How To Convert Your Premature Gray Hair To Black?

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Hair makes you look beautiful and different from others. However, it is largely exposed to dust and pollution and therefore hair problems are more often these days among all individuals. One of the major hair problems faced these days are premature gray hair. This is especially a nightmare.

This is one of the major and global problems faced all over the world. Around the hair follicle, there are melanocytes present which produce melanin, a pigment which deepens the hair color. Gray hair is caused when these melanocytes reduce or stop producing the melanin.

Our hair is made of protein and keratin. So along with keratin when melanin is mixed it gives a deep tint to the hair. Usually, without the mixture it is just of yellowish-gray color, hence when the melanocytes slow down the hair color starts turning out to be gray.

How To Convert Your Premature Gray Hair To Black?

Causes Of Grey Hair Conversion

Gray hair conversion due to lack of melanin can be caused due to several factors:

  • Some of them even include the genetic causes, age and also the chemical changes which occur in our body.
  • Also, factors such as diet and stress play a role in turning up the hair to gray.
  • Usage of chemical shampoos and conditioner may also lead to the weakening of hair and damage the hair in long run. Instead, usage of herbal products is widely recommended.

Below are some of the home remedies which could be helpful in turning out the gray hair to black in a natural way.

How To Convert Your Premature Gray Hair To Black?

1. Black Tea

Black Tea For Premature Gray Hair

Black tea is one of the best options for premature gray hair.


  • Take 2 teaspoons of black tea leaves and boil it in water.
  • Now the mixture is left to cool at room temperature.
  • After it is cooled, the tea leaves are strained out and the remaining liquid is applied to the hair.
  • Keep the solution in the hair for an hour and then rinse it with cold water.
  • Make sure not to apply shampoo while rinsing the hair.

Regular usage of black tea helps to convert the hair to its natural color. This is because black tea has the property to provide a deep tint to the hair and it also prevents graying of hair in the future.

2. Sage Leaves

Sage Leaves For Premature Gray Hair

The herb sage is considered most effective for the prematurely gray hair. Your grandmother would have always told you to eat sage regularly for a thick and lustrous hair.

Well, sage leaves can be used for both consumption and application as they are rich in iron which is essential for hair growth and color.


  • Boil a handful of sage leaves in water till the color fades to a great extent.
  • Allow the mix to cool down to room temperature.
  • Strain this mix and collect the solution in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture all over the hair and allow it settle down by keeping it for 2 hrs.
  • Now rinse your hair with mild shampoo.

This remedy is used on regular basis is bound to show visible effects on the hair.

3. Coconut Oil With Lemon

Coconut Oil With Lemon For Premature Gray Hair

Coconut oil has been known for ages as the best oil for hair. It is light in nature and makes your hair shiny and long.

This is easily available ingredient available in our kitchen and can be used on the hair religiously. It helps to stimulate the production of melanin and hence, in turn, keeps your hair color preserved.


  • Mix coconut oil with lemon juice and apply the mixture to your hair.
  • Leave it for an hour to dry and then wash it with a mild shampoo.

It is an easy process to prevent premature graying of hair.

4. Coconut Oil With Curry Leaves

Coconut Oil With Curry Leaves For Premature Gray Hair

Curry leaves are a rich source of vitamin B and are very good in case of premature gray hair. They give a darker shade to the hair if applied on a regular basis.


  • Take a handful of curry leaves and wash it thoroughly to remove any impurities sitting on the surface of the leaf.
  • In a container, pour sufficient quantity of coconut oil and add the leaves to it.
  • Now put the container to simmer for several minutes till the leaves burn out.
  • Remove the leaves from the oil and store it in a bottle.
  • Before hair wash, apply the oil on your scalp and hair and massage for few minutes.
  • Leave it for the whole night and the next day wash the hair with normal shampoo.

This makes your hair shiny, black and strong after continuous usage. You can see a change in the texture of the hair.

