Types of Hair Brushes And Their Uses!

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Gone are the days when all the family members used to comb hair with a same single brush! With the evolving styles and trends, the hair brushes have also changed! From the simple hair comb to the iconic teasing brushes, the hair brushes have evolved a lot and for good! Do you always wonder how a hair stylist can bring visible transformation in your hair? Well, you need to thank all the right hair brush types for these transformations!

Hair Brush Types And Their Uses

Different hair brushes can fulfill your hair styling and combing requirements making them look gorgeous! Here is all you need to know about different hair brushes and their uses for your healthy hair!

  • Why we need different types of hair brushes?
  • What are the different hair brush types and their uses?
  • What are the correct hair brushes for different hair types?
  • Correct way to brush your hair for awesome results.

Why We Need Different Types Of Hair Brushes?

  • Everyone is born with unique hair! Though we have different categories like wavy, curly, straight hair, each of us has a unique set of hairs which are different in their compositions as well texture!
  • What would happen if we use a detangling brush on perfectly straight hair? It will not serve any benefit as the straight hair does not get tangled as the curly hair does!
  • Different hairbrushes are not for making each hair type look soft but they are used to make each hair type shine and dazzle with their specialty!
  • Those brushes don’t intend to turn all the hair same but surely intend to make your hair look the best!
  • Different hair brushes for different hair types are used to make the hair look manageable and gorgeous! Also using the right hair brush for the right hair type would prevent your hair from roughness, dryness and unwanted fizz!
  • Thus, to make all the hair types look the best with their own uniqueness, we have different hair brushes and all of us must identify our hairbrush type!

Hair Brush Types And Their Uses

Believe us; since you were born till now, there are some awesome hair brush inventions which you still don’t know about! In today’s’ modern and beauty obsessed world, not just the hair stylists, but people, in general, know about the different hair brush types and their uses!

If you learn how to brush your hair and choose the right brush for your hair type and different hairstyles, all the money you spend in hair salons can be saved! Here are the hair brush types and their uses!

1. Boar Bristle Hair Brushes

  • If you are looking for a traditional and yet extremely magical hair brush which used to give women adorable hair without the usage of styling tools, here is the brush you need to consider!
  • The boar brushes are hygienic as well styling brushes which spread sebum in your scalp and make the hair look unbelievably gorgeous!
  • These are made up of the boar hair which beautifully styles the hair and sometimes using nylon.
  • The boar bristle brushes are made from the pure boar bristles or nylon boar bristles. They can style your hair; add shine and magical smoothness to your hair!
  • If you have frizzy and dry hair, you need this smoothing brush which would help your hair to settle down and look gorgeous!

Benefits And Uses Of Boar Bristle Brush

  • Before we even existed, these brushes were used to add shine and smoothness to the hair.
  • The high quality bristles can condition the scalp and make the hair look beautifully shiny. It also helps in preventing dryness and unwanted frizz!
  • While our brush your hair with this classic brush, your scalp would get massages and would allow blood circulation!
  • You can use this amazing brush to make our hair look soft, bubbly and voluminous with shine!
  • Also, this amazing brush helps in reducing grease from the scalp.
  • Generally after a day or two from washing your hair, your scalp builds up oil which can make the hair look

Perfect Way To Use The Boar Bristle Brush For Gorgeous Hair

  • You must use the boar bristle brush when your hairs are completely dry.
  • Also detangle your hair before you use the boar bristle brush as it causes more tangling and mess.
  • Start brushing from your scalp and roots to the tips.
  • Let the brush massage your scalp and spread shine while you comb your hair!
  • Section your hair and brush them smoothly with ease!
  • Twice to thrice brush your hair with this magical hair brush and watch the difference!

2. Porcupine Brushes

  • The porcupine brushes are the brushes with fine tufted bristles. These brushes are a combination of both, the boar bristles and nylon bristles.
  • They provide a cool grip on the hair and let you brush your hair with a cool shine and softness.
  • If you have fine hair, this is the best brush for your hair type as it wild calms your thick and fine hair and makes them look picture perfect!
  • To tame your thick and voluminous hair, Comb your hair with these bristles and they would look gorgeous!

