Best Exercise Regimes That Won’t Make You Bore!

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Change is inevitable in life. In order to achieve success in life, you need to do some interesting exercises & incorporate change in your life. Change can be in any form then.

  • You need to change you jobs when the time occurs.
  • You need to change your residence to live in a better world.
  • You need to change your habits to be a better individual.
  • You need to change your wardrobe for a different and attractive look.

Thus, change takes places in all aspects of life. Imagine eating a veg salad for all seven days of the week. You will get bored, irritated and hungrier. The same thing applies to your exercise routine.

Interesting Exercises

You need to keep changing your exercise regimes because of two reasons.

  • You get bored by performing the same exercise routine all the week. Due to boredom, there are chances that you quit doing exercise.
  • Each exercise regime offers different advantages. It is exciting and interesting to learn a new workout and gain benefits from it. For instance, yoga improves flexibility of body and renders relaxation of mind. Aerobics increases your stamina and also helps in weight loss. Apart from these, many workout regimes are getting introduced. Fitness experts are putting lot of efforts in devising and promoting unique workouts for different age groups and for people with varying fitness interests.

Let us explore some of the interesting exercises regime that won’t make you bore.

Interesting Exercises Regimes

1. Power Yoga

Developed in India many decades ago, yoga has achieved international reputation. For this reason, 23rd June is celebrated as International Yoga Day. Yoga mainly comprised of asanas or body postures that help in making the muscles flexible. It not only involves dynamic body movements but also controlling one’s breathing. Your breathing process should get aligned with your body movements. You don’t have to play loud beats in the background. Just soothing music is sufficient. Another valuable component of yoga is Pranayama which are breathing exercises.

Now, let us move to the dynamic Power Yoga. Power yoga is a systematic and fluid sequence of different yoga poses. It is performed with strength. It helps in improving balance and flexibility of the body. Nowadays, you can find interesting exercises, power yoga classes and studios near your place.

The features of power yoga are-

  • It tones your body parts and helps in maintaining balance.
  • You become more flexible.
  • As you apply strength while performing power yoga, you become strong and lean.
  • Certain power yoga workouts are designed specifically for weight loss.
  • If you are a beginner to yoga, then go for the beginner power yoga workout.

2. Fat-Burning Cardio Workouts

If you are a fan of quick and difficult body movements, then cardio workouts are for you. Every fitness trainer has his or her own cardio workout program that you can learn from them.  It improves flexibility, stamina, energy levels, and are excellent programs for burning extra fat.

Following are some of the important highlights of cardio workouts.

  • It comprises of compound muscle exercises. In this workout, when you are concentrating on arm muscles, you are also using legs to exercise. For instance, if you want to do pump your arms, you can just do bicep curls. But in cardio workouts, you do front lunge along with a bicep curls There you are, toning your thighs, glutes and also arms.
  • It involves athletic exercises like football run, skater jumps, burpees, etc. Thus, you are training like an athlete.
  • You are pushing yourself out of the comfort zone. Your comfort zone could be anything such as doing skipping rope and jumping jacks or doing some asanas. You just do not want to stretch your body as you are scared of getting hurt. Cardio workouts help you to get out of the rut and stretch yourself beyond your limits. It helps to harness your strength and stamina in the right direction, giving you those ripped off abs and a toned body.
  • It helps in maintaining good and correct posture. So, if you sitting on the chair or a couch for long hours, you should try cardio workouts.

3. Zumba

The Latin-American dance workout has achieved immense popularity all over the world. If you do not like a dumb-bell or a systematic workout, but would like to have an interesting exercises routine, then zumba is for you. When you do zumba, you won’t feel like you are in the gym workout out. You will feel that you are at your friend’s party.

Benefits of Zumba-

  • Yes, nothing is as entertaining as zumba to burn your fat and calories.
  • It is of variant dance moves that need active coordination of your mind and body muscles. It trains your complete body. You are warming up your neck, shoulders and even your foot.
  • It gives you a mind-blowing positive energy along with a pool of stamina and endurance.
  • The best thing about zumba is that you are not getting bored. When you are not getting bored, it means daily exercise. And daily workout regime is our main motto of our new lifestyle. So, welcome the ‘new confident you.’
  • Zumba is not an individual workout session. You have to do it along with other buddies to experience that party experience. You are also making friends with people who share same interests like you.

4. Step Aerobics

We all have heard about Aerobics. Nothing new about it. But step aerobics is something add-on to it. It involves usage of a step bench for performing aerobic exercises. One of the excellent weight loss workouts, step aerobics are highly effective.

The features of this interesting exercises are.

