Say Bye-Bye To Dandruff

Dandruff is embarrassing and none of us wants any part of it. The rough flakes need to disappear and for that to happen, your scalp must be properly moisturized. Sesame oil does the trick here. Just massage your head nicely in the night time and shampoo in the morning. In about a month, you will start noticing the difference.

3. Halts The Grey Hair Stage Showing Up Too Early

Some people start getting grey hair even before it is time. This may be because of incomplete nutrient absorption or some other deficiency. However, regular massages with sesame oil can take care of this problem and avoid grey hair popping up before they are actually supposed to.

4. Helps In Attaining Fuller Hair

People who feel that their hair aren’t thick enough can undoubtedly jump to sesame oil for rescue. Sesame oil will prevent reckless breakage of hair which leads to the lesser hair on the head.

5. Triggers The Growth Of Hair And Kicks Out Hair Fall

Hair fall is the hardest thing to watch. You know the feeling when you see a huge chunk of your hair stuck in your comb every time you do your hair. Sesame oil works as a great aid for fixing hair fall problems. It works directly on the roots and makes your hair stronger and less prone to easy breakage. The healthy nutrients in the sesame oil also trigger the growth speed of the hair. It’s a win-win from all the sides.

Benefits Of Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is beneficial to multiple body parts. Be it hair, skin or the digestive system, sesame oil is one of the healthiest options you can use. Here are some of the obvious sesame oil benefits for hair and other things.

1. It Works As A Great Skin Moisturizer

For people with dry skin problems, sesame oil can prove to be a great fix. It works as a great skin moisturiser. Instead of using your daily moisturiser, you can apply sesame seed oil on your skin. Not only directly applying it, you can also put some drops of it in your bucket of water and have a bath with it for the same effects.

2. Protection Against The Sun

Everyone needs to stay away from the harmful effects of the sun. For that, we need a good sunscreen and the sesame seed oil is one of the best natural raw ones you can get. The oil creates a barrier between the harmful UV rays and your skin and protects it from the harmful effects.

3. Works As A Natural Skin Detoxifier

Sesame seed oil is a natural detoxifier. The skin that has been damaged with toxins over the whole day needs some replenishing and rejuvenation at the end of the day. Before going to bed, you can apply some sesame seed oil over your exposed body parts. This will help the skin begin the process of healing overnight.

4. Slows Down The Ageing Process

Sesame oil works wonders for the wrinkles and lines present on the skin when it starts to age. Taking care of these, it helps your skin stay younger for longer.  The best way is to directly apply some natural sesame oil seed ok younger than before.

5. Good For Use As A Massage Oil

For massaging purposes, people usually use essential oils. However, using sesame oil wouldn’t only relax the muscles, but also provides essential nutrients for maximum benefits. The nature of this oil is warm and hence it can be used for massaging in winters, especially for the babies.

6. Very Good For The Heart

When it comes to the heart health, we need to choose the oils with care. Here, sesame seed oil is the safest option you can choose since it is comprised of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These acids work efficiently for bringing down the cholesterol levels in the blood. This is also effective in reducing the possibility of heart attacks.

7. Strengthens The Bones

Sesame seed oil is also very beneficial for the bones. Bone supporting elements such as calcium, copper, zinc etc. are present in sesame oil in abundance and therefore, the growth and strength of bones are taken care. Not only this, bone-related problems can also be solved via sesame seed oils.

8. Helpful For Teeth Whitening

Sesame oil can be used for teeth whitening by the process of oil pulling. This is a process when you take some amount of sesame oil in your mouth and swish it inside the mouth for some time and then get it out. This will help your teeth to get whitened.

9. Can Control Blood Pressure

Although there is no supported direct proof that sesame oil can control blood pressure. But since we know that sesame oil does controls the cholesterol levels in the blood, therefore it may take care of the blood pressure too at some levels. However, it is recommended to be careful with it.

10. Helps In Digestion

Sesame seeds have been long known to be a great contributor to digestion. That is why they are added to the great variety of foods as a seasoning or as an ingredient. It aids the problems in digestion and must be used in cooking every week.

11. Tastes Good In Sauces

Sesame seeds are used in the preparation of various types of sauces because of their incredible taste. Using natural sesame seeds is better than using chemical sauces available on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sesame Oil!

1. How to use sesame oil for hair?

Sesame oil does wonders for the health of the hair. You can oil your hair just before giving them a wash using sesame oil. For edible purposes, you can eat sesame seeds or use sesame oil for cooking and salad dressings to get the best out of it. You can also mix sesame oil with coconut oil to make a hair mask and wash off later for healthier hair.

2. How can sesame oil treat hair-fall?

Sesame oil can be used in the form of a hair mask for treating hair fall. The mixture of castor oil and sesame oil for hair loss is very effective. You can leave it on for the whole night and wash in the morning to start getting rid of hair fall.

3. How is sesame seed oil used for hair growth?

Sesame seed oil is very effective for hair growth. You can either pair it up with castor oil or coconut oil or both to promote hair growth and long and beautiful hair.

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