How to Make a DIY Shoe Rack from Waste Cardboard?

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Watch Making of DIY Shoe Rack

Shoe racks are a must in every home. They avoid the hassle of shoes lying here and there and also keeps the house clean. Therefore, there is always a shoe rack near the main door. Keeping this fact in mind, we are going to make a DIY shoe rack from waste cardboard. Yes, you heard it right! You can now make your own shoe stand easily at home and keep all your shoes in an arranged manner.

This is our best out of waste craft!

Things Needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Color Sheets
  • Cutter
  • Marker
  • Glue Gun


DIY Cardboard Shoe Rack

Step 1: Take a cardboard and measure 18*18 inches on it. Cut out the cardboard piece. This will be the main frame of the shoe rack.

Step 2: Now measure 7*18 inches on the cardboard and cut it. We need multiple such cardboard pieces. This will act as partition for the shoe rack.


Step 3: Take a cardboard of dimension 7*18 inches. Mark 4 inches and 7 inches on opposite sides of this cardboard.

Step 4: Draw lines connecting them with marker. We need two such pieces.

Step 5: Now cut out long strips of cardboard and paste it on the marked lines. Cut out excess portion of the strip. These cardboard pieces will form the sides.


Step 6: Take color sheets and paste it on one side of the cardboard.

Step 7: Use glue gun to stick both the side cardboard onto the main cardboard. Make it to stand.

Step 8: Now apply glue on the strips and paste the rectangular cardboard pieces on it in a slanting manner. This will be the rack.

Step 9: Paste a cardboard piece at the base of the shoe rack. The structure is now ready.


Step 10: Cut out small cardboard pieces and stick them together to form a block. We need four such arrangements.

Step 11: Cover the blocks with color sheets. This will act as the base stand for the shoe rack.


Step 12: Now we will paste the color sheets on the edges of the rack to beautify it.

Step 13: Similarly, stick color sheets on the upper portion of the shoe stand.

Step 14: Finally, paste the cardboard blocks at the base of the shoe stand to complete the design.


Wow! Your useful shoe stand is now ready.

This is an excellent shoe stand. You can keep multiple shoes it in an organized manner. Also, it can be made easily at home from unused cardboard. We have used minimal materials to make this amazing shoe stand.

Hope you will enjoy making this craft. In case of any suggestion or feedback, please share the same in the comment section.

Happy Crafting!

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