Foot Massage – How Does It Benefit Before Bed?

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Some Secret Facts Of Foot Massage

  • Foot massage is done mostly for boosting the energy as it releases the blockages if any in the body.
  • It helps in increasing the blood circulation in various body parts.
  • Having a foot massage provides you with a great relief from tension, stress, depression, etc.
  • Foot massages provide a relief from various irritational injuries, aches, soreness, and pain in the shoulder and feet.
  • Foot massages have also proved to be beneficial for the patients suffering from frequent headaches and migraine.
  • It is also helpful in easing the problem of flat feet.
  • Foot massages are also beneficial for improving concentration.

Foot Massage

Foot Massage – An Introduction

When it comes to relaxation, massages have been the widely accepted method. Instead of going for medications, people are now adopting the natural methods for getting rid of any health issues, physical or mental stress, etc. When carried out with a proper process, the massages are capable of solving nearly all the health issues of the body.

Foot massages have its own importance. Apart from giving relaxation, it is also carried out for various health issues that cover the complete body. This is also considered to be the best way to enhance your health naturally. When carried out at night, before moving to the bed, it is capable to provide you with various health benefits. Also known as reflexology, it is a kind of therapy that stimulates all the nerves of the body that leads to various glands and organs of the body.

Benefits Of Foot Massage Before Going To Bed

After a hectic day, when one thinks of having some relaxation, foot massage is an ultimate option that would satisfy all your desires. Giving a good message to your foot every night before heading towards the bed would provide you with complete relief from the sore feet and bring you both physical and mental health by exhilarating proper pressure points.

Here are some health benefits a foot massage would provide you with.

1. For Providing You With Relaxation

After spending a complete day on your foot, traveling for office, etc. spending some time for massaging your foot at night would be the best thing for getting complete relaxation. Providing some gentle strokes, pulling and pressing to your feet after a long day would surely please you and make them feel light.

2. Improves Blood Circulation

For having a good health, it is necessary that blood circulates in your body properly. In case the blood doesn’t circulate properly or gets restricted, it can lead to health issues like high blood pressure, damage to organs, heart disorders, kidney problems, etc. When you put adequate pressure on a given point on the feet, it would surely benefit you in proper circulation of blood in the complete body through foot massage before sleeping.

3. Improves Your Sleep

Whether you are suffering from sleeping disorders, or having difficulty in getting required sleep due to stress, foot massage before moving to bed would surely be helpful. By giving required pressure on an exact point in the foot would surely help you in improving your sleep.

4. Reduces The Symptoms Of PMS

Premenstrual Syndrome, popularly called as PMS, is a difficult phase of any women’s life. It is a situation that brings a combination of insomnia, tension, plates, irritability, and many more emotions and health issues at a time to her. In such situation, providing her with a foot massage would surely provide her with mental stability and relaxation to deal with the situation.

5. For Getting Relief From Various Pains And Aches

Whether you are feeling tired due to a hectic day or having pains, headaches, leg pains, etc., foot massage is the best option for moving to thebed. It is also helpful in case of backaches due to constant sitting on computers for long hours. Having a foot massage would surely help you get relief from all sorts of pain and aches.

6. For Dealing With A Migraine And Frequent Headache

When a complete day is spent with bundles of work, one is surely going to complain about having a headache. The pain is so unbearable, that it doesn’t allow you to even sleep with ease. In such situation, having a foot massage before going to bed would surely help you in getting quick relief. Whether you are suffering from a headache, sinus, migraine, etc. a generous foot massage is the key to its relief.

7. Helps In Reducing Heel Pain And Flat Feet

While waking up in the morning, do you feel pain in your heels as you start walking or even if you put your feet down? Wake up, you can be suffering from plantar fasciitis. This is a very commonly observed heel problem, and getting instant relief from it is possible with the help of foot massage at night before you sleep.

Apart from all this, other benefits of getting a foot massage done before sleeping are getting relief from depression help in solving neurological disorders helps in curing restless leg syndrome, promotes health sex life, helps in reducing the chances of foot cramps, and many more.

Whether you carry it on your own or with the help of someone, foot massage for a few minutes before going to your favorite bed would provide you with various health benefits. You can also go for palm massage for adding some more plus points to your health. With the use of warm towels, essential oils, lotions, etc. you don’t require to move to the spa for getting the special treatment. It can be done at your own home.

So, move ahead and gift yourself a night with sweet dreams by having some foot massage before you head towards your bed.

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