A Complete Strength Training Guide For Women!

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Thanks to this revolutionary era in which women have broken all the stereotypes and have accepted strength training for women as one of the most important achievements! We see lots of men working out and sweating in the gyms for strength and endurance while in case of women, only athletes and sports women used to go for strength training!

However, still, lots of women are unaware of the importance and need of strength training and thus, here we present an ultimate guide for strength training for women. Go through this guide and kick start your strength training routine!

Strength Training For Women

Here’s what you will go through in this guide for strength training for women!

  • What is strength training?
  • Why strength training for women it so important?
  • Am I fit for strength training?
  • What are the impacts of strength training on your body?
  • How to start strength training?
  • What are the workouts for strength training?
  • What diet do I need to follow while this training session?
  • Interesting FAQ and expert answers!

What Is Strength Training?

  • Strength training is a power pack workout option which leads to immense body strength, lean muscles and an endurance!
  • Strength training consists of those workouts which help in building strength and tolerance which women and men both always need! Stronger body is always desired and with some powerful workouts, it can be easily obtained!
  • Women generally think that strength training would make their body just as those male’s bodies with monster muscles and ditch all the delicateness and beauty of the female body which is completely incorrect!
  • The strength training sessions would make your bones, muscles and entire body strong and able to sustain extreme conditions in life. Who loves a weak and tired body? And thus, strength training would lead you towards immense strength!
  • Strength training includes all the body parts like legs, arms, spine, chest, abdomen and all the core areas of the body which needs to be strong and healthy.

Why Is It So Important For Women?

  • If you always think that what is a need of strength training for women? I am enough strong to do my daily work then why go for such a rigorous and extreme training?
  • The answer is just in front of you. Many women suffer from back pain, leg pain, and arm pain when given a non-regular and casual activity!
  • As an example, Instead of cooking for 4 -5 people, one day cook a brunch for 20 people and at the end of the day, you would feel tired and your body would ache!
  • This is due to lack of proper strength in your body. You would be able to perform all the basic and regular tasks but when you would perform a little more, your body won’t be able to bear it!
  • Weight loss and fat burning is another benefit which can be extracted from strength training. A lot of women struggle for a gorgeous slim and tightened body. Strength training helps in boosting metabolism as well it helps in losing weight which is another awesome reason to try it!
  • It is also observed that some women generally have low bodily movements throughout the day and this can cause various diseases. Strength training helps in fighting various disease.
  • Diabetes, heart attacks, cardiac malfunction, osteoporosis etc are the disease which can be prevented with strength training. These issues can have a dangerous effect on women body and thus, strength training is important to prevent them!
  • If you are an athlete, strength training would you help you achieve your targets more easily! Extreme strength boosts athlete performance, making you attain glory!
  • With stronger muscles and bones, your risk of getting injured would also get significantly reduced! Thus, you must go for a strength training for women session to prevent disease and injuries!
  • Also, a woman goes through a very important phase of life, which is pregnancy. During this period, uncountable women go through a lot of bodily trouble and lifelong sufferings
  • Lower back pain, abdomen cramps and such sufferings are just never ending and generally women complain to have this pain for their lifetime!
  • This is due to low strength among women. The bones, muscles and even internal cells starts getting weak after a certain age and thus, women equally require strength training to stay fit and fight such issues!

Am I Fit For Strength Training?

  • This is a very common question which comes through the mind that whether or not I am fit for strength training!
  • All the women who do not have back pain and body pain issues are fit for strength training.
  • Pregnant women must not perform strength training. Also, the women aging above 40 must consult the doctor and trainer before staring the strength training program.
  • If you start the session with pope guidance and with a steady pace, it won’t be harmful. Thus, start with some expert guidance and reach your destination without nay issues!

What Are The Impacts Of Strength Training On Your Body?

  • A lot of women have different myths about the impact of strength training on the body. Some believe they would get many while some believe they would get muscles and a non-gracious physique!
  • However, the truth is quite different and interesting. No women get bigger and broader with strength training. Yes, if she desires to have amazing muscles and muscular physique, it is possible but not necessary!
  • The strength training would simply help in increasing lean body mass, which is muscle mass and also helps in cutting fat. If you are looking for a healthy weight loss and sculpted body, this is eventually the best option!
  • Also, your body would get stronger and more immune from injuries, disease and such conditions!
  • The impact of strength training for women is simply amazing and very healthy. Increase the muscle mass and cut the fat from your body! Make each and every part of your body look mesmerizingly feminine and tight with strength training for women!

