Things You Must Never Consume Empty Stomach!

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Do you know some important eatables or things you must never consume empty stomach? Yes, this is the matter of concern. Hence this article will throw light on the important things to remember while eating. Just go through this article.

Did You Know?

  • There are many ingredients that you should avoid in your breakfast as they might harm your metabolism.
  • Eating banana on an empty stomach can lead to cardiovascular diseases.
  • The nutrients obtained from yogurt would vanish if you have it on an empty stomach.
  • Going shopping for an empty stomach would fill your cart with cakes, junk food items, cookies, etc.
  • People have a misunderstanding that carrying workouts on an empty stomach burns more fats. The fact is that you might lose your muscles by exercising in gyms.
  • Drinking tea or coffee on an empty stomach leads to decrease in your appetite.
  • Traveling with an empty stomach leads to motion sickness.

Things You Must Never Consume Empty Stomach!

Woke up! Hurry you are late for your gym sessions or morning walks. Yes, this is the routine of many people out there. Those who don’t join any workout sessions would step towards the kitchen first to make some tea or coffee as the clock is moving to alarm the office time. However, have you marked or noticed that some of your morning activities can prove to be harmful to your health by affecting your inner organs and their functions!

Yes, that’s true. Moving for workouts or rushing for office on an empty stomach leads to serious health issues that you might be unknown to. Hence, it is said that having the first meal of the day is important. Breakfast holds a vital role among the various meals we have during the day. It gives us all the required nutrients that provide the body adequate energy for daily tasks. Hence, it is necessary to have a selected and healthy breakfast for a healthy beginning.

Why The Ingredients Of The Breakfast Hold An Important Role?

The overall health of your body is controlled or say maintained by the acid level in your stomach. The stomach uses such acids in the digestion and processing of the food we consume. The acid levels react normally when you have heavy meals, however, when it comes to an empty stomach, the acid level is much higher, mostly in the morning. Hence, if you have ingredients that come with high acidic compounds, it may rise the acid levels in your stomach, which is extracted from urine. The acid also eliminated Important nutrients like sodium, calcium, electrolytes, and much more.

Hence, the ingredients you consume in your breakfast holds an important role in handling the nutrients in your body.

Ingredients You Should Avoid On An Empty Stomach

Yes, there are some things you must never consume empty stomach, as it may increase the acid levels in your body, resulting in some harmful side effects to your health. Some of them are:

1. Soda Or Soft Drinks

Soda or any of the soft drinks come with a good amount of sugar in them. Soda also contains a high quantity of carbonated acids that are harmful. Having a can of soda or soft drink on empty stomach gives you around six or nine times as much sugar in your blood than normally your blood carries. The soft drinks can also fuel the stomach and the intestines, which can lead to disorders like overweight, obesity, gastrointestinal diseases, enzymatic chemical reactions, menstrual disorders, etc.

2. Junk Food

What do you do when your stomach craves for food! Run to the nearest fast food! Don’t worry, you are not alone. Nearly everyone would do so when they would feel hungry. This means, an empty stomach can lead you to wrong food items with a variety of choices. Junk food, popularly known as the street food, comes with a spicy, tangy taste that contains four times more acid as compared to any normal dish. This creates a disturbance in the normal acid levels in your stomach resulting in acidic reactions. This gives you symptoms like burning sensation, vomiting, acidity, etc.

3. Coffee or Tea

This is the prime drink people move for when they wake up in the morning, or are working on an empty stomach for hours. But have you thought this can harm you! Yes, it’s true. Having a cup of coffee or tea on an empty stomach leads to acidity, heartburn, indigestion, etc. throughout the day. Having coffee can conquer the emission of gastric juices and decrease acid and bile in the stomach. It may also harm your appetite by reducing it. Drinking hot beverages can also risk your health with vomiting and constipation as it increases the acid levels in the stomach. Coffee can also increase the quantity of stress hormones in your blood stream that results in excess carving for sugar, disturbance in sleeping cycles, disturbance in thinking, irregular bowel syndrome, etc.

4. Banana

This ingredient on empty stomach comes with a limitation on the quantity. The doctors recommend having a banana on empty stomach in the morning as it supplies a good amount of calcium in the body. However, everything in excess is not advisable. Similarly, having more than 3 bananas would create a problem with your health. Having more number of bananas on an empty stomach would release gastric acid in a good quantity than any other ingredient. This can be the root cause of having gastric ulcers, further leading to heart burns, nausea, and even diarrhea. Bananas when taken on an empty belly would increase the amount of magnesium hindering the balance between calcium and magnesium in your blood, that might cause some cardiovascular disorder.

5. Alcohol

You might have heard suggestions from your dear ones don’t have alcohol when your belly is empty. However, it’s true that the advice is widely ignored by many. The fact is that the suggestion is quite healthy for you. When you have alcohol with an empty belly, the stomach rivets and processes it with a rapid speed. This can result in illness, hangover, suffering from poison from alcohol, etc. Without food, alcohol would make you incoherent soon and reduce your pulse rate along with your blood pressure.

6. Medicine

Have you ever had your medicines without having your meals to get rid of the pain quickly! Don’t worry, you are not alone to do this. There are several patients who do this when they are not feeling well as the tasting sense of their tongue changes at this time. The medications come with different levels of strength, and having them on without having meals would bring irritation to the stomach lining and leave you with nausea or vomiting. There are some medicines that can be taken on an empty belly, which would be suggested by the doctor himself. However, some medicines or say pain killers when taken without meals may lead to problems like bleeding, gastrointestinal distress, constipation, etc.

