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If you desire to explore a vital energy of your soul then you should definitely discover all about Reiki. What is Reiki? Reiki is an integral form of an alternative medicine or a pseudoscience effectually based on `qi’ or `chi’. Although practitioners consider it as a universal life force, but the empirical evidences haven’t supported the existence of such a life force.  Moreover, clinical researches have not exhibited the effectiveness of Reiki Healing in relation to the medical treatments for any kind of medical condition.

In addition, the American Cancer Society and National Center for Comparative and Integrative health has stated that Reiki Healing should not be considered as a replacement for the conventional treatment. But, with Reiki’s extensive successes worldwide today it is considered as a complementary therapy in countless hospitals and the patients are highly getting benefited from its marvels.

Reiki Healing

At present era, the genuine fact of Reiki as a universal energy healing process is that it is not only confined to the hands touching the body, but it has been greatly known as the long-distance healer through a prayer form. In Reiki, a practitioner seeks to transmit the universal energy of the life to a client in order to create a deep sense of relaxation and assist him or her to have a speedy recovery from the illness, reduce the body aches and other symptoms that he or she may be experiencing.

However, for those who are interested in adopting this Reiki Healing treatment since there are no regulations for the practitioners of Reiki, one could locate a qualified Reiki practitioner through the website. There are many online websites today that offer Reiki treatment. He or she should fill out an online form provide the required information and he or she will be given the best possible assistance in the shortest possible time. At the comfort of home or office a user could gain good information about the Reiki practitioners and at the same time make an unbelievable saving in his or her time and money.

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Origin And Brief History of Reiki Healing

Reiki has founded via Mikao Usui a Japanese Buddhist in 1922. Since its origination in Japan it has been adapted in varied cultural traditions globally. A Reiki practitioner uses hands-on healing or palm healing which he or she considers as a universal energy and believes that the crucial energies transfer from his or her palms to a patient thereby encouraging a physical or an emotional healing.

Oxford English Dictionary signifies that Reiki is an etymology from Japan known as a mysterious atmosphere that was recorded way back in 1001 and combines `Rei’ – soul, divine, spirit or miraculous and `ki’ – a vital energy, consciousness or a breath of life. It is as well defined as one’s mood or feelings, mind frame, temper, one’s nature, disposition, etc. While some have translated Reiki as a mystery feeling or an ethereal or a mysterious atmosphere or spiritual presence, but alternately it is said to be a spiritual possession.

However, Chinese since 320 BCE are integrated with techniques of Daoist Meditation which demands that a mysterious vital energy is in the mind of a person that arrives and departs in a moment and there is nothing within and outside it. A human loses it due to the cause of a mental agitation. Nevertheless, the modern Chinese translate as a beautiful atmosphere of spiritual influence, intelligence and understanding power. It is ingeniousness or is the force of a miraculous power.

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How to Practice Reiki?

Reiki is essentially a self-healing protocol. It assimilates various parts of the body. These include-

  • Crown or top of the head
  • Middle of the forehead or third eye
  • Face
  • Throat
  • Center of chest or heart
  • Back of head
  • Lower ribs
  • Navel
  • Lower abdomen
  • Knees
  • Feet

Reiki Healing can be practiced at any time of the day, however, the best time to practice Reiki is the early morning after rising from the bed. One can practice it by comfortably sitting on a chair, standing up or lying down. To begin with, one has to simply call Reiki to flow into his or her hands. Practicing a short Gassho meditation is very effective. When Gassho is complete one has to place his or her hands on the aforesaid body parts as long as the hands feel guided to nestle there.

Gassho Meditation

Gassho meditation is a part of Reiki Healing practice that can be practiced daily. It literally signifies two hands coming together or placing the hands in prayer position that in other words mean the hands at an upright position placed at heart or chest level with entire attention moving towards the coursing via hands and fingers. This practice highly promotes mind quietening, heart centering, a deeper inward focus and a stronger bond with Reiki.

Reiki Healing Self-Treatment

The basic hand positions for self-treatment are-

  • Overlap hands on the top of your head.
  • One hand on your forehead and the other on the back of your head.
  • Hands resting on your eyes.
  • Hands resting on your ears.
  • One hand on your upper chest and the other on the solar plexus (where ribs meet).
  • Hands on your hips.

In each position relax for 2 to 5 minutes. Practice the positions until you are very well familiar and have developed self-confidence. Gradually allow your hands to be guided by the intuitions of yours. With a little patience and daily practice, you will not only gain an experience, but also will trust the inner guidance of yours. Be rest assured that your healing sessions are watched by the holy divine and your efforts will be highly rewarded.

Healing Others Via Reiki

Start Reiki Healing others after you have developed self-confidence in your abilities or when the self-healing process has turned completely comfortable and natural. It is better if you start with your family members and friends. Even if they are healthy, they are bound to gain a relaxation and a harmony. Each healing process will be unique and its results are unpredictable. However, Reiki is assured to provide the benefits to those who receive it. So, begin the healing process in the same manner as for self-treatment. Bring hands in Namaste position nestling at the heart and bowing gently. Reiki will flow through you. Just ask for the Reiki Healing guides and angels to assist you and the only creator to be present and direct you for submission of Reiki healing to the others.