How To Start Strength Training?

The first thing you need to start strength training is strong determination and enthusiasm to kick start something new! Anything you begin would need your thrill and will power to get completed successfully! Thus if you are determined enough, here is how you will make a start:

  • Remember, strength training for women includes a lot of weight lifting. If you will hurry, it can hurt your muscles and body. You also may get injured and thus, the first thing to remember is to go slow and sticking to the basic workouts.
  • Performing any workout in the correct form is important. Learn the correct form and keep away from injuries.
  • Go for warm up sessions which is immensely important. The warm up session would help you prevent injuries and would make you more flexible and ready for the rigorous workouts!
  • Start with the workouts which you are already comfortable with. The workouts like squats, planks, crunches, bridges, chin-ups would be the best for starting the session
  • Keep in mind, this workout is going to make you strong, adorable and beautiful! The impact of this workout would get you a perfectly toned body and tighter skin! Motivate yourself with this thought and you’ll be able to a long way!
  • Keep excited and enthusiastic for your workout. This would help you to continue despite of any obstacle!
  • Also, keep flipping your workouts and finding different workout options. This would keep you interested in the workouts!
  • Stay hydrated and nourished while performing the workout. This would help you full fill and energetic. Also, post workout grab some healthy food to feel energetic!
  • Balance your workout and goals. Don’t over expect and don’t underestimate your workout benefits! Keeping motivated, eating the right diet, increasing the workout slowly would give you the perfect results!

What Are The Strength Training For Women?

Here is the exact thing you were waiting for! The intense and high impact workouts which you can start your strength training sessions

1. Weighted Squats

  • The weighted squats are awesome workout option for strength training for women. If you want to lose some weight, tone your butt, hips, thighs and other body parts, this is the workout you must consider
  • With this workout, your hips, thighs, legs, abdomen, spine and various parts of the body would get strong! Go for the weighted squats and carry the dumbbells to tone your body!

Way To Perform Weighted Squats

  • Stand straight with dumbbells in both the hands.
  • Now, get in the position as if you are sitting on a chair.
  • Keep your posture straight and your spine correct.
  • Now bend down and apply pressure on your hips, thighs and abdomen.
  • Let your hips pint towards your chest and apply the body weight on your heels.
  • Bend until you correctly come into the squat position and keep your arms straight.
  • Hold on this position for few seconds and then release.
  • In the beginning, perform 10-12 repetitions of this workout and gradually increase.
  • Strengthen your lower body and sculpt your legs, butt and hips in a gorgeous way!

2. Pushups

  • Pushups are awesome and believe me, the impact you will get from this awesome workout will keep you stunned. Pushups are immensely helpful in strengthening the entire body and specially the upper body
  • For stronger arms, beautifully toned abs and a crisp posture, try the pushups and its awesome variations and you would love to watch your body getting transformed!

Way To Perform Pushups

  • Lie down on the floor with your face in the floor direction.
  • Rest your body on your feet and on your palms.
  • Keep your hands bent from the elbows and relax.
  • To perform the crunches, raise your body in the upwards direction.
  • Keep your shoulders wide and straight and bend down.
  • Perform 10-15 repetitions in the beginning phase and then increase.
  • This workout can help in strengthening your arms, shoulders, spine, torso and all the body parts!
  • Go stronger with this super cool workout!

3. Lunges

  • Lunges are one of the toughest and immensely high impact workouts which would make your legs ache in the beginning
  • Stay strong and perform this amazing workout to strengthen your legs hips, thighs in a dreamy way. This would strengthen your lower body and keep you healthy!

Way To Perform Lunges

  • Stand with your hip and legs apart.
  • Keep your hands on your waist and keep your posture straight.
  • Now to perform the lunges get your right leg forward and bend your left leg.
  • Make a 90 degree angle with your right leg.
  • Hold on this position and release quickly.
  • Perform the same process for the left leg.
  • You can perform 10-15 repetitions of this awesome workout!
  • This workout would gradually tone your upper, lower and middle body and get you perfectly sculpted figure.
  • Also slowly you can perform the weighted version of lunges and strengthen your body.