Benefits And Uses Of Porcupine Brush

  • If you have fine or thick hair, this is the brush which can make your hair look awesome!
  • Girls with fine and frizzy hair generally find it tough to settle and smoothen the hair. With porcupine brushes, it gets easy and quite flexible!
  • The porcupine brushes consist of the nylon strands or quills in the middle of the bristles and, they end with tufted boar bristles. These long nylon bristles provide benefits over the fine hair!
  • They help in making the fine hair smoother and shinier. Also, these bristles provide an extra lift to the hair which looks perfectly beautiful on the fine hair!
  • Go for the porcupine brushes if you have fine hair and need to make them look soft, tamed and beautifully lifted!

Perfect Way To Use The Porcupine Brush For Fine Hair

  • This kind of brush is used for smoothening the fine and thick coarse hair!
  • To make your hair more glorious and shiny, you can use a serum or gel and make the hair settled.
  • Wash your hair, apply anti frizzy gel and let your hair dry.
  • Detangle all your hair with a wide tooth comb and then use the porcupine brush.
  • From the roots to tips, brush your hair few times until they get settled and look smooth.
  • Don’t forget to section your hair to prevent them from tangling as, fine hair gets easily tangled!

3. Vented Brushes

  • The vented brushes are one of the widely used brushes for drying the hair and making them look fully hydrated!
  • Vented brushes are broadly spaced with immensely flexible bristles. The best part of these brushes is the opening heads of the bristles which allow awesome air flow through your scalp and keeps your scalp nourished!
  • The vented brushes are soft, stretchy and flawless as they won’t apply pressure on your hair to get settled.
  • They can help in creating awesome volume and shine!
  • Generally curly hair gets tangled in the narrow spaced brushes. These brushes have a wide space from where; the hair would pass easily getting a polished and gorgeous finish!

Benefits Of Using Vented Brushes

  • Vent brushes are generally used for styling the hair. If your hair is unmanageable and you need a styling tool which can let you perform various styles on your hair, you can use the vent brushes.
  • The vent brushes are specially designed for styling as, the vented ends of the brushes can allows the heat to directly affect your hair and get molded in the desired shape!
  • The vent brushes during blow dry session, helps your hair to settle perfectly as you want. They can allow soft curls, huge curls, wavy hair etc!
  • Thus, if you want a beautiful hairstyle quickly and perfectly done, use a vent brush and make your hair look heavenly!

Perfect Way To Use The Vent Brush For Gorgeous Curls

  • The vent brushes are used for hair styling and thus, you need to use it in a tricky way to get more amazing results!
  • Use the vent brush when your hairs are partially dry.
  • Apply a smoothening serum to make sure your hair doesn’t get damaged.
  • Now section your hair into 6-8 partitions.
  • Start blow drying and brushing from the roots to the tips.
  • Create some volume on the roots while you blow dry and this would give your hair a natural lift.
  • Roll your hair into this perfect brush, keep blow drying and pin it up if you want a long lasting curl!
  • Open after few hours and here you are with those mesmerizing curls!

4. Cushioned / Paddle Brushes

  • Generally, the cushioned brushes are oval shaped brushes with a soft cushion or padding in the center.
  • These brushes are especially for those women who have long and stunning hair. We all know that long hair are very delicate and break very easily. In such cases, these brushes help in preventing the hair to become brittle.
  • This brush allows smooth brushing which can protect your hair from getting tangles, rough, brittle and affected with split ends!

Benefits Of Cushioned Or Paddle Brushes

  • If you are extremely concerned about your gorgeous long tresses, here is a reason to stop worrying about it!
  • These brushes have a soft padding in the center which is beneficial in preventing hair breakage. The cushion is filled with air which can reduce hair damage and makes your hair stronger!
  • If you have straight hair, this is the ideal brush type which you can use and make your hair look perfectly manageable
  • This is one of the protective and smoothening hair brush types which you must accommodate in your home if you have long, silky and straight hair!

