DIY Multipurpose Storage Box Made from Waste Cardboard

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Watch How to Make this Handmade DIY Storage Box

A storage box is one of the must needed essential items in any home. Keeping this fact in mind, we bring to you an excellent DIY handmade storage box. This organizer can be easily made at home and you can store several items in it like makeup materials and stationery items. It is a beautifully designed box and can be used both for storage and home décor. What’s more, this box is portable as well so you can carry it anywhere you go if you want.

Things Needed to Make Handmade DIY Storage Box

  • Cardboard
  • Glue Gun
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Printed sheets
  • Color sheets
  • White cello tapes
  • Glue
  • Rubber band
  • Decorative Bead
  • Metal wire


Step 1: Take cardboard and measure 2 inches radius on it. Draw a circle with this measurement.

Step 2: Draw small arcs on the circle and join them with straight lines. Cut along these straight lines to get a hexagonal shape. We need two such designs.

Multipurpose Storage Box Made from Waste Cardboard

Step 3: Similarly cut out 4 long rectangular pieces from the cardboard.

Cardboard Pieces Required to Make Storage Craft

Step 4: Paste the hexagonal pieces on both sides of the rectangular piece.

Step 5: Take the other rectangle pieces and stick it on both sides of the hexagon to form a box like design.

DIY Storage Box from Waste Cardboard Making Tutorial

Step 6: Cut out two more rectangular pieces of the same dimension as that of the box and keep aside.

Step 7: Let’s take printed and color sheets. Cut and paste the color sheets on the rectangular pieces of the box.

Step 8: Take white cello tape and paste it on the edges of the box to seal the edges. Cover it up with the color sheets.

Step 9: Similarly paste the color sheets on the inner portion of the box as well to give it a uniform look.

DIY Multipurpose Storage Box Made from Waste Cardboard

Step 10: Take the printed sheet and paste it on the flap and the hexagon portion of the box for an attractive look.

Step 11: To make the opening of the box let’s take a rubber band and a bead. Insert and fix the rubber band in the upper flap of the box.

Step 12: Take a metal wire and insert the bead into it. Pass the metal wire at the lower end of the box and fix it.

Stick Color Papers to the Cardboard Box for Decoration

Step 13: Take a decorative bead and paste it on top of the rubber band. This completes the look of the storage box.

Wow!! Your beautiful handmade storage box is now ready.

Finally Your Handmade Cardboard Box is Ready!

This is such an attractive storage box. It is perfect as a jewelry box and you can keep your jewelry inside it. You can also carry it anywhere with you. Also, it can be used to stuff things like cosmetics, stationery products etc. It looks beautiful and you can use your own creativity as well to decorate the box.

Hope you will enjoy making this craft. Do not forget to share your feedback and experiences with us in our comments section.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Creating a DIY multipurpose storage box from waste cardboard is not only a sustainable solution but also a practical and cost-effective way to organize your belongings. Superb post Priyanka!


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