Hair Growth Masks : Amazing Benefits of Mustard Hair Mask for Hair Growth Faster!

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Have you ever wondered why mustard hair mask is a solution to all your hair problems?

Hair is one of the beautiful assets of your body. Hair styling and fashion is an awesome modern day trend that you do not wish to compromise. However, modern day hectic schedules and environmental situations often make it difficult to control hair damage. The scalp is affected the most as the dust and dirt from the environment settle down and cuts off the regular cycles of perspiration and breathing. There are other reasons as well which contributes to severe hair damage. A few of them are given below.

Types of Hair Damage

Benefits of mustard hair mask

1. Physical Damage

This type of damage is common and happens to everyone. The degree of the damage will increase due to the over styling as well. People like to do up their hair in different styles. The varied styles are achieved by hair tying, cutting or using hair shape changes (straighteners & Curls). All the above together can cause severe damage to the natural hair.

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2. Chemical Damage

It is not difficult to understand the reasons behind chemical damages. Extra colors and bleach that are used on the hair will damage the natural beauty and cause problems. Chemicals change the overall structure of the hair and damage it permanently. The ingredients of the chemical product leave the hair dry and dull without it and make it mandatory for use.

3. Nutritional Damage

Hair devoid of the sufficient nutrition is sure to undergo stress and damage. Likewise, all the body parts need food and energy, hair too requires special care and nutrition. Regular oil massages and masks are crucial for growing hair.

Out of the above 4 damage reasons, the critical one is due to the lack of proper hair nutrition. So what do you do the same?

Well, mustard hair mask is a solution to all your hair problems! Years of research and experiments have proved that mustard is beneficial for hair growth. Mustard oil is nothing but a vegetable oil that is extracted from the mustard seeds through various processes. The oil is edible and is often used in the kitchen for its taste! Mustard for hair growth and mustard for hair loss is a readymade hack for the above problems. The mustard hair mask is a homemade recipe and an economic DIY hair growth treatment for your hair. The recipe is very easy and you would make it in no time. The recipe process is as follows:

Homemade Mustard Hair Mask



Firstly, mix the mustard powder in warm water and make it into a paste. After the paste is ready, add 3 tsp of olive oil and 1 egg. Mix the whole blend to obtain a smooth consistency. You can control the same using less or more water. Take care not to make it too watery or sticky.

Apply the above mixture to the scalp or roots of the hair. Hair should be dry and unwashed. Leave the same for 3-5 minutes before washing. The mustard applied will generate heat and improve the blood circulation in the scalp. The heat will gradually increase and then decrease. Depending on how much the heat is bearable, you can wash the hair. Repeat the steps at least once a week or twice a week for faster results.

Benefits of Mustard Hair Mask

There are immense benefits of using mustard hair mask for hair nutrition and they are:

1. No Darker Spots

Mustard Hair Mask To Vanish Darker Spot on Scalp

Mustard powder for hair is responsible for the good health. The amazing micronutrients help the dark spots on the scalp to vanish. Dark spots are often formed due to any infection or malnutrition. With mustard hair, mask all of it is taken care.

2. Natural Sunscreen

Mustard Hair Mask As A Natural Sunscreen

The thick consistency of mustard oil makes it a natural sunscreen from the harmful UV rays. Mustard oil is also rich in vitamin E that keeps the harmful toxins at a bay from the scalp.

3. Cleanser

Mustard Hair Mask As A Natural Cleanser

Mustard hair mask will also act as a natural cleanser. Topical application of the same will stimulate the underlying sweat glands which will open up and regulate the right body temperature. The ingredients in the mustard will disperse swiftly through the scalp and attend to all the places that will require an immediate repair.

4. Anti-microbial

Anti-microbial Mustard Hair Mask

The mustard hair mask will spread a layer of nutrients that will protect the scalp from any microbial infection. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of mustard are due to the presence of higher amounts of anti-oxidants. A stronger scalp will always produce stronger and healthier hair.

5. Anti-greying

Anti Greying Mustard Hair Mask

Mustard is loaded with essential nutrients and minerals. The mustard hair mask when applied makes all the nutrients available to the hair root. The nutrients seep in and prevent aging of the roots from within. The follicles come out more strongly and keep hair away from greying. The hair will look forever young.

6. Prevents Hair Loss

Mustard Hair Mask To Prevents Hair Loss

The underlying reason for a hair loss is an infection of the hair follicle and a weaker root. This hair mask will kill the scalp invaders to have a strong hair growth. The nutrients from mustard will form a protective layer that will shield the scalp from any such damage.

7. Hair Growth-Booster

Mustard Hair Mask To Boost Hair Growth

Mustard is rich in vitamin A, calcium and magnesium which are the building blocks for hair growth. Mustard hair mask will make sure that the scalp is provided with all the above to promote and boost the hair growth. The rich fatty acids will make the hair look shiny and strong.

8. Natural Conditioner

Mustard Hair Mask As A Natural Conditioner

This hair mask works as a natural conditioner for your hair thereby supplying the scalp with rich fatty acids. These fatty acids will take care of the hydration levels of the scalp and prevent from drying. While the hydration levels are checked, the scalp will never go dry and be a diet for the environmental toxins.

9. Hair Massager

Mustard Hair Mask As Hair Massager

This Hair Growth mask can also act as a great hair massager. Massaging mustard on the scalp will improve the blood circulation and boost the overall scalp health. Hair will look healthier and stronger.

The amazing benefits of mustard hair mask are beyond imagination. The immense benefits of this natural therapy is deeply researched and tested. So, do you have any hair problems? If yes, switch to mustard hair mask and put an end to the irritating hair issues.

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