Interesting Health Benefits of Almond Milk You Did Not Know About!

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Almonds are one of the most wonderful nuts, which are loaded with nutrition. From sharpening the memory to improving the health of the hair and skin, the benefits of almonds are innumerable. And, similarly, the benefits of almond milk are also many. The unique combination of milk and almonds provide a wonderful range of nutrients. It not only provides energy, but is also loaded with Vitamin B6, C, D, E, Proteins, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorous, Zinc, Sodium, etc. And, not just that, the milk is so delicious and so easy to prepare that anyone can make it instantly.

Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Amazing Benefits Of Almond Milk

Given below are some of the benefits of almond milk.

1. Strong Muscular Health

If one wishes to build up strong muscles, then, almond milk is the best recipe. The drink contains Riboflavin and Iron, which can help in improving the strength of the muscles, and in building them up. It also helps in healing the muscles. Other than that, it also contains Calcium and Vitamin D, which is quite important for the bones. Having almond milk regularly can limit the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis.

2. Effective In Controlling The Blood Pressure

People, suffering from blood pressure problems, can find effective relief by drinking almond milk. It is because it contains Vitamin D, which helps in the free movement of the blood inside the body. Also, there is no cholesterol in almond milk, which makes it a perfect drink for the healthy heart. The milk also has a low amount of sodium, but has a good amount of healthy fats, like omega fatty acids. These are useful for preventing high blood pressure.

3. Maintains The Health Of Kidneys

Kidneys are those organs of the body, which do their work silently. But, when they get damaged due to some reason, the entire body suffers. So, one must really be careful in protecting the kidneys. While some dairy and soy products can end up causing harm to the kidneys, due to Calcium and Potassium present in them, almond milk negates all that, and helps in protecting the health of kidneys, without any side effects.

4. Maintains The Health Of Skin

For improving the health of the skin, and to bring that glow to the skin, one should drink more of almond milk. With a good amount of Vitamin E in the drink, the skin gets all the necessary nutrition, so that it remains healthy and glowing, and also protects it from getting sun damaged. Other than that, it also has the antioxidants, which are useful in repairing the damaged skin. In fact, a lot of people also use the almond milk as moisturizer to give the skin a cleansing effect.

5. Has A Low Impact On The Blood Sugar

Almond milk has a lower glycaemic index, due to which, the body is able to use up all the carbohydrates as energy, and doesn’t let sugars to get stored as fat.

6. Improves The Vision

Almond milk is also responsible for giving a good vision. This is due to the fact that it contains Vitamin A, which is really good for the eyes. It nourishes the eyes, and ensures that people are able to see things better. So, for all those people, who are glued to their gadgets or computer, this blend of almonds and milk are a major booster.

7. Improves The Immune System

Almond milk contains lots of nutrients and minerals, which can improve the immunity. We all know how important immunity is, for giving suitable protection to the body from all health related issues. People with poor immunity keep falling sick. But, people, who drink almond milk more often, have their defenses up, and can fight with all the diseases, strongly.

8. Prevents Cancerous Growth

Yes, this is one of the most important benefits of almond milk. By subduing the cancerous cells growth, the milk can be very helpful in giving proper protection from cancer. Some of the cancers, such as Prostate cancer, happen due to drinking cow’s milk. But, when, one drinks almond milk, risk of getting prostate cancer is drastically reduced.

9. Aids In Weight Loss

Yes, almond milk is also quite effective aids in weight loss too. It does not contain a lot of fat, but still has all the necessary nutrients that are required. It makes the person feeling full for a longer time, and helps in satiating him, so that he does not resort to binge eating, or have any cravings for food. A glass of almond milk has around 60 calories, which is quite less when compared to the whole milk, which has 146 calories.

10. Wonderful To Taste

The taste of almond milk is far superior to cow’s milk. With a unique flavour, which is light and crisp, it satiates the taste buds, and leaves an enriching taste in the mouth.

11. No Refrigeration Required

One of the best things about almond milk is that it does not require any refrigeration. So, one can carry this milk anywhere with them, without worrying about it getting spoilt. It stays fine at room temperature, so it is one of the best foods to carry, while camping or traveling. A glass of almond milk will give you all the nutrition that you require, and you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying multiple snacks.

12. Very Easy To Prepare

Preparing almond milk is quite easy, and one need not spend a lot of time and efforts in making it. One only needs to finely grind the almonds, and place them in the blender, along with milk and water. With the help of a strainer, filtering out the pulp and separating it from the liquid, will give you the perfect almond milk.

13. Helps In Digestion

Almond milk is quite good for digestion, as it contains around 1gm of fiber per serving. This is essential for a healthy digestion. Also, it does not contain lactose, which impacts almost 25% of the people. The lactose makes it difficult for people to digest sugar in the cow’s milk. But, almond milk is a lactose-free substitute, and people can have it safely, without worrying about lactose related side effects.