5. Indian Gooseberry(Amla)

Indian Gooseberry For Premature Gray Hair

It is considered to be one of the most important medicinal foods which are used in most of the hair remedies. You can apply Amla directly on the hair or make a hair pack and then apply the same.


  • Take dried Amla and soak it in water overnight.
  • Next morning, boil the mix for about 10 minutes.
  • Allow the mix to cool down and then squeeze the Amla and remove the residue from the solution.
  • Keep the solution in a spray bottle and spray it nicely on your hair and scalp.
  • Leave it for about 2-3 hours and thoroughly rinse with normal water.

It is better not to use the shampoo on the same day as it can reduce its effectiveness. Using this solution twice in a week can convert the premature gray hair to black over a period of time.


To make Amla pack, we need some more ingredients.

  • Take 2 large tablespoons of Henna powder depending on the length of the hair.
  • Add 3 teaspoons of gooseberry powder and 1 teaspoon of coffee powder along with water.
  • Soak the mix overnight in a container.
  • Next morning, it would have become a thick paste. Add sufficient water to get a good consistency.
  • Apply the paste to hair and keep it as for 2-3 hours.
  • Wash the hair with a mild shampoo or soap.

The effect can be visible instantly as Henna imparts a burgundy tint to the hair. Regularly using this pack can give your hair a darker shade.

As a caution, remember that Henna has an extremely cooling effect and therefore people suffering from cold and migraine should avoid using henna. It is also advisable that after applying the pack, sit in the sun for about 10-15 minutes to get a deep tint. Adding few drops of lemon to this pack can also make your hair color darker.

6. Coffee Powder

Coffee Powder For Premature Gray Hair

Coffee powder is another well-known ingredient to convert premature gray hair to black. The basic reason being, caffeine which helps to retain the original hair color.


  • Take 2 tablespoons of coffee powder and add it to a half liter of water.
  • Boil this mix until the water level comes to half.
  • Cool down the mix and strain the solution.
  • Keep the solution in a spray bottle and use this sprayer to completely cover all your hair with this solution.
  • Leave it for 2 hours and wash with normal water.

It is normal that your hair may feel sticky with the coffee solution. However, do not use shampoo on the same day of application. You can rinse your hair with a mild shampoo the next day.

7. Onion and Potato

Onion and Potato For Premature Gray Hair

Are you surprised to hear this combination!! Well, it is right. Onion and potato juice helps to give your hair a darker tint. You can mix them together or apply them separately, either ways it will give you the same result.


  • Blend 1 onion and 1 potato thoroughly and extract the fresh juice from it.
  • Soak a cotton ball in this juice and apply it on the hair and scalp.
  • Leave it for an hour or so and rinse with a mild shampoo.
  • It is likely that onion juice may cause a burning sensation initially, however, the potato juice will help to balance the same.

You can use this method 2-3 times in a week and get darker hair within few weeks. Onion is rich in sulfate which promotes hair growth and color, potato also enhances the hair color as it has a high content of starch.

Tips For Dark Hair

  • Eat the right food. Include foods which are rich in protein and iron as they help to produce melanin and restore the original hair color.
  • Eat nuts, fruits, vegetables, eggs and spinach for healthy and dark hair.
  • Sesame seeds are excellent for hair and hence include them in your daily diet.
  • Butter is useful for the hair; therefore you can massage your scalp with butter oil.
  • Try to keep your hair natural and apply the natural ingredients rather than opting for dyes or chemical based products as it can have a negative impact on the hair.


Although there are several multivitamins and medicines available for converting the hair color, however, they may have other side effects on the body. Also, the easiest way to color the hair is using the dyes available in the market. They are instantly available at lower costs and can provide the required hair color immediately. However, it may often lead to hair fall and other scalp related issues. Therefore, avoid using the same as far as possible.

Try our simple home remedies and convert your premature gray hair to black. Also, do not forget to share your feedback and valuable suggestions in our comment box.

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