4. Planks

  • While performing this amazing workout, you would actually feel your muscle and body get strengthening. This is a high impact strength training workout which is a must for your entire body!
  • Planks are the best workouts which can lead you towards intense strength and flexibility!

Way To Perform Planks

  • Lie down facing the ground.
  • Rest your body on your hands and your feet.
  • Make sure your posture is completely straight and sharp.
  • Also make your body feel the pressure and stretch while you rest on your hands and feet.
  • You would feel a shaking sensation in the beginning and would find it tough to keep in this position for few seconds, but gradually you would be able to keep straight and calm.
  • Hold on this position, feel the pressure on your legs, arms, hips, thighs, abdomen, and entire body!

5. Dumbbell Row

  • This is a slant variation which you can try for strengthening your arms and upper body. It is one of the simple and arm strengthening workouts which you can try for making your upper body rock solid

Way To Perform Dumbbell Rows

  • You can perform this amazing workout with a sing arm or both the arms
  • Carry a dumbbell in your left hand and rest your right hand on a bench
  • Use a heavy weight for this workout and carry it in your hand.
  • Now keep your posture straight and life the dumbbell. Fold your hand from the elbow and left the dumbbell
  • Perform 10-15 repetitions for both the hands and feel the stretching in your arms, shoulders and entire upper body!
  • This strengthening workout would provide you strength as well it will improve your posture!

6. Chair Dips

  • If you are looking for a stunning high-intensity workout without weights, here is a strengthening workout which would make your hands and upper body super string!
  • Chair dips have intense results on your arms shoulders and entire body. In the beginning, you would need extreme motivation and strength to perform this tough workout!

Way To Perform Chair Dips

  • Get a platform like bench, stair case or chai.
  • To perform this workout, you need to get as torn and mobile platform to ensure you land safely!
  • Place your both hands on the chair and dip yourself downward.
  • Keep your hands bent at nearly 90-degree angle and feel the intense pressure on your upper bod
  • Let your lower body carry the body weight and feel the body getting strong!

7. Crunches

  • Crunches are awesome and my favorite workout which would not only give you tight, crisp and adorable belly but would also make you string as never before!
  • Crunches are an ultimate solution for all those women who hate their body due to the heavy stomach and unshaped belly! Try this revolutionary and ultimate workout to strengthen and tone your body!

Way To Perform Crunches

  • Get set to strengthen your body and get beautiful waistline with this flawless workout!
  • Lie down on your body and keep your hands below your head.
  • Now stretch your abdomen and torso and raise your body upwards.
  • Stretch until you reach near your belly and then return back.
  • Perform 10-15 repetitions of this workout and feel awesome.
  • Within just few days, you would fell tight, flexible and immensely sculpted from your middle and lower body! Also, your belly would start looking toned for sure!

8. Hammer Curls

This weighted workout would simply make your arms and biceps stronger and muscular. You can perform this workout with weight and feel yourself getting stronger day by day!

Way To Perform Hammer Curls

  • Stand with your legs apart and dumbbells in both your hands.
  • Hold a low weight in the beginning and then you can increase the weight as you get comfortable with more heavy weights.
  • Now perform the curls while bending your hands from the elbows.
  • Apply pressure on your biceps, shoulders and entire hands.
  • Keep your posture straight and crisp while performing the hammer curls.
  • Your hands and arms would grow adorable strong with this cool workout!
  • While you perform this workout, all your body muscles work to handle the dumbbell weight and engage in this activity!

9. Standing Weighted Calf Raises

With my personal experience, I can say that this is a workout which every woman needs! We are no way going to imagine our body looking as flawless as those poster girls as we have this cool workout with us!

From strength to the classically toned body, this amazing strength training for women is going to give everything! Adorable legs, tight and stronger calves, toned hips and thighs are all that women need!

