Leggings Fashion To Get Different Trends This Season!

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Do you realize the time when leggings fashion were introduced into your lives and everything became easy? We wore them with our dresses, long t-shirts or Kurtas and with just everything. Although leggings don’t have the good reputation for being chic but don’t rule them out totally.

When you style them right, these comfortable alternatives can be the perfect weekend outfit. The question is: How to Style Leggings to Get Different Trends This Season? Leggings have surely come a long way and you guys love them in every possible way. Maybe that’s the reason why “how to wear the leggings” was among the most google searches in recent times because nobody is sure about what is appropriate and what is not. Taking the cue from the celebrities and A listed ladies who have already mastered this art of wearing leggings, we look into the different styles to wear leggings and leggings fashion for all new trends this season.

Legging fashion to get different trends

What to Wear With Leggings

1. Sweatshirt + Sneakers + Leggings

You have errands to run in the town and you don’t want to waste time dressing up. Simply slip your leggings, add sneakers and sweatshirt for the most comfortable and smart look.

2. Sweater + Blouse + Pumps + Leggings

Are you looking for a sophisticated way to style your leggings? Go for a blouse, a cardigan and heels with your leggings. Layer up the length of your blouse and cardigan and look ultra smart and chic.

3. Moto Jacket + Wedges + Leather Leggings

One of the ideal outfit for a night out is a leather jacket, t-shirt, heels and of course the leather leggings. The outfit is comfortable, warm, sexy and gives all new definition to the leggings and the way they are perceived.

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4. Graphic Tees + Ankle Boots + Leggings

Leggings fashion come in all new different styles from sheer patterns, different fabrics, cutouts etc. Be daring to pick sheer panel leggings with graphic tees and ankle length boots. This gives you more of a rocker chic look and will make your stand out from the crowd.

5. Bomber Jacket + Sneakers + Leggings

One outfit that you would want to live in forever; bomber jacket, t-shirt and sneakers to go with your leggings. This is totally a new trend and going to stay here for quite some time. This is good for a sporty day, casual outings or picnic time with friends.

6. Skater Dress + Boots + Scarf + Leggings

Who said leggings are worn for casual outings only? Do you have a date? Slip on your favourite leggings under a cute skater dress with ankle-length boots and you are ready for a romantic date with your loved one. The scarf is optional depending on the weather outside. Since, winters are round the corner we suggest you carry one.

7. Poncho + Knee Length Boots or ( Heels) + Leggings

The most comfortable and stylish outfit for winters is poncho with leggings. You can complete the look with high heels or knee length boots because either way, you are already rocking up the trend.

8. Body-con dress + Pumps + Leggings

Body-con dresses are sexy and accentuate your curves in a well-defined manner. If you are going to a party and wants to enjoy your evening without worrying about adjusting your dress, wear a body con and leggings  with ankle length boots. You are ready to rock the night in the most comfortable way.

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9. Long Cardigan + Top + Uggs + Leggings

Things like Uggs and cardigans are only heard during winters. Isn’t it? yes, you got it right. We all are waiting for winters so that we can take out our long sweaters and pull those leggings with cute Uggs. This is a classic trend from the past and perfect to go for the fall season.

10. Kurti + Stole + Sandals + Leggings

In India, girls love kurtas as it is one of the most simple and fresh looking that can be worn for office, lunch or outing with friends. Instead of buying the whole suit, you can pick some nice kurtas of your choice and team them up with matching or a black legging. For daily wear put on some walking sandals and stole to complete your young ethnic look for any place.

No matter what you feel about leggings fashion but we do guarantee you that all these various outfit ideas you’d love to try. Also, if you anyone asks you how to style leggings to get different trends this season, you can share these leggings fashion ideas to throw some light on updates for the season.

In addition to mixing up different leggings fashion, you need to also be aware of different types of leggings available in the market these days. This would help you in knowing what goes well with different outfits and clothing pieces. Help your way with these new trends and chose the best for yourself.

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Different Types of Leggings

1. Classic Leggings

Classic leggings are the basic cotton leggings and for fall- winter 2016- 2017 it is an essential piece one must own. The classic leggings with high waist can be worn with high shoes and crop tops.

2. Translucent Leggings

One of the bold moves seen on the runway these days are translucent leggings. Instead of going with tights, these translucent leggings. Celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez, Nargis Fakhri, Gig Hadid and Kendal Jenner are some trending names for this season.

3. Floral Leggings

Floral print leggings were widely seen during spring and summer season but with autumn designers and brands have decided to keep them on trend with bold and darker tones like purple, navy blue and burgundy. So you can still feel the spring touch with autumn mix with the new floral legging trend.

4. Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are made of soft, glossy and lacquered leather. If you wear it with knitted sweater, you can pull that rebel image at its best. You can pick black, green, dark blue and cherry coloured leggings with moto-jacket.