14. Good Substitute For Breast Milk

Though, there is absolutely no substitute for breast milk, there are cases when a mother is not able to feed her child, her milk. In such cases, the baby to be weaned, can be fed almond milk. This milk has a whole range of vitamins and mineral, along with Iron and Proteins, which are essential for the child’s growth. But, it would be good to check with the paediatrician before giving the baby any other milk.

These were some of the cool benefits of almond milk. So, for all the people who are on the lookout for a good substitute for dairy-free milk, this milk is a fantastic alternative. Not only does it taste delicious, it also does a whole lot of good for the body. But, don’t get carried away with the benefits of almond milk, as it is only one of the sources for your daily nutrition requirement. And, if you are buying it off-the-shelf, do check out the labels to ensure that additives and preservatives are the minimum.

What Is The Calorie Count In Almond Milk?

These days, people have become too health conscious, and make an effort in eating as few calories as possible. So, for people, who are counting their calories, a sugar-less glass of almond milk, contains around 39 calories. As sugar sweetens the milk and increases the calories, one can make the choice, as per the requirements.

Nutrition Profile Of Almond Milk

Given below is the nutrition profile of one glass of almond milk-

  • Carbohydrates – 1.5 gm, this is useful in fulfilling the energy requirements of the body.
  • Calcium – 516 mg. This is required for maintaining the health of the teeth and bones.
  • Protein – 1.55 gm. These are required for building up the bones, and the muscle tissues. Other than that, it is also useful in producing hormones and enzymes.
  • Fat – 2.88 gm. This will make the health conscious heave a sigh of relief. So, it proves that it does not contain a lot of fat, and will not add weight.

Almond Milk Benefits & Side Effects

Though, benefits of almond milk are plenty, there are some side effects too, which one needs to keep in mind. Given below are some of them.

1. Allergic to Nuts

For people, who are allergic to nuts, almond milk might cause some side effects. They might tend to get swelling in the face, and might also experience diarrhoea, and nausea. So, people having nut allergies, should check with the doctor, before consuming almond milk.

2. Thyroid Issues

Almond is known as a goitrogenic food, and actually has some substances, which can cause problems with thyroid. It might cause the assimilation of iodine, which can lead to the enlargement of thyroid gland. But, there is also a counter argument for that. As drinking almond milk improves immunity, this thyroid issue can also be lessened. But, it still remains a side effect.

3. Risk for Diabetics

Almond milk has high sugar in it, and can be risky for diabetic patients.

4. Problems in Childhood

Though, people consider almond milk as a healthy substitute for breast milk, and feed the kids, but as per some studies, almond milk might not actually be impacting the health of the child, but might lead to some complications.

5. Lactose Intolerant

For people who are lactose intolerant, they can have some side effects by drinking almond milk, especially if one drinks it in excess. Such people, might experience allergic reactions.

6. Skin Problems

Though, almond milk is supposed to be beneficial for the skin and hair, some people might experience skin reactions, such as eczema, itching, hives, etc. And, one would be able to see these reactions within 10 minutes or 1 hour of drinking the milk. So, people with extremely sensitive skin should consult the doctor before drinking this.

7. Abdominal Problems

Some people might also feel cramps in the abdomen, as they might find it difficult to digest the milk. So, it is not suitable for people with weak constitution, or people with their gall bladders removed.

8. Breathing And Respiratory Issues

Some of the common side effects of drinking almond milk include problems with breathing. People might experience wheezing or troubled breathing. So, those of them, who have asthmatic problems, should avoid drinking almond milk.

9. Digestive Problems

There are many, who have a weak digestive system, and they will not be able to digest the almond milk. They might face symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhoea.

10. Cold or Flu

Some people might also experience side effects such as runny nose, or other flu like symptoms.

These were some of the side effects caused due to consuming almond milk. Though, most of these side effects might occur to people, who are allergic to nuts, it can happen due to some other allergies too. So, it would be advisable to check with the doctor, before drinking almond milk on a regular basis. Even though, a glass of almond milk promises a range of nutrition, it might not be as healthy as it appears. So, one should not go overboard in drinking this wonderful drink, and exercise caution. Consulting a doctor would be good. But, if one is not allergic to anything, and the doctor gives a go-ahead, this milk can actually give you all the health benefits.

Do Benefits of Almond Milk Outweigh The Side Effects?

Reading this article would have given you a clear impression about the side effects and the benefits of almond milk. When you consider all the benefits and side effects, you will notice that the benefits far outweigh the side effects, especially, if you are not allergic to nuts. This is definitely one of the most wonderful thirst quencher and health drink. You will see a good difference in your physical and mental self. Not only will all your organs get benefited, but your exterior skin will also be left glowing and beautiful.

Trivia Related To Almond Milk

  • Soak almonds overnight for maximum benefits.
  • Use only organic nuts.
  • Almonds belong to peach family.
  • Almonds are very low in calories.
  • Almonds are disease fighters as it contains polyphenol and anti-oxidants.
  • Almonds are best when you eat them raw.

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