How To Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Weight Loss!

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Some Interesting Facts About Loose Skin After Weight Loss

  • People having loose skin should know that the loose skin cannot be removed with the help of any kind of training, medications, or diets.
  • Some people misunderstand that as fat and try to get rid of it with the help of low-carb, but the fact is that it is skin and not the fat.
  • There are people who believe that building muscles would help you get rid of the loose skin.
  • The loose skin on the flank and the belly portion can only be removed with the help of tummy tuck or say abdominoplasty.
  • Gelatin is used by many people with loose skin for improving the elasticity of the skin.
  • Moisturizing the skin would prevent it from bouncing back.

Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Loose Skin –An Introduction

Loose skin after weight loss is a common problem faced by many overweight people after they reduce their weight to normal. The skin expands as the weight of the body increases similar to the elastic. It stretches and forms a protection layer for protecting you from the environment. The inner layer of the skin comes with proteins, elastin and collagen that is helpful in providing the structure of your skin with strength and firmness. Elastin is required for providing the skin with elasticity and remaining tight.

When the weight of the body increases, the skin also expands which provides the abdomen and other body parts space for growing. Pregnancy is also a reason that leads to losing skin. When the skin remains in the expanded form for the longer period, it damages the elastin and the collagen fibres in the body, as a result of which, the skin loses the ability to retract back to the normal texture. Due to this, even if an individual would have lost weight, they would appear to be having bunging skin from the body parts which is known as the loose skin.

Factors That Affect The Elasticity Of The Skin

  • The more you remain obese or overweight, the more your skin would lose its elasticity and collagen levels.
  • When you reduce a good amount of weight you would surely find the hanging skin in similar proportion.
  • The skin can also lose its elasticity with the growing age. The older people have fewer levels of collagen and elasticity as compared to the younger skin.
  • The genetics also have a great impact on the body while it responds to weight increase or decrease.
  • When the skin is exposed to the sun it reduces the elasticity and the collagen from the body leading to loosening skin.
  • Due to smoking, the reduction is observed in the production of collagen, and also, it damages the collagen that is existing in the skin, resulting to loosen skin.

What Are The Problems That Are Related To Lose Skin In Excess Amount?

The loose skin brings along with it a number of other issues that affect the human body physically and mentally. Some of the commonly faced issues are:

1. Uncomfortable Physic

The bulky skin on the body would give you an uncomfortable feeling especially when you move out in the crowd. It also interferes normal or day-to-day activities which makes the individuals face some discomfort physically.

2. Reduced Physical Activity

There are people who have faced mobility problems due to the handing skin in their body, especially, on the abdomen portion. Such people avoid the eyes of others while exercising as they observe that others are simply staring at their flapping skin.

3. Irritating Skin And Breakdown

The loose skin has resulted in skin issues like pain, infection, ulcers, etc. when the skin was loose. This has been observed more in patients who go through any kind of surgery to remove the loose skin.

4. Poor Body Shape

The shape of the body suffers much due to loosening skin. The loose skin would give a bulky look to the body, which would misshape your look. This not only affects your body but the mind too. The weird look would be stared at by the people that would make you feel awkward, and your mind sad.

Hence, the loose skin not only gives your body an undesired shape but also affects you mentally.

How To Tighten The Loose Skin In A Natural Way?

Tightening the loose skin has been a major issue for which most of the people take medical help and go for surgeries. However, there are some natural ways of tightening the loose skin after weight loss and improve its elasticity without ruining your skin. Here are some of the most adopted options:

1. Lose Weight Slowly

Yes, this would help the weight losers in avoiding the loose skin. Make halts in your dieting plans, or slow down the weight loss process. This would help your skin in adapting the changes in small portions. Have a healthy diet and maintain your weight for encouraging your skin in shrinking and regenerating. According to studies, your skin starts to shrink and adapt your new weight slowly as you start maintaining your weight and slowly reducing it. When is weight is reduced at a rapid speed, it leads to loosening of the skin and would also leave stretch marks on the body along with any kind of permanent damage.

While carrying out the weight loss process, you also need to keep a watch on the age, nutrition you are having, dehydration, exposure to sun, smoking, etc. as all these would have a great impact on the elasticity of the skin.

Don’t consider quick weight loss tricks like crash diets or excess time for exercising, etc. as this would reduce both the muscles and the fat from your body, giving you a bulky look with whammy skin. Instead of quick loosing, you can use methods like weight lifting, strength training, etc. and reduce your nearly 1 or 2 pounds a week, as that would also help in avoiding skin loosening.

