How Amla Helps in Hair Care and Improving Overall Health?

Amla juice is often known as the magic juice that can cure many of illnesses and aging symptoms. No doubt Amla, known as Indian gooseberry in English, is a powerhouse of Vitamin C content. The good news is that the taste of Amla fruit or the juice tastes pleasant. It is a perfect blend of sweetness, sourness and makes your mouth water. In this article, you will know some amazing Amla benefits that you will definitely love.

Amla is used for making various kinds of recipes that sound more delicious and yummy. Common examples are Amla pickle, Amla jams, Amla mouth fresheners, Amla sherbets, etc. Thus, we can taste Indian gooseberry in several unique ways.

Apart from Vitamin C content, Amla is comprised of huge quantities of iron and other healthy nutrients. Hence, it is worth to go through some of the amazing Amla Benefits for our health and hair care.

Amla Benefits

Uses of Amla for Your Overall Health

1. Get Rid of Stubborn Flab

Want to get rid of those unnecessary pounds and that stubborn flab? Well, Amla can definitely help in you in achieving one of your usual New Year resolutions to lose weight. You are required to drink one small glass of Amla juice on a daily basis without adding any kind of sweetener. Amla juice increases protein synthesis and helps in burning calories. It also prevents major heart diseases at is regulates fluctuating cholesterol levels.

2. Remedy for Constipation

Those who are suffering from constipation or irritable bowel syndrome need to consume Amla juice on a regular basis. Amla has remarkable properties to relive a person from stomach related problems, piles and other gastric issues.

3. Natural Detoxifier

If you want to prepare the world’s natural detoxifier at home, then buy Indian gooseberry. It purifies our blood. Women who have problems of acne and skin diseases must consume Amla. Moreover, Amla increases the amount of haemoglobin in the blood.

4. Good For Eyesight

If you have eye-related concerns such as eyesight problems, redness, itching or irritation of the eyes on regular basis, the eating Amla fruit can help you to a large extent.

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5. Amla Benefits – Boon For Diabetics

Another great news for the diabetics! Along with the cholesterol levels, Amla also regulated blood glucose levels and helps in stabilizing it. It also assists in secreting insulin on a normal basis. Diabetic patients must consume Amla juice on a daily basis, preferably twice a day.

6. Amla Benefits For Hot Summers

Amla is one of the fruits that provide cooling and soothing effect to your body during hot summers. Instead of drinking soft drinks or chilled water directly from the fridge, grab a glass of cold Amla juice and cool down yourself! You would be surprised to know that the Vitamin C content in Amla is much more than the orange juice. Amla acts as a protective layer for you against the harmful sun rays. Even if you have any kind of inflammation on the skin, then Amla juice can help you.

7.  To Get Rid of Teeth and Gum Problems

Fortified with Vitamin C content, Amla strengthens your teeth and gums. It also fights against bad breath problems.

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8. Amla Juice To Get Good Sleep At Night

Insomnia has become recurring issues in today’s generations due to constant stress and worries. Drinking a glass of Amla juice can help you in getting a good night sleep. You will feel cheerful and fresh the next morning.

9. Amla For Healthy Glowing Skin

Indian gooseberry is beneficial to get a healthy and glowing skin. It lightens the skin complexion, making it fairer and cheerful. It helps in reducing signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. It also fades away dark spots, blemishes, acne marks on the skin. Thus, Amla juice can be applied externally on the skin.

10. Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are painful and irritating. As Amla juice contains essential nutrients, it provide necessary energy to the body and relives pain and discomfort during menstrual period.

Amla Benefits for Your Hair

  • Amla is used along with many traditional natural ingredients for hair care since decades. Amla can be used to make hair packs, shampoos and conditioners. One can also find readymade Amla hair care products in the market.
  • Amla strengths the hair right from the roots. If you are tensed with the increasing hair fall on daily basis, then it is high time to start applying Amla hair packs.
  • Premature greying of hair has become common amongst today’s generation. This is due to several factors such as stress, anxiety, wrong lifestyle, pollution, etc. Drinking Amla juice helps in preventing this issue.
  • Stubborn dandruff does not leave your hair even after applying dozen of medicated shampoos and expensive parlour treatments. There is a reasonable dandruff treatment. Amla juice prevents and fights against dandruff. Hence, it is safe and advantageous to apply Amla juice on the hair.
  • If you need a natural and instant conditioner for your dry and frizzy hair, then mix Amla juice with henna powder and apply on the hair. Your hair will become shiny and bouncy over a passage of time.
  • The dry and itchy scalp is always an irritating problem for men and women alike. Massaging your scalp with Amla juice can offer sufficient moisture to it.
  • Consumption and application of Amla juice also help in getting rid of hair concerns such as split ends, dryness, hair fall, etc.

How To Prepare Amla Juice?

Preparing Amla juice at home is a simple method. All you need to do is –

  • You can boil Indian gooseberries of Amla in a cooker.
  • Mash the Amlas and add a little sugar, salt and cardamom powder into it.
  • Grind the mixture properly by adding sufficient quantity of water.
  • Your Amla juice is ready!You can decide the quantity of Amlas as per your requirement. However, diabetic patients need not add sugar in it. It is better if you add sugar for taste and not make it too sweet so that all the nutrients are retained in it.

Thus, proper and regular consumption of Amla fruit can help in earning a healthy body, skin and hair. Next time you go for vegetable and fruit shopping, you will definitely grab Amla.

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