8 Tips to Train Your Brain Like a Super Computer!

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We have talked about training your body at a fitness club or at home. We are sure you must have implemented some of our fitness tips. But have you ever tried to train your brain? Did something called as Brain Gym?

We love our heart as it connected to a beautiful feeling called love. We love our body and hence, train it and nourish it for looking attractive. But do we love our brain and take care of it? No, we just tax our brains with

  • Unnecessary worries,
  • Unwanted thoughts,
  • Imaginary scenarios,
  • Fearful thoughts,
  • Negative feelings,
  • Unwelcoming news,
  • Tight deadlines,
  • Last-minute instructions
  • Work Stress
  • Emotional problems

…and much more…

Tips to Train Your Brain Like a Super Computer

We just want our brain to perform tasks and act like a super-computer. We don’t give our brain a chance to fall in love, it’s the heart’s function.

Amusing, right? As if you brain is pushing itself out of the comfort zone and lifting weights and doing push-ups. Well, brain gym doesn’t exactly mean in terms of physical exertion. It is to stimulate and tingle those brain muscles effectively and making it sharper and stronger.

However, we should our brain some time to relax, to reflect and to make it stronger in the future. This is very much possible by applying some of the brain gym techniques. These methods render proper blood circulation throughout all the body parts and till the brain.

Brain gym exercises are simple to perform and easy to remember. People of all ages can perform these exercises. With a healthy brain, you can live a happier and cheerful life ahead.

Let us check some of the tips and techniques of brain gym.

Tips to Train Your Brain Like a Super Computer

1. Drink Lots Of Water

Oops! Have we turned to the health segment? No, we are still talking about brain gym.

  • Drinking lots of water not only hydrates your body parts but also refreshes your brain.
  • Your brain receives energy to perform assigned tasks in the future.
  • Water is an elixir of life! You cannot live without water. Similarly, your brain also cannot function properly without water.
  • Keep drinking water at regular intervals. Whenever you feel exhausted or down, sip some cool water and feel refreshed.
  • Your brain is getting its food in some manner. Soon, you would be able to make decisions and carry out important tasks.

2. Learning A Foreign Language

Does it sound irritating for you to learn a foreign language? Learning a foreign language is one of the best ways to train your brain. Imagine you don’t know a particular language, then how will you take efforts to learn it. Just like a kid learn language during childhood! You will ask ‘What’s this? What’s that?’ and your brain cells will be continuously engaged.

  • You will forget all your worries and negativities and get engaged in the process of learning a foreign language.
  • Remember that you are not learning it to impress someone, or learn thousands of bucks but just for training your brain.
  • Learning a foreign language also has more benefits. You become aware of other cultures in the world and began respecting it.
  • If you travel in another country and speak in that language, people will welcome you more.
  • In addition to your CV, it will add to your personality effectively.

3. Solving Puzzles And Crosswords

‘Forget it that is an idle person’s job. We are busy people.’ We often say it to others when we see a crossword or other kind of puzzle in the newspaper or a magazine. Besides being a leisure activity, there is something more in these puzzles.

  • They tickle your brain cells. Certain puzzles increase your logical capabilities while some puzzles enhance your existing vocabulary base.
  • It doesn’t mean that you have to assign a specific slot for solving these puzzles. But whenever you feel that your brain needs some kind of exercise, you can go for it without stretching yourself beyond the limits.

Let’s Know Games that Keep the Brain Young and Fresh!

4. Crazy Eight Exercises

  • This is a kind of exercise that helps in developing concentrations skills.
  • Straighten your arm in front of your eyes and draw an imaginary digit of 8 with the help of your thumb.
  • Keep tracing it slowly and carefully as if you are drawing it on a board or something.
  • When you draw it, you should completely concentrate on your thumb and not on your hand or the wall in front of you.

5. Neck Rolling Exercise

We perform this exercise during fitness training too.

  • Keep rolling your neck easily and slowly in small circles.
  • Keep breathing when you roll your neck.
  • You need to make 3-4 rotations and not more than that.
  • We don’t stretch our neck often. It is always stiff while sitting in front of the computer or at the desk. Hence, this exercise will give some physical activity to the neck and also for the head.

6. Deep Breathing Exercise

Mental relaxation always involves deep breathing exercises. We have become too busy in our schedules that we forget to perform the most crucial activity of our body – breathing.

  • This simple breathing exercise will make you feel better and your mind energetic.
  • Keep your hand on your stomach lightly and exhale deep short breaths as if you are releasing the entire air from your lungs.
  • Then, take a deep inhale while chanting your favourite mantra.
  • Repeat this process twice or thrice.
  • This will also not make you feel drowsy while working.

7. Cross Crawls

This exercise has been trending since many days in the brain gym segment.

  • Stand straight and place your left hand on the right knee by crossing the middle part of your body.
  • Perform this action very slowly and not fast.
  • Later, place your right hand on your left knee.
  • Repeat the process twice or thrice but in a slow manner.
  • Due to this exercise, you can increase your concentration or creative thinking abilities.

8. Hookups

You will love doing this fun exercise.

  • Stand straight and cross your foot one over the other.
  • At the same time, straighten your hands and cross them one over the other in front of your body.
  • Later, you can bring those crossed arms close to your chest and relax for some time.
  • This exercise helps in relieving stress and anxious feelings of an individual.

Thus, these brain gym exercises will definitely help you in train your brain in the right way. Try these tips and train your brain trained to work like a super computer and be able to effectively handle the everyday stress and excel in life!

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