2. Have Adequate Amount Of Water

Just as your body requires water, your skin requires it too. Water serves as one of the important ingredients in your body. It helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. An individual looking for tightening the skin should surely have required amount of water daily which comes to around 2 litres. For this, you can carry a bottle with you as you step out to keep drinking water at regular intervals. This would increase your intake of water. You can also add ingredients to your diet that are rich in water like vegetables, fruits, etc. that would also help in keeping you hydrated the whole day.

3. Make Required Changes In Your Diet

It is necessary to concentrate on what you should eat while looking for a weight loss without any loose skin. In order to keep the skin elastic and young, have ingredients that are rich in proteins. The list includes eatables like legumes, cottage cheese, tofu, milk, seeds, beans, fish, nuts, and much more. There are other oils and supplements too, that help in maintaining healthy skin while looking for weight loss. Also, make sure you don’t include ingredients that would increase our weight like fats. For quick results, have a protein-rich diet as soon as you complete your workout.

4. Look After Your Skin

Your skin requires continuous nourishment and pampering. If you want to avoid those dirty bulks due to loosening skin, exfoliate your skin regularly and remove the dead skin cells. This would help by increasing the blood circulation. To improve the skin tone, take a hot bath with sea salts along with minerals. You can also use herbal or natural creams, oils, etc. for tightening your skin that is made from ingredients like Aloe Vera, yeast extract, hyaluronic acid, soy protein, Vitamins A, E, and C, and various other ingredients that help in increasing the elasticity of the skin. Moisturize your skin twice daily for better results.

5. Carry Out Strengthening Exercises

Add a program to your exercise schedule named strengthening exercises. For this, you can begin with tubing, machines, free weights, body weight, etc. that would strengthen your muscles. Some people also choose aerobics for reducing their weight without those tiers of loose skin. Carry out the power exercises nearly twice in a week for desired results in weight loss and skin tightening. Also, make sure the two days are nonconsecutive ones.

Hence, in this way, you can help your body in reducing weight without giving you any kind of loose skin to worry about. The skin takes time to regain its elasticity which makes the process of regeneration a long one. Focus on your body, and wait for the right time rather than looking for any medical treatments that might harm you.

Some Medical Treatments For Tightening The Loose Skin

No doubt the skin can be tightened naturally, however, there are some people who cannot wait for the long process, especially, when they have lost a good amount of weight. Such people hereby search for shortcuts or say quick ways to make their loose skin tight which includes medical treatments and surgeries.

Here are some treatments that have helped the people in getting rid of the loose skin after weight loss.

1. Body-Contouring Surgery

People who are highly obese and have lost a big amount of weight through weight loss programs or bariatric surgery mostly go for this surgery to remove the unwanted excess skin. In this surgery, the body goes through an incision with the help of which the excess skin and the fat are removed. The incision is joined with the help of stitches to reduce the scarring.

The Body-contouring surgery is carried out in various ways like:

a. Abdominoplasty

Also known as tummy tuck, in this process the skin is removed from the abdomen portion.

b. Lower body lift

In this method, the skin from buttocks, belly, thighs,and hips is removed.

c. Upper body lift

The skin in this method is removed from the back and the breast portion.

d. Medial thigh lift

The skin is removed from the inner and outer portion of the thighs.

e. Brachioplasty

The skin in this method is removed from the upper arms.

Hence, on choosing the body contouring surgery, the doctors work on different parts of the body which usually takes a year or two after weight loss. The process requires the patient to be admitted to the hospital for a minimum of four days and the recovery can be observed in four weeks. Some people have also complained about complex situations after the surgery like infection or bleeding. The surgery has also reported positive improvement in the quality of living in the people who were formerly obsessed.

2. Other Medical Processes

When it comes to getting rid of the loose skin after weight loss, body-contouring is said to be the best treatment. However, there are other options too that would remove the unwanted loose skin from your body with fewer risks and complications.

a. Vela Shape

Vela Shape is a process that uses a combination of radiofrequency, infrared light and oil massage for reducing the loose skin patches. The process has given effective results on the loose skin on the belly and arm areas in the adults facing obesity issues.

b. Ultrasound

This treatment has shown effective results on the patients that have gone through the Bariatric surgery and removed the unwanted skin. It has also helped the people in getting relief from the pain and other symptoms of the treatment.

Hence, no matter whether the reason is pregnancy or overweight, the loose skin gives a negative impact on the life of the weight reducer. The negative impact can be managed with natural ways of tightening the loose skin, which comes with zero side effects. Thus, before stepping up on the stairs of the hospitals, it is better to naturally deal with it avoiding surgeries for a magical curing.

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