In this Reiki Healing process, both the healer as well as the receiver is benefited. More Reiki means more harmony. The Reiki sessions can be provided to plants and animals as well. During the healing process, both the healer and the receiver will experience sensations of vibration, heat, cold and tingling. Sometimes healer and receiver get the opposite sensations. And at times there be absolutely no sensations, but the healer can rest assure that the energy has flowed effectively and the receiver will be benefited.

In the course of time, Reiki will automatically resolve the deeper problems of the receiver. Primarily, the external problems of the receiver will reduce and with time passage his or her inner issues. The Reiki’s outer and inner transformations are marvelous and everyone’s healing process is unique. Nevertheless, to hasten the Reiki Healing process a receiver should forgive the past hurts and let the repressed negativity go to the conscious level.

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The Novel Prospects Of Reiki Healing

To make Reiki practice more enjoyable it is experimented with different additions. This could be mantras, music or use of the Reiki symbols. One has to be creative and listen to his or her intuitions and realize that what he or she requires during each session of the mediation. And if the mind of the user wanders; he or she could easily bring his or her attention back to the Reiki coursing through his or her fingers.

Reiki – A Comprehensive Body Healer

Reiki is an easy body healing process. Love flows effortlessly to the varied parts of the body. Just put your hands on yourself and the others and experience the healing sensations. These sensations denote a positive and peaceful energy, light, color, or an experience of vivid dreams. The energy of Reiki is experienced in a unique way and one may start experiencing it consciously after few practice sessions.

This spiritual healing like the other healing methods has nil involvement of any efforts from healer’s side to send direct energy to a receiver. In this healing, energy uses its own intelligence for the treatment. As one attunes to Reiki it naturally starts flowing as soon as he or she places his or her hands on the thing or the one that intends to heal. It flows automatically enriched with positive as well as beneficial effects.

Discovering Different Methods Of Reiki Healing

Method 1 –

Bring your hands in Namaste position at the heart blowing gently. Silently ask the Reiki to flow through your body.

Method 2 –

Raise the hands above your head, and palms up visualizing that the Reiki is flowing through them from the heaven and going into your entire body.

Method 3 –

Surrender yourself to Reiki and remain aware that you have surrendered yourself to the flow of a healing energy. Trust takes you to Reiki’s energizing path and a desire to permit Reiki flow through your body and guide you.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a very simple self-cleaning practice which has no boundaries for the time, nevertheless, minimal time required to practice and focus on Reiki is 15 minutes. Those who have practiced are reported to have gained an amazing growth physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Besides, they can much easier release their long-held emotions. Furthermore, they are blessed with the newfound self-love and have developed an increased sense of gratitude.  The person will gain an ultimate relaxation permitting intent to maintain the positive flow.

The Seven Proven Benefits Of Reiki

1. Relaxation And Stress Reduction

It triggers body’s natural immune system aiding better sleep beside maintaining and improving the health.

2. Inner Peace and Harmony

It is a timeless tool for those who quest for spiritual growth.

3. Balances Mind and Emotion

It brings about a more peaceful and calmer state of mind. It enhances mental clarity, memory, and learning. It strengthens personal relationships and helps the relationships to grow.

4. Relieves Sorrow and Emotional Distress

It helps the grieving process by clearing the emotions offering the most desirable perspectives.

5. Assists Physical Symptoms

It relieves a wide range of body pains from a migraine and asthma to menopausal symptoms and sciatica.

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6. Speeds Up Long-Term Illnesses

It adjusts the body to the treatment course by reducing the side-effects.

7. Nullifies Immediate Diseases

It improves overall health maintaining a perfect balance between the emotional and physical state. It not only treats the issue but also prevents them from recurrence.


Reiki is a universal healing process. It is for everyone from elderly and adults to children, toddlers, babies and even plants and animals. It is a complete body enhancing process covering physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. This ancient Japanese method heals the body by using the energy to balance mind and the body. Its healing benefits will be a rewarding experience for the healer and the receiver too.

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There is no specific description of the Reiki healing process. It targets to heal the body, mind and the spirit. Today it is used as a complementary therapy in innumerable hospitals. It enhances healthcare and is truly the experience of a Reiki practitioner who can inspire. It is truly an awesome share of a joy between the healer and the receiver. The more a practitioner works with Reiki the more he or she will realize it and see more of Reiki flowing through his or her body getting more energized.

Presently, with several websites online locating an experienced Reiki practitioner in any part of the world is a click away from a user. No doubt, Reiki is assimilated with the highest level of simplicity and positive energy and its practitioner worldwide look forward becoming a more advanced natural healer of the day.

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