Indian women can now chart a great healthy lifestyle!

Are you a college going girl buried deep under the stress of studies, exams and performance? Or you are a fresh college pass out landed in a dream job and roaring with energy to give your best? Or you are a working woman struggling to strike a balance between your family and work? If you … Read more

Things You Must Never Consume Empty Stomach!

Things You Must Never Consume Empty Stomach!

Do you know some important eatables or things you must never consume empty stomach? Yes, this is the matter of concern. Hence this article will throw light on the important things to remember while eating. Just go through this article. Did You Know? There are many ingredients that you should avoid in your breakfast as … Read more

Diet Plan for Weight Watchers To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle!

Weight Watcher’s Diet Plan

Achieving an ideal body weight is always contributed by proper diet and exercise. A proper, realistic and achievable diet plan will always help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Variety in foods with balanced proportion will help in gaining the essential nutrients every day. Weight issues have always been an inevitable headache to many people, especially … Read more

Food Swaps For Healthier Living!

Food Swaps For Healthier Living

Whole grains instead of refined, quality preferred than quantity, smart diet swaps can lead to healthier life. Small changes in our diet make our pattern more manageable which will sustain in the long run. You don’t need to totally swap your kitchen to bring a healthy change, you just need to make few clever selections … Read more

How to Stop Overeating To Keep You Fit And Healthy?

How to Stop Overeating?

Food is the stimulant for tired brains, and for stress. When you are under stress, a bar of chocolate, or a serving of sweet can do wonders to remove that stress. But, guess what, the craving for food is one of the biggest detractors for weight loss. Quite often, people eat food, mindless of what … Read more

Sugar Detox – Ways You Can Do It!

Sugar Detox

Some Interesting Facts About Sugar Addiction Sugar directly affects the neurological receptors that reside in the brain, which can make one addicted to it. Sugar when exceeds it minimum intake levels, can give you similar addiction effects as nicotine, alcohol and amphetamine. People addicted to sugar mostly prefer having something sweet compared to normal food, … Read more

How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast Effectively?

How To Lose Stomach Fat Fast?

A majority of people suffer from belly fat. While they are able to reduce the fat from all parts of their body, with exercises and diet, the fat from their belly refuses to budge. And, it definitely looks obnoxious when the clothes become tight around the middle, and the buttons don’t fit in properly. Not … Read more

Healthy Breakfast Idea : How to Make Instant Ragi Dosa in a Flick!

How to Make Instant Ragi Dosa

Today’s lifestyle demands an instant breakfast idea and when a healthy breakfast  comes to mind, Vegetable Ragi Dosa fits the bill of Weight loss recipes perfectly. Vegetable Ragi Dosa is not only one of the lightest breakfast that you can savour but also packs a big punch in the nutrition sack with the vegetables, and … Read more

Easy French Toast Recipes That are Mouthwatering Good!

French Toast Recipes

On a Monday morning when you have little time or no time on your hands, and just a pack of sliced bread what will be better than scrumptious homemade french toast made in a jiffy. How to make easy French toast? We often skip breakfast in the hurry to get to work. But, like we all … Read more

5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss!

5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight? So what can be done? So do you suggest that skipping food can help in reducing weight successfully? I don’t think so. To reduce or to achieve an ideal body weight, we need to munch or eat healthy nutritious food at regular intervals so that the body gets the … Read more

20 Cooking Tips and Tricks that Nobody Told You About!

Easy Cooking Tips and Tricks!

For a woman juggling kitchen, kids and a career, easy cooking tips and tricks are no less than a blessing. Be it cleaning or cooking, both the activities take a considerable amount of time and effort. But when you use smarter cooking hacks as solutions, the hardships are reduced and the work is done much … Read more