Perfect Way To Use The Cushioned Brushes For Straight Hair

  • Let your hair dry before you use this brush.
  • Once dry, section your hair while detangling with a wide toothed comb.
  • If your hair are already straight, brush your hair from the roots to the tips and add velvety smoothness.
  • You can also use this brush while you straighten your hair as, it will maintain the straightness and proper svelte length of your hair
  • Section your hair, use a flat ion to straighten and brush your hair while straightening
  • After straightening, to maintain the length, sharpness and gloss of your hair, brush them with this awesome brush!

5. Round Brush

  • We love this awesome brush which can give us the desirable curls and beautiful wavy hair!
  • Women now prefer the stunning curls and lavish waves rather the straight hair and here is where this amazing brush comes into picture
  • Round brushes come in different bristle variations. With mixed, porcupine and nylon fibers, these brushes can make your hair look royally rounded and styled!
  • For perfect blowouts, you can use the rounded brushes which would make your hair look dreamy!
  • With wooden and plastic handles they provide a comfortable grip and you can use it with a blow drier or curling iron easily!

Benefits Of Round Brushes

  • If you are looking for a styling brush, the round brushes are the most comfortable and easy to sue brushes.
  • These brushes can give a perfect blowout to your hair and make them settle beautifully on your shoulders!
  • The round brushes make hair look smoother and glossier and also provides a cool volume to the hair.
  • If you want your hair to look voluminous and beautifully bouncy, this is a brush which you must try for styling.

Amazing Way To Use Round Brushes For Outwards Curls

  • Let your hair get partially dry after a wash.
  • Use some anti frizz and damage protection serum on your hair.
  • With a rat tail comb, section your hair and detangle the tresses.
  • With hair clips, tie your hair and use the round brushes to curl.
  • Take a section, stretch your hair straight and blow dry from 1 inch away from the roots to the tips.
  • Roll the end hair and blow them dry.
  • With constant pressure and moves, your ends would get beautifully rolled as outward curls.

6. Thermal Brushes

  • Thermal brushes are awesome for getting those perfectly romantic and smooth waves.
  • If you always blow dry your hair and carry some good hairstyle before moving out, this is the brush which can make prevent hair damage and make your hair look beautiful.
  • These brushes are specially prepared to resist more heat and to style the hair more flexible.
  • They have cool, qualities of styling and curling irons as well of the different hair brush types!

Benefits Of Thermal Brushes

  • The thermal brushes are beneficial in multiple ways. They can make your hair look clean and lavish in simple strokes while also preventing hair damage!
  • For those who use the styling tools very frequently, this hair brush is simply a magical tool!
  • It controls and resists the heat generated from blow dries which can damage your hair while making them brittle
  • Also, these brushes curl the hair and would leave you with soft, romantic and smooth curls
  • The different sized barrels of thermal brushes can get your hair small curls, waves, huge curls and loose curl variations!
  • Also, you can straighten the thick and extremely curly hair with these cool brushes!
  • Thus, get party ready with this flawless hair brush and look adorable!

Perfect Way To Use The Thermal Brushes

  • You can straighten or curl your hair with this amazing brush.
  • Select the size of brush barrel you want. Small for small curls and huge barrel for large curls.
  • Use a blow drier to curl your hair and make them soft, glossy and bouncy.

How To Select Hair Brush As Per The Hair Type?

Now that we know, we all have different hair and also need different hair brushes to make them look flattering, here is a complete guide on selecting the right hair brush for your hair!

7. Teaser Brushes

  • If you want gorgeous and breath-taking hair, this is the perfect brush which you need to try!
  • Especially, if you want to add some more fluffiness and texture to your hair, this is a perfect brush which you can use for back-combing and make your hair look stunning.
  • The teaser brushes are covered with fine bristles which can make any type of hair look flattering awesome.
  • Also, the handles are completely flexible and easy to carry!

