How Tea Leaves Can be Used For Health and Beauty?

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Tea has its own unique delineation in everyone’s life. For some, it’s a refreshing to start a new day, for some it’s a tonic to bed, some love to have a hot cup of tea for a warmer effect in the cold, while for some it’s a weight loss livener. No matter whatever importance it carries, but have you ever thought that the tea leaves are good for your health and beauty too? Yes, it’s true. Different types of tea leaves are good for your health in several beneficial ways. Similarly, they are also equally advantageous for maintaining your beauty. Let’s see tea leaves benefits in details.

Tea leaves come in three different natures that is green, black and white tea. All the three contain different nutrients which are helpful to live a healthy life and also helps you in maintaining your magnificence. All three are rich sources of antioxidants, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory features and hence, hold equal value in toning your skin texture.

Tea Leaves Benefits

Nutrients Available In Green Tea Leaves

  • Green tea leaves come with a hydrating factor which if free from calorie and can be consumed for nearly 8 cups for quick results.
  • Green tea is the best source of water as it contains 99.5 percent in it.
  • It contains anti-oxidants and alkaloids.
  • It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin B5, Vitamin H and Vitamin K.
  • Green tea leaves contain Manganese and other minerals like Chromium, Zinc and Selenium.
  • The leaves are active in components like epigallocatechin-3-gallate, also known as EGCG, which is also more beneficial than any anti-oxidant or Vitamin C and E.

Nutrients Available From Black Tea Leaves

  • Black tea leaves contain amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, potassium, manganese, minerals, polyphenols and fluoride.
  • Along with this, it is also rich in catechins, guanine, tannin, xanthine, Gallic esters and purine.
  • It is low in calories and sodium, so you don’t need to add extra sugar.
  • Black tea leaves also have flavonoid, polyphenols, theaflavins and thearubigins stored in them.
  • The leaves are also rich in Vitamin B2, Vitamin  E and Vitamin C.

Nutrients Available From White Tea Leaves

  • Similar to other tea leaves, white tea also contains a good number of anti-oxidants.
  • The tea leaves also consist of active epigallocatechin Gallate and Catechins. You can also find nutrition value of EGCG in it.
  • The white tea leaves are a poor source of tannins.
  • Theaflavins also known as TFs, are also found in less quantity which makes the tea naturally sweet.
  • The Thearubigins (TRs) are also rare in white tea and hence, it contains a different white color.
  • Apart from this, it also contains good amount of Sodium, Potassium, Dietary fiber, Vitamins, Calcium, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, etc.

In this way, all the three types of tea leaves are important in different ways for the health of human body.

Tea Leaves Benefits for Health

Among all the health benefits, cancer, heart disease and liver disorders are the prior ones. They help in slowing down the cancer cells from circulating through blood in the body. Here are few shocking points that prove tea leaves benefits work on many health issues.

1. Heart Diseases

The main reason to heart disease is the increase in cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Both the cholesterol levels, that is low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein reduce the LDL levels creating the problem in the functioning of the arteries. The polyphenols present in the tea leaves help to fight against the fat getting deposit in arteries. Henceforth, it decreases the possibility of heart attack or any other heart diseases.

2. Cancer

Among all the type of cancers, prostate cancer is quite common among the older men. Similarly, the ovarian cancer in women is also effectively controlled with tea leaves. It has been observed that the tea leaves are capable of reducing the spreading of cancer to other body parts. They also reduce the rapid growth of cancer. It also works for mouth cancer, pancreas, bowel cancer, stomach cancer, cancer in digestive system or bladder cancer.

3. Liver Disorders

The main reason to any kind of liver injury or disorder is inflammation and oxidative stress. For such problems, catechin present in the tea leaves help to reduce the sternness of liver damages. The anti-inflammatory components present in the tea leaves help to reduce the stress level in the body.

4. Tea Leaves Benefits For Weight Loss

Shocking, but it’s true that tea leaves work to reduce your weight. Both green and white tea leaves are capable to burn your extra calories. They burn the fat cells toning your body and also prevent your body in forming new ones. The tea leaves also hold active catechins particles which contain anti-angiogenic particles which work effectively on obesity and in prevention against it.