7. Tomatoes

Who wouldn’t love those red and tasty tomatoes! They add a different flavor to the recipes you cook. But, having them on an empty stomach, is really unsafe for your health. Tomatoes come with a good quantity of zinc, vitamin C, and soluble astringents that cause a reaction when come in touch with gastric acid. This further change to clots to insoluble lumps that block the pyloric in the stomach. As a result, you face health problems like nausea, gastrectasia, stomach calculus, and other stomach disorders.

8. Yoghurt

Who wouldn’t love having the cold yogurt! But having it on an empty belly, a big NO. Yoghurt is quite acidic in nature, which increases the acidic levels in your stomach. The increase in the acid level results into damaged stomach lining, acidity and ulcers also. Also, having yoghurt on an empty stomach would vanish all its nutrients it carries which promotes defecation. It is thus advised to have yoghurt two hours after having dinner or before you move towards your bed.

9. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes and tomatoes are quite similar to some extent. They both have tannin acid and pectin acid, that work as motivators for the stomach wall to produce more gastric acid. This result to heartburn and other such problems. Similarly, having French fries on an empty tummy provides you with a high level of fat that results to overweight. It also disturbs the acid levels in your tummy that can be dangerous.

10. Sugar

When you intake sugar, your body produces insulin that helps in maintaining the blood sugar level in your body. It is a kind of digestible and absorbable ingredient, which, when taken on an empty gut, wouldn’t allow your body to produce required insulin, leading to an imbalance in your blood sugar levels. This increases the sugar levels in your blood leading to disorders like eye diseases, diabetes, etc.

11. Milk or Soybean Milk

Whether you are habitat by having a glass of milk or soybean milk after brushing, both are quite harmful to have on an empty stomach. Both the ingredients include proteins in a large amount that would be forcefully converted to heat and would be not be able to deliver any nutrition or tonic for a positive effect. Hence, it is recommended to have them with bread, snacks, that would be accompanied with wheat flour. It is recommended to have them before moving to sleep or two hours after having your dinner.

12. Oranges

Orange and some other citric fruits too are not advisable to consume on an empty stomach. The oranges come with a rich quantity of hawthorn acid, organic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, and much more. When they are consumed on an empty tummy, increase the gastric acid in your tummy would give adverse effect to your stomach mucous membrane, leading to gastrectasia, vomiting, and much more.

13. Pastries and Cakes

What would you do if you find several pastries or cake pieces in front of you when you wake up? Of course, you would run for it. But is it good for you? No, having pastries or cakes while your tummy is empty is certainly harmful. The cakes and pastries are made with a certain type of yeast that would create a sense of irritation in the stomach lining that leads to flatulence. The pastries also have sugar that can overload your liver, that can be harmful for your health.

14. Cucumbers

It is the habit of several people to start up with a light veggie in the morning. They go for healthy salads, carrots, cucumbers, etc. Among them, having cucumber is strictly not advisable. Consuming them on an empty gut would lead to health issues like heartburn, abdominal pain, flatulence, general health issues, etc. So, if you are moving to add some cucumbers in your vegetable list in the morning or on an empty intestine, do change your mind.

Hence, it is better to notice what you are having in the morning breakfast, or before moving from office, and even after long hours without consuming anything. Eating healthy would provide you a safe and secure day. Here we will go with some important things you must never consume empty stomach.

Things You Must Never Consume Empty Stomach!

Yes, along with eatables, there are some tasks also, one should avoid working on when your tummy is empty. Some of the popular ones are:

1. Avoid Workout On Empty Stomach

For those who are health conscious, or are looking for losing some weight, the first task of their day would be a workout. Exercising on an empty gut would surely help you burn more fat and not carbs. However, moving for an intense workout is surely not recommended. Glycogen is the prime fuel that is used while you exercise. This element stays in your body till 12 or 16 hours. Hence, while carrying your workouts, if it is present in your body, you would be burning your fat stored in the body. When glycogen ends up, you start reducing your muscles and increasing fat levels. Thus, if you are on an empty stomach, carry light exercises for having complete positive benefits.

2. Say No To Traveling

This generally happens to 3 out of 5 people who are having fix schedules for traveling. The end time packing, rush hours, delay in catching car, plane or bus, etc. would make you move out without having something. This can prove to be harmful to you. Traveling while your paunch is empty, would result to nausea, or other sicknesses, as your body would lack the strength to fight against the germs. Also, having ingredients like broccoli, aerated drinks, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc. that might cause gas trouble.

3. Shopping For Grocery

Have you ever tried going for shopping for grocery items when you are hungry! Trust me, if you do so, you would gather your favorite packet of eatables rather than what you had gone for. When you are hungry and move to shop in a grocery, you would definitely fill your cart with eatables that are high in calories and fats like cakes, cookies, ready to eat fried item packets, wafers, etc., and avoid healthy snacks like fruits, lean meat, veggies, etc. Hence, next time you visit the grocery, make a point to have something light before walking in to avoid some extra amount to your bill and extra calories to your body.

Hence, it is advisable to begin your day with a healthy ingredient in your breakfast before you begin with any task during the day or in the morning. Selecting eatables like watermelon, cornmeal, eggs, buckwheat, oatmeal, wheat germ, apples, etc. would help your stomach in getting ready for the routine without giving you any kind of side-effects or bringing any kind of discomfort.

So, change your diets with a healthy beginning to give your paunch a nourishing a smooth working.

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