5. Jean Leggings

For those of you who cannot live without jeans, jean leggings work as a second skin. They are stretchable, full of comfort and the perfect alternative to the jeans.

6. Square Patterned Leggings

This season many brands were inspired by British style specifically tartan leggings. They are available in red, green and black checks. A dark sweater with tartan leggings and oxfords five that perfect vintage and British look.

From here on if you see different looking leggings in the stores don’t be confused on where they came from. As we know, fashion keeping evolving every season, leggings have found their way from the gym to mainstream fashion with many variations. However, there are still certain rules of leggings fashion in the different season so that you avoid taking them as tights. Lets us take a sight on those rules for Leggings Fashion To Get Different Trends This Season.

Leggings Fashion To Get Different Trends

1. Leggings are No Way Tights or Pants

Having said so, we understand the versatility of these pieces but still they are not pants under any circumstances. They are also not advisable for office attire.

2. Mix It Up Rule

Leggings are the one piece of clothing in the entire fashion world that can go with just anything so don’t be afraid of mixing up.

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3. Long Top Rule

It’s safe to say that tops should be long enough to cover your base when you wear leggings. Not that this rule cannot be broken, it is important to feel comfortable. If you want to wear them with regular tops, try leggings that are thick to give you a compact look. You don’t want people to check our your bouncy base just like you should not be subjected to see theirs. Haha!

4. Be Cautious With Bold Prints

Let us face the truth. Although, bold prints are fun but they look most flattering on long and lean legs only. As a safe rule, stick to charcoal and black.

5. Wash Those Leggings

As we spoke earlier leggings are not pants or denim, they need to be regularly washed. The elasticity of these leggings relaxes the body and washing help in putting it back to normal shape. Some of the leggings are synthetic and they don’t really breathe well. Therefore, they need to be washed after every two wears.
Consider the event: Honestly speaking, it is better to avoid leggings for an interview, parties and formal set up like meeting parents, weddings or family get together.

6. Wear Them Anyway

As we know, rules are often broken, if you can put your outfit around the leggings then just go for it. Someone with great taste can style them in any way but it is really tricky.

7. Fabric Quality

The leggings you buy sometimes can trick you into a very poor quality stuff with more resemblance to pantyhose. In that case, there is a very thin layer between you and nudity and that is the cheap quality leggings. Always purchase a good quality legging from a good brand to avoid such embarrassments.

We hope that by now your understanding of different types of leggings and outfit ideas have made little pro in deciding what to buy and what not to buy. Leggings are evergreen and we can pull them anytime. Also, there is no doubt that they go with every body type but it is that one thing that makes it one of our favourites. But we always make some or other mistakes which can end up ruining our complete look without even us realizing it. Here we take those dos and serious don’t while wearing leggings.

Do’s and Don’t While Wearing Leggings

DO: Wear Them With Long Shirts

By now we all understand that leggings stick to our skin and it is always best to have them pair up with tops which are longer and cover the base area. Oversized sweaters and tops often look better with leggings as they totally balance out the manly and boxy element of tops.

DON’T: Try Them With Cropped Tops

Even though there is no harm in wearing your leggings along with crop tops, we still advise you not to. The spandex accentuates the butt and pelvic region and there is a chance that you might be walking around with a visible camel toe which is one of the biggest fashion blunder ever. Save yourself such an embarrassing moment.

DO: Find The Correct Shoes

Leggings give you freedom to experiment with shoes. From knee high boots to comfiest flats during summer time, make sure they are not bulky enough to bring down the whole attention.

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DON’T: Be Crazy for Colours and Prints

Loud and bold colours like neon are good until you want to wear them for your yoga sessions or gym routine. However, on a casual attire, the fabric of such leggings give very unflattering look especially when they are loud on colours and prints. Avoid making such fashion disaster.

DO: Try Different Fabrics

Leggings are available in different designs and fabrics such as suede, leather, cotton and wooden etc. Try suede and leather. This way you can change your regular style without being uncomfortable.

DO: Always Wear Seamless Undergarment

Since leggings are very thin and soft, there is a possibility of your panty line clearly showing through. That is not a really good sight. To avoid another fashion disaster always wear seamless panties under your leggings.

DON’T: Ever Wear Thongs

We understand you have a date or you really love wearing thongs but sorry to say leggings are not the right choice. The lycra or spandex elasticity  hugs skin very tight and if you wear a thong, it may end up giving you a wedgie. So, be smart and wear seamless panties as stated above.

So, in this article, we have discussed the popularity of leggings fashion for this season at a great length. While they make a perfect outfit for casual days, we also like to dive little deeper into the new trends this season and experiment with dresses as well. What we discovered in the end after understanding through the styling tips that everyone from the runway to celebs to normal person follow specific outfit trend. You can simply choose your comfort level and re-create all the looks in your own way because after all you want to be you, not just another copycat.

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