Benefits Of Teaser Brushes

  • Teaser brushes can tease the hair and make them look beautifully settles. Also, if you are not satisfied with the volume of our hair, you can use this brush fo0r a change
  • If you love the classic feathers and mesmerizing finish of the outward curls, this is the comb which would give you clean and gorgeous curls!
  • This brush is used for lifting the hair and settling the hairstyle you want to get!

Method To Use The Teaser Brush Correctly

  • Teaser brushes are generally used for adding shine and volume to the hair. You can use this amazing brush if you have thin and sticky hair
  • First of all detangle your hair with a wide toothed comb.
  • Section your hair and brush with the paddle brushes for smoothening.
  • Hold your hair in the upwards direction and use the teaser brush to brush your this hair in the upward direction.
  • Now tease your hair in the reverse direction gently.
  • If you want a tight grip and gorgeous volume, use a hair spray to make your hair lift more defined!
  • Slowly and gently, tease all your section by section and at the end, you will get some magical lift in your hair!

Also, you can use a paddle brush or wide toothed comb for detangling your hair. These combs can help your thick and frizzy hair get easily detangled!

What Are The Correct Hair Brushes For Different Hair Types?

Brush type Best for hair type
Boar bristled brush Bora bristle brushes are almost favorable for any hair type but work best with the thick or fine hair and make it look smooth!
Porcupine brush The porcupine brushes can be sued on thick and extremely frizzy hair. These brushes help in calming and settling the rough hair while add a cool shine!
Vented brush Vent brushes are awesome wide spaced brushes which would help in smoothening and settling your hair. Use especially if you have thick, curly or fine hair!
Cushion/ paddled brushes Cushion or paddle brushes are used for straight and smooth hair. If you are straightening your hair or have naturally straight and long hair, this is the ideal type for you!
Round brushes Round brushes are also the styling brushes which can make your hair curled and wavy. For long lasting curls, women with thick hair can use this amazing brush
Thermal brushes Thermal brushes are the styling brushes which are sued for curls and straightening. It works best on curly, wavy and thick hair but can also help in styling straight hair
Teaser brushes Teaser brushes can be used to create volume for any hair type. Girls with curly, wavy, silky or straight hair can use it freely!

Correct Way To Brush Your Hair For Awesome Results

After knowing about these cool hair brushes, it is now time to know about the best way to care for your hair and use these brushes effectively! Here are some simple steps which you must follow for healthy hair!

1. Choose The Right And Mild Shampoos For Hair Wash

If you want healthy and beautiful hair, choose your shampoos wisely. Shampoos and its ingredients can make a huge difference to your hair and thus select herbal, fruity or multi benefit shampoo as per your hair type!

2. Detangle Your Hair Before Brushing

Detangling is completely different from brushing. Once you wash your hair or daily wake up, your hair gets tangled. It is important to sue the detangling wide toothed combs to detangle the hair without damage.

3. Choose The Right Hair Brush For Your Hair Type

Selecting the right brush is important and thus to keep your hair, scalp and roots. Select the right brush and prevent your hair from getting damaged! Thus use the brushes and style your hair using a protective serum and right brush!

4. Decide When To Brush

Brushing your hair too much would make them rough and dry. Decide the timings to brush your hair. 2-3 times a day, brushing is suggested. Remember, anything in excess can cause harm!

5. Go For Scalp Massage

To keep your hair protected from dust, damage, split ends and such worsening conditions, go for an oil massage and make your hair super healthy! Nourish your hair with scalp massages and your hair would look flawless without styling!

Here is a complete guide to hair brush types and its uses. The benefits of a hair brush can be extracted if you use them correctly. Follow these amazing tips correctly and your hair would change gradually!

We don’t need any magic or salon stylist for gorgeous hair but instead just need some changes in our hair care regime to get flawless hair!

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