  • It involves sufficient warm exercises in the beginning when you would be heating your body for a complete workout. Later, it comprises of burpees, planks, jumps and step-up exercises.
  • It is fun to perform these exercises. People who are looking for low-impact workouts can go for this.
  • It is indeed a calorie burning and fat-melting exercise routine.
  • You can easily modify as per your endurance level. With a passage of time, you can increase the intensity.
  • It tones your thigh and hip muscles. So, if you have a heavy bottom, then you can try this workout to get lean and long legs.
  • It improves flexibility, balance and stamina considerably.

5. Pilates

Created almost a decade ago, Pilates has won the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts all over the world. If there is something soft and fluid in a workout, then it is Pilates! You don’t have to jump and move fast during a Pilates workout.

Let us check how advantageous a Pilates regime is for women.

  • The Pilate experts have designed this workout targeting three main body areas: Arms and upper body, stomach muscles, and thighs and hips. You can use resistance bands or a simple napkin for this workout.
  • Pilates is said to be a wonderful workout for your abs. You can concentrate stomach muscles as a whole and also in different parts. While targeting stomach muscles, you would be holding a napkin and stretching your arms too.
  • It makes your body muscles strong as well as flexible.
  • If you are someone who is frustrated with back pain, then Pilates is for you.
  • While performing a Pilates workout, your mind won’t wander there and there. You will have to concentrate on what your trainer is telling to do and what you are doing. Your brain will work in coordination with your body parts, performing each movement with grace and clarity.

6. Spinning

If your friend or a close relative says, “Spinning workout is wonderful,’ then she is 100 percent true. Most of the advanced gyms and fitness studios have this form of workout for their members. Spinning is one of the interesting exercises for those who want to lose weight fast with a low-impact routine.

The various advantages of spinning are as follows-

  • If you want to flaunt your hot legs in a short dress or hot pants, then you should do spinning workout. It tones legs like anything. It targets your thighs, glutes, hamstrings and other bottom parts.
  • It strengths your heart.
  • It helps in melting fat and calories to get a better shaped body.
  • Your endurance level increases along with your never-ending stamina.
  • Spinning workouts have also started arm and upper body movements. So, you are shaping your entire body.
  • Spinning is not a solo form of workout. You can get few fitness buddies and do it. You can even check each other’s performance to improve.
  • If you are always scared to get into an exercise injury due to fear of injuries, then go for spinning. It has less risk of injuries.
  • When you are working out, you are enjoying the present. You don’t have to worry about your next client meeting or brood over the last interview. Just be at the moment and enjoy this amazing workout.

7. Kickboxing

Don’t worry. You do not have to kick and box anyone but your own calories. You are kicking in the air in this entire high-energy routine. You are relieving stress, having fun and losing weight. Kickboxing along with cardio movements offers a plethora of benefits to women who are desirous to lose weight fast.

Some of the salient features of this workout are as follows:

  • The first primary benefit is fast reduction of calories and fat. That’s women want! This high-energy fitness routine is a perfect blend of martial arts and cardio moves. You are earning a lot from each movement. Don’t miss it.
  • Always apply high energy while performing this workout routine. Do not do it worrying about your next plan of action. If you feel down in the morning, go for an evening session. But perform this workout with high level of enthusiasm and energy.
  • It relieves stress as you are kicking and punching all your worries and fears from the room. When you are working out, you are always in the present, and not in the future or in the past.
  • It boosts your stamina, flexibility and energy levels. As you kick hard and high in the air, you are accelerating your strength levels.
  • Needless to say, you will feel more confident after a workout session. Your morale will also increase.
  • In kickboxing, you are toning your entire body. Your belly, your arms and legs, every body part will get tones and strengthened.
  • As you are kicking, you are also developing yourself for self-defence. You do not have to enrol for a separate self-defence session. You are making yourself strong to protect from the insecurities.

8. Dynamic Workout Tools

For a workout, you require a yoga mat. And a set of dumb-bells. Well, the list doesn’t finish here. If you are extremely fitness-conscious, then you can buy a treadmill at home. If not, then never forget to utilize the treadmill at the gym. Following are few of the must-have dynamic workout tools that you need to optimally use.

Resistance Bands-

These are available in levels and colours. You can carry them when you are travelling as these are very portable. You can use it in Pilates and other workouts.

Stability Ball-

For abs workouts, stability ball is an excellent tool. A proper workout with a stability ball helps in building strong abs, nice posture and reduced back ache.

DVD’s or CD’s –

It is not possible to visit gym and different fitness studious for all these kinds of workouts. But you really want to give these interesting exercises a try and experience the benefits. Hence, we have a solution for this. Visit an online store and pick up good DVD’s of fitness experts of your choice. You can have zumba, Pilates or even cardio. Every fitness expert guarantees you a unique workout regime. Give it a try. There is no harm in it.

Thus, if you feel that exercise is the most boring task in your life, then you can definitely experience any of these interesting exercises. When you try a workout, do it continuously at least for a month to derive the benefits out of it. Make proper use of the workout tools and interesting exercises regime as well as per your convenience and choice.

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