Benefits of Curry Leaves For Health and Hair Care!

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How can you forget curry leaves when you have to give a tadka to your favourite dal or gravy? Curry leaves enhance the overall taste and aroma of South Indian and other Indian cuisines. Hence, they are very essential. Unknowingly, when curry leaves are not there in the kitchen, we miss them a lot. We will discuss here curry leaves benefits for health and hair care.

However, we are not at all aware that curry leaves are the storehouses of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. They provide substantial nourishment to the body. But while eating gravy or dal, we discard curry leaves from it. We straightaway consider it as a waste and throw it away. The smell and the flavour are the only things we are concerned about. We do not bother at all to chew and eat the leaves and derive nourishment from it.

Click here to see the detailed view of amazing curry leaves benefits for health and hair care.

Curry leaves are commonly known as kadi patta. Apart from seasoning of food, let us throw a light on the curry leaves benefits for health and hair care.

Curry Leaves Benefits For Health and Hair Care

Properties of Curry Leaves

  • Vitamins, particularly A and C
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Fibre
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Folic Acid

Now you got why we are emphasizing on the curry leaves benefits for health and hair care. So, next time when you splatter mustard seeds in hot oil for giving a tadka, reflect on why you are sprinkling curry leaves after it.

Curry Leaves Benefits For Health and Hair Care

Benefits of Curry Leaves for Health Care

1. Promotes Liver Health

Curry leaves protects your liver from liver-related problems and infections. It maintains health of the liver.

2. Promotes Eye Health

Eye related problems such as cataract and vision loss are prevented by consumption of curry leaves. This is because curry leaves are loaded with Vitamin A content that are beneficial for maintaining good eye health. It will safeguard your eyes from disorders.

3. Cures Weakness

People who suffer from anaemia or other serious ailment tend to become weak. If these people eat curry leaves regularly, then they can gain from the various nutrients. Luckily, curry leaves contain folic acid that absorb iron in the body. In this way, the iron is retained in the body and not excreted by the organs. The folic acid plays an important role in iron retention by the body that is contained in the curry leaves.

4. Protects Heart and Cardiovascular Organs

Bad cholesterol levels are mainly responsible for heart related disorders. Curry leaves assist in reducing these bad cholesterol levels. The leaves maintain the healthy condition of heart and promotes smooth functioning of the cardiovascular system.

5. Aids In Weight Loss

This is a good news for people who want to lose extra pounds off bodies. Eat curry leaves as they aid in weight loss.

6. Protects Digestive Organs

Curry leaves help in promoting health of the digestive organs such as stomach. People who have digestion problems can add curry leaves in gravies and dishes and also chew them properly.

Applications of Curry Leaves In Diet Regime

  • When you sprinkle curry leaves in gravies, make a habit of chewing it properly and eating it. Do not throw it away. Having understood all the health benefits of curry leaves, you definitely cannot throw it as a waste.
  • Dry the curry leaves in the sun and grind it in the mixer to form a powder. This powder can be added to dals and gravies instead of the leaves. It will not only add taste but also will be consumed by you.
  • You can also prepare curry leaves chutney. When you make groundnut chutney, simply add curry leaves to it. This chutney can be eaten with chapatis or rice.
  • Rice preparation should also seasoned with powder of curry leaves.
  • You can also chew curry leaves in the morning to lose weight.

Benefits of Curry Leaves For Hair

Nature has bestowed our hair with the healthy curry leaves. Surprisingly, people are not aware of its importance for beauty. But if these are applied externally to the hair, then you might gain shiny, black and long hair within a few months. Some people even have curry leaf tree in their backyard but they do even use it in cooking or for beauty care.

1. Prevents Premature Greying

Premature greying concern is a major concern these days, even amongst youngsters. It takes place when your hair loses its original colour. It results due to various reasons such as improper diet, hereditary factors, pollution, sun exposure and other environmental factors. Constant use of chemical-based hair products, shampoos and conditioner also result in premature greying. Curry leaves help in preventing premature greying. It retains the original colour of your hair.

2. Fights Against Dandruff

Washing scalp and hair curry leaf powder can help in reducing stubborn dandruff. Dandruff is a serious issue and no market product can guarantee you with permanent reduction of dandruff. However, curry leaves have the excellent properties in reducing dandruff and leaving your hair scalp clean and free from itchiness.

3. Accelerates Hair Growth

Do you want long hair? Apply curry leaves. Well, it really sounds amusing for people who have used curry leaves only for seasoning purpose. But powdered curry leaves mixed with your favourite hair oil serve an excellent hair pack to boost hair growth. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, curry leaves provide sufficient nourishment to the hair follicles and hair roots.

4. Resolves Hair Concerns

The common hair concerns are hair loss, loss of shine, dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, premature greying thinning hair, brittle hair, damaged hair, split ends, and so on. The list is endless. But curry leaves are the one-stop solution for resolving all these hair related challenges.

Benefits of Curry Leaves For Skin Care

Though it is largely beneficial for hair care, curry leaves are also good for acquiring healthy skin. It makes the skin young, soft and supple. It has excellent healing properties to treat injuries, rashes and burns of any kind.

Applications of Curry Leaves For Beauty Care

  • Powder curry leaves in a mixer and add pinch of turmeric powder into it. Mix it with rose water and apply on the affected areas such as rashes, burns, wounds for quick relief.
  • Mix powdered curry leaves into coconut or olive or almond oil and massage on the scalp. It will boost hair growth and reduce dandruff. However, make it a regular hair ritual.
  • If you want to strengthen hair roots, then mix powdered curry leaves into lemon juice. Add few drops of coconut oil. If you want, you can also add little quantity of powdered neem leaves to the mixture. It will be one of the best hair packs to fight against all your hair problems.
  • Similarly, curry leaf powder can be added to any of the hair packs that prepare at home.

Thus, we have seen curry leaves benefits for health and hair care. When you go for grocery shopping next time, do not forget to buy more curry leaves, You next plan of action would be to eat the curry leaves when you have it in your plate and not throw it away. You can even grind the curry leaves and store in a container for cooking purpose.

Thus, you need to eat curry leaves regularly to stay away from the diseases and to protect your body organs. Apart from consumption, you need to apply curry leaves externally to your hair in the form of different hair packs. If applied regularly, you will notice the difference within few months. As curry leaves are easily available at the vegetable vendor, you will have to spend time only in powdering or mixing it with other ingredients.

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