Best Natural Laxatives that Make Your Morning Happy!

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How many of you have heard about the term natural laxatives? I am sure not many. And here’s why. Laxatives are taken to deal with the problem of constipation and stools disorder. Now, this topic is not the kind you normally discuss in an open group. But many have been there. It’s all part of natural processes of the body and nothing to be ashamed of. Some disorders in eating and diet can cause your stomach to get upset and affect proper bowel movements and cleaning process. Usually, people go for drugs to deal with the problem of constipation. They do provide a temporary solution to the problem. But if you are looking for something to benefit you in the long run, you might want to go for natural means which are always safe.

Best Natural Laxatives

Before getting to these natural laxatives, let us first learn more about what laxatives actually are.

What are Laxatives?

  • When someone faces the problem of constipation, they can experience pain in the stomach which could be minor or major.
  • However, the most obvious sign is fallbacks in the excretion process which can also be termed as improper bowel movements.
  • Laxatives refer to anything edible which helps with the motion of the stool and the bowel to ease down the excretion processes.
  • The drugs taken as medicines at this time can also be termed as laxatives.
  • But what is a natural laxative?These food items are the naturally occurring fruits, vegetables, liquids or oils that can have the same solution for constipation problems.
  • The drugs can be a good solution to this problem. But that is short term. In certain cases, they too can have side effects leading to bigger problems such as chronic constipation.
  • It is always better and safe to opt for natural options when it comes to our body. And that is why natural laxatives are the way to go.
  • They won’t only solve the problem of constipation at that time, but they will also keep you away from this problem in the long term.
  • Since these are the natural food items that can be consumed on a daily basis, they will improve your health, keeping problems such as constipation, improper bowel movements and stool problems far away from you.

Natural Laxative Foods

It is always better to go for the natural options first. Here are some natural laxatives that work fast to relieve you from the constipation problems. Remember to keep a healthy diet that involves proper portions of these foods on a daily basis.

1. Bananas

One of the best fruit items to deal with digestion problems is banana. Bananas are rich in fibre and hence they can solve digestive track issues and constipation in the best way. You can have 1 banana every day for best results.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another excellent natural laxative is Apple cider vinegar. It is known to smoothen up the functions in the intestine. Compounds such as malic acid, pectin, calcium, acetic acid are contained in this vinegar which helps in dealing with the problem of constipation. You can have about 3 tsp of apple cider vinegar as soon as you wake up in the morning for best results.

3. Prunes

Another well-known natural laxative is the Prune. Prunes are said to contain high amounts of Vitamin A, fibre, iron, potassium and antioxidants. All these things work together to feed the good bacteria present inside the intestine. This will improve the digestion process, thus acting as an amazing laxative.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the blessings of nature for both the outer body and the inner body. Aloe vera leaves are comprised of about 99% water and the leftover is filled with minerals and vitamins and amino acids. It is recommended to have a glass of aloe vera juice in the morning for the people who often suffer the problem of constipation.

5. Dried Fruits

Your body needs fibre to smoothen up the digestive system and dried fruits are a great way to get some. You can have some days to keep your digestion healthy and regular.

6. Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and compounds that feed the good bacteria inside the intestines. It is one of the best natural laxatives that can be consumed every day in the morning with breakfast. It can also be taken twice a day for extreme cases.

7. Water

One of the easiest means of dealing with anything health-related is gulping down some water. Water will help smoothen up the digestion and the flow of nutrients around the body. Have at least 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day for an excellent health.

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best natural means to deal with inflammation and pain. Including coconut oil in your diet will help with the digestion and the nutrients present in it will help in dealing with problems such as constipation and stool problems.

9. Whole Grains

As mentioned earlier, your body needs fibre to carry out smooth digestion. Whole grains are excellent sources of fibre and they must be consumed daily to get the daily recommended value of fibre for your body.

10. Legumes

Legumes are very much like whole grains in the sense that they are rich in fibre. Having legumes directly deals with constipation problems. However, it is recommended that you should first consult your doctor before taking them as they can possibly have side effects if your body is not supportive.

11. Kiwi

When dealing with constipation, you must have 2 kiwi fruits in the morning for about a week. It benefits the intestines and solves constipation problems in a jiffy.

12. Tomatoes

As we all know, tomatoes are one of the best vegetables when it comes to water content. The more the water content, the better it is for the digestive system. Tomatoes are loaded with essential nutrients such as Vitamins including the types A, C and K. Adding to this, tomatoes are also rich in fibre content and thus qualifies as a natural laxative. Not just constipation, but the regular consumption of it can also solve other problems such as kidney stones.

13. Flax Seeds and Other Nuts

It all again comes down to fibre which is a must when talking about digestion and constipation problems. For the same, flax seeds are a great source that can help in dealing with stool and constipation problems. You can take these seeds with water. When they enter the stomach, they get mixed with water to swell up and induce fibre that helps to push out all the waste from the body. They help the stomach processes since they are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for good stomach environment. Adding to this, nuts such as almonds and cashews are also rich in fibre. Having 4-5 every day will help with stomach problems.

14. Coconut Water

One of the tastiest natural laxatives is the coconut water. This will not only solve the problem of constipation, but it will also help keep your body hydrated. Coconut water contains carbohydrates and protein which are essential nutrients for your body and the excretory system. When your cholesterol level is low and maintained, stool problems never tend to occur. And this is what coconut water takes care of. But you must drink only a limited amount to avoid any side effects.

15. Cabbage

Another one in the natural laxative vegetable list is the Cabbage. This is the one which is used in many salad preparations and is a popular diet food. Cabbage is comprised of compounds that help to clear out toxins from your intestines and relieve you from the problems such as constipation and hard stools. They taste best in salads or sautéed vegetables in the Chinese style.

16. Coffee

Coffee can also act as a great laxative when dealing with constipation problems. Most people are fond of morning coffee. This is good as the caffeine present in it helps the stool to loosen up and make it regular. It is recommended to have a cup of hot coffee daily in the morning. However, it must be noted that too much coffee can have the opposite effects. So, keep it in moderation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Laxatives

1. Is coconut a natural laxative?

Yes. Coconut is a natural laxative. However, instead of eating it raw during the constipation days, you can try to go for coconut water. Other than that, coconut can also be consumed in the form of coconut oil.

2. Please give some natural laxatives for kids?

For kids, you can opt for honey or sugar in milk, olive oil, raisins or castor oil for immediate effects.

3. Which one is a natural laxative tea?

The green tea acts as the best natural laxative when it comes to constipation. Your body needs antioxidants to carry out the digestion processes smoothly and green tea or coffee can be the best sources for that.

So, these were some of the best natural laxatives that you can opt for. Make your mornings happy by including these natural foods in your diet for the best.

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