5. Kidney Disorders

The catechin carry an anti-oxidant feature which helps to reduce the effect of the pollution on the kidneys. They help in prevention against problems like kidney infections, stones, failure in kidney etc. The catechins also contain anti-thyroid particles which are beneficial from people facing hypothyroidism.

6. Favorable For Pregnant Women

The anti-oxidants present in the tea leaves protect the cell from the augmented oxidative damage when women are pregnant. However, the tea leaves intake should be limited as the embryo cannot handle the metabolism of caffeine which can lead to issues like miscarriage, birth disorders, stillbirth etc. It is hence advisable to contact your gynecologist before increasing the intake of tea leaves. The tea leaves also help in increasing the sperm count and fertility in men.

7. Tea Leaves Benefits For Diabetes

White tea leaves help in controlling diabetes. One of the major effect of diabetes on the human body is the cerebral cortex. Regular intake of white tea also proves to be beneficial in preventing the negative possessions of diabetes on the cerebral cortex, hence preventing your consciousness. It also reduces the adverse effects of prediabetes to the male on their reproductive health.

Tea Leaves Benefits For Beauty

Beauty here relates to that flawless skin tone and healthy hair. Yes, it’s surprising but it’s also true that Tea leaves help in curing several skin and hair problems.

1. Works Magically On Sunburns

The tea leaves help in curing the irritating sunburns very effectively. The cold icepacks made using tea leaves would help you in reducing the burning effect and the red rashes on your skin. Black tea is widely preferred for this problem.

2. Cures Swollen Eyes And Dark Circles

The salons widely use tea leaves to cure the dark circles which arrive due to several hectic reasons. For this, the cold tea bags are placed on the eyes which would shrink the blood vessels below the skin and would vanish the dark areas around the eyes. The treatment also works on swollen eyes.

3. Tea Leaves Benefits For Dry Skin

The green tea leaves work very effectually on the dry face. It helps to remove all the impurities and shrivels the pores which gather the dust. Merely apply some tea leaves water on your face with a cotton and have the glowing and well-toned skin.

4. Anti-Tanning Properties

Good that stubborn suntan! Don’t worry the tea leaves would help you get rid of it quickly. Just take some tea leaves water and rub on your skin using a sponge. This would slowly reduce the tan effect giving you your actual texture.

5. After Wax Care

Got redness and itching on your skin after waxing or shaving! The tannins present in the black tea leaves would help you to a great extent in getting back to normal skin. Just place some cold black tea bag on your limbs and see them working mysteriously.

6. Tea Leaves Benefits Improve Hair Growth

The EGCG content in the green tea leaves work on the dry and dull hair and stimulate the growth of your healthy hair. it increases the metabolism which allows the hair to grow in a rapid speed. A routine massage on the scalp using tea leaves would certainly increase the blood circulation in your scalp providing all the necessary nutrients to your hair.

7. Dandruff and Itchiness

The tea leaves are a rich source of anti-inflammatory particles. They help in reducing the itchiness on your scalp and any inflammation. The leaves also work with proper results on dandruff and psoriasis problems. They remove the dead skin cells in the scalp and hence, allow all the necessary nutrients to reach the roots of the hair for a hygienic growth.

8. Increases The Shine Of Hair

The tea leaves consist of polyphenol, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. All these ingredients help in giving a new shine to your hair. they also prevent your hair from the UV radiation affects and restore the strength and health of your hair when damaged.

9. Improves Your Hair Color

The tea leaves also help in enhancing your hair with natural hair color. It is a chemical free treatment to give your hair a temporary color to the hair which are blonde or brunette.


The tea leaves henceforth, have amazing benefits for your health and beauty which you might even haven’t noticed. Apart from all these, other types of tea leaves like rooibos tea leaves (red tea), oolong leaves, herbal and fruit tea leaves, yellow tea, dark tea, puer, fermented tea etc. which are also equally beneficial in a limited amount.

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