DIY Jewellery Box Made from Cardboard and Jute Rope!

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Watch the video of how to make Jute Rope Jewellery Box

Looking for a jewelry box to keep your accessories in one place? Why invest in expensive jewelry cases when you can make one on your own at home with particular things easily available! Yes, here is an amazing DIY jewelry box made out of cardboard and jute rope.

Things you need to Make Jewellery Box –

  • Cardboard
  • Mount board
  • Jute Rope
  • Sackcloth
  • Pearls and beads of different sizes and colors
  • Pencil
  • Divider
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors and cutter


Follow the steps below to make your own jewelry box at home.

Step 1: Take cardboard and draw a circle using a divider with a radius of 7cm. Using a cutter, cut out the circle from the cardboard.

Step 2: Take a mount board and stick it around the cardboard using glue gun forming a circular box.

Step 3: Now take the mount board and draw another circle with a radius of 8cm and cut it.

Step 4: Cut down a mount board strip of 1 inch and stick it on the 8cm mount board in the inner portion measuring 7cm using a glue gun. Your lid is ready!

Step 5: Take a color paper and cover the inner portion of the lid with it. Also, cover the edges of the inner lid with the color paper. Similarly, using the color paper, cover the inner sides of the circular box and the bottom too.

Step 6: Now, take the jute rope and starting from the lower side of the circular box round it up as shown in the figure. Use appropriate glue as you commence ending the circular box in the upper part. Cover the complete box with the jute rope. Keep it aside.

Step 7: Now take the lid and beginning from the center of the lid make circular designs until the end of the lid. For a proper idea, check the figure.

Step 8: Now take a spoon to make out leaves using the sackcloth. Place some glue on the back side of the spoon and place sackcloth on it. Cut the sides of the sackcloth forming a leaf-like design.

Step 9: Using the jute rope and glue gun, build a border of the leaf. When dry, pull out the leaf from the spoon. Make more leaves in a similar way.

Step 10: Take your favorite color and paint the leaves using a paintbrush.

Step 11: Take the lid of the jewelry box and stick the leaves on the lid using a glue gun forming a design.

Step 12: Take some tiny crystal stones and stick them on the leaves. While on the edge of the leaves place a big stone to give it a decorative look.

Step 13: On the left-over corner of the lid, place some pearls giving the edges a decorative design. Stick the left-over tiny crystal stones on the lid leaving proper space in between.

Step 14: Now take some of the left leaves and stick them on the jewelry box forming a design.

Step 15: Place tiny crystal stones on the leaves similarly, and place a big stone on the end of the leaves.

Your decorative jewelry box is all set to use. Isn’t it giving your dressing table a wonderful appearance!
So, make your jute rope jewelry box and share your designs with us with your comments.

Happy Crafting!

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