Way To Perform Weighted Calf Raises

  • Stand with your hands apart carrying dumbbells.
  • Keep your feet moderately apart and your posture simply tight straight.
  • Now, raise your body in the upwards direction while holding the dumbbells in your hands.
  • Stretch your legs form the calves and rest on your toes.
  • You would feel that tightness and flexibility in the calves!
  • Your legs, calves and complete lower body would feel strong, stretchy and flexible with this workout! Try this and get beautifully toned and strength lower body!

10. Chest Flies

  • Very few women yet do not consider chest and torso strengthening important. This is a very important aspect to consider if you want a toned and sculpted upper body
  • Chest flies would keep your arms, biceps, shoulder muscles, spine, torso strengthened and stabilized! Perform the chest flies for amazing impacts on your body!

Way To Perform Chest Flies

  • You can perform the seated or standing chest flies. You can perform it in either way you want.
  • Sit with both your hands holding the dumbbells on your machine.
  • Now, curl your hands while holding the dumbbells form straight to the sides.
  • Keep the hands straight while you sit and then, bend when you curl.
  • Perform the chest flies and continue up to 10-15 repetitions to make an impact with this workout!

What Kind Diet I Need To Follow While This Training Session?

Diet is one of the most important aspects while you perform any workout. Strength training for women is all about intense and rigorous workouts which would make your body crave for foods! It’s on you to select food wisely and to keep your body healthy!

  • Firstly, dink a lot of water to stay hydrated. This would help you stay energetic and strong during your sessions!
  • Increase the intake of vegetables while you are on strength training. This would nourish your muscles and keep your body nutritious! Your metabolism would get boosted and you will get amazing results!
  • Reduce the intake of sugar, high carbs, and high sodium rich foods. This would make your muscles stay healthy and strong!
  • Protein is the best nutrient for your muscles and thus, increases your protein intake as much as you can! Protein shakes are the best option here!
  • Cereals, meat, veggies, fruits, protein rich dairy foods, healthy smoothies, protein bars, refreshing tea etc are the best options to consume!
  • This diet would make you retain bone and muscle strength, would help you lose weight and prevent severe disease and conditions making you feel light!

Interesting FAQ And Expert Answers!

Now that you know all about strength training for women, here are some interesting FAQ’s which you need to know! Here’s a lot of information which can help you train better!

1. Will strength training make me look like a male body builder?

Ans. No, even male body builders have to work a lot to attain that muscular and tight physique. Women will retain their beautiful shape and grace while performing strength training!

2. How much strength training is needed in a week’s duration?

Ans. In a week, you can go for the strength training session for 3 days. 3 days training session would make a perfect start for your routine. Also, in the beginning if you feel tired and exhausted, 2 days are enough!

3. What should be the ideal duration of strength training sessions?

Ans. For beginners, keeping in mind the injuries and lack of technique, the session should last for 15-20 minutes. The expert trainers can however perform up to 45 minutes of strength training with small breaks!

4. How to fit the strength training in your workout routine?

Ans. If you are a fitness freak and want to continue your workout routine along with the strength training, you can fit your aerobics, cardio or other workouts in the alternate day pattern. One day for strength training and one day for your workout routine seems perfect!

5. How much weight lifting is recommended for beginners?

Ans. Dumbbells from 2 to 5 kg are recommended for beginners. This is the ideal weight which can be carried. After few sessions you can increase the weight!

6. What are the perfect workouts for strength training?

Ans. As suggested above, the weighted and non weighted workouts can be a perfect combination of strength training workouts. Include both in your workout session and get amazing benefits!

7. What is the perfect workout routine for lean muscles and extreme strength?

Ans. Just strength training workouts won’t give you amazing lean muscles and muscular body. You need to include some aerobics or cardio, strength training workouts and stretching to get a power pack result from your workouts!

8. Can women above 40 perform strength training?

Ans. Absolutely yes! Women and men both lose muscles and bone density every year! And thus it is important to opt strength training to bones and muscles stronger and stay healthy! There are specific workouts for different aged women!

Well, this is such an amazing and energy boosting guide who makes me return to my strength training session! Hoping that this amazing guide has helped you feel enthusiastic and curious about the impact of strength training!

Experiment with this amazing strength training for women and build strength, stability, flexibility and immense confidence! Also, make your body beautifully toned and sculpted with this promising set of workouts!

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