Amazing Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits!

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Himalayan Salt Lamp, are you aware of this name? Have you ever used it? The popular pink Himalayan Salt is getting much popular these days. While the pink stones give your room an attractive vision, there are various Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits for health too. When the salt is sprinkled on your meals or dinner, it adds some healthy taste to it, and if added to the bath, it adds some soothing relaxation also.

Before moving to the advantages of rock salt lamps, let’s first take a glance at what the Himalayan Salt Lamp is.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Himalayan Salt Lamp – An Introduction

Himalayan Salt Lamps are nothing but the tiny salt crystals in pink that are obtained by mining the edges of the Great Himalayan Mountains. Again, due to the mineral concentration, the rocks contain, the lamps can range with different color shades like from light pink to dark pink along with a hue in orange color. The soothing pink salt rocks not only provide the home with a calming balance but provide the environment with peaceful relaxation.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps are tiny pink lamps that not only provide your mind, soul, and body with relaxation but also come up with a number of additional health benefits. Some of the popular salt lamp benefits include:

1. Neutralizing the EM (Electromagnetic Radiation)

Electromagnetic Radiation is the negative electrons that remain in the environment that are emitted through various electronic appliances. The exposure of the electrons in the environment comes with a negative impact on the environment leading to an increase in the stress levels, chronic fatigue, reducing the immunity of the body, etc. Such negative electrons are eliminated from the environment through the positive electrons, and this is among the list of salt rock lamp benefits. The salt lamp neutralizes the negative electromagnetic radiation and helps in fighting against them providing with positive environmental impact.

2. Air Purification

Do salt lamps actually purify the air? Yes, they do. Pollution is grabbing the environment these days. Cigarette smoke, dust particles, pollen, and other airy contaminants are continuously damaging the fresh natural air. The Himalayan Salt Lamps can help you here. The pinky salt lamps work as hygroscopic lamps and attract the pollution from the air. The salt absorbs the contaminated water molecules and traps them into the crystals of the salt. This process provides with purified air to breathe with a slight salty impact which is also helpful for your respiratory system.

3. Helps In Asthma And Other Allergies

The list of pink Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits also includes a reduction in asthma and other allergic issues too. There are pink salt inhalers available in the market which come with a positive impact on respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc. The exotic salty smell of the lamps filters the mildew, microscopic mold, pet dander particles and the dust from the air indoors. Adding nearly one or two such lamps in the rooms would help in eliminating the allergic particles in the air. This also helps in destroying the symptoms of asthma from the air and provides with immediate impact by clearing the airways.

4. Proper Breathing

As mentioned in the above Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits, it purifies the air by removing the negative ions. As the negative ions and other impurities of the air are removed, the air becomes pure which in return helps in improving breathing. The positive ions in the air help in keeping your lungs clean and healthy. When the lungs are clean with filtered air, you are sure to have healthy breathing too.

5. Boosts Better Sleep

For those having sleeping disorders, Himalayan Salt Lamp is the best way to improving healthy sleeping. The polluted air increases your exposure to negative ions which reduce the proper circulation of oxygen and blood to your brain resulting in irregular sleeping hours. When the air is purified, it not only relaxes the mind but also boosts the required flow of both blood and oxygen to the body which promotes better sleep by reducing the stress on the mind.

6. Helps In Fighting Back Stress For Improvised Performance

Stress, depression, mood issues… All these are quite common these days. Thinking what does a salt lamp do for you? The salt lamp helps in reducing the anxiety and stress which helps in improving the performance too. The Himalayan Salt Lamp works by reducing the stress levels which is caused due to the negative ions in the environment. Hence, by boosting the mood and reducing the stress levels, the lamps indirectly improve the performance levels too.

Henceforth, by working on the impurities of the environment, the Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits not only the body but the soul and the mind too through the heavy metals it contains. Apart from all these, the list of salt rock lamp benefits also includes reducing flu and cold, headaches, migraines, arthritis, rheumatism, skin disorders, improves concentration, etc. The salt lamp brings a sense of overall health improvement and wellbeing too.

How Does The Salt Lamp Work?

Water vapor remains in the air in one or the other form which carries allergic particles like pollen, dust, pet dander, bacteria, smoke particles, and other viruses. A salt lamp is a hygroscopic form in the environment which attracts the water molecules in the air. In this way, the pollutants and harmful water particles get attracted towards the salt lamp and get locked in the compounds of the salt. As the Himalayan salt lamp benefits reveal, the lamp slowly gets saturated with the vapor of the water and dries the heat which continues the hygroscopic effect in the environment as long as the lamp is on.

Hence, in this way, the Himalayan salt lamp even if turned on for an hour in the room would provide with good and clean environment trapping the particles and the dust.

So, are you ready to begin for a pure and clean surrounding? Try the Himalayan Salt Lamp and write to us your reviews.

Questions About Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

1. What are the two different ways the salt lamp benefits you?

Ans: The salt lamps work with two different ways like hygroscopic and ionization that help in purifying the air.

2. What are the salt lamps placed for obtaining maximum benefits?

Ans: The salt lamps work magically for any kind of rooms like bedrooms, offices, dens, living rooms, etc. You can place it on any shelf, counter, bedside, etc. where it can be plugged easily.

3. What is the minimum size of the room the lamp cleans effectively?

Ans: A single salt lamp would provide with accurate cleaning results in a room that is 16sqft in space. The lamp should measure 1 pound for given room space.

4. How can the lamps be maintained?

Ans: The maintenance of the salt lamps is much easy and simple to clean. The cleaning requires a simple damp cloth for cleaning or merely a sponge. The cleaning is quite easy too. The only thing to keep in mind is to change the bulb of the light time to time when required.

5. What are the features to consider while purchasing a salt lamp?

Ans: For getting the best salt lamp, look for features like dimmable, reach, dimensions, and safety certificate.

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