How to Clean Dirty White Shoes?

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White is quite a trending color these days. Not only in apparels and accessories, but the color is also much in demand for footwear too. Be it the school shoes, sports shoes, adult footwear, or any other kind of shoe wear, white has its own place in every shoe robe. But do you know, the most common phrase searched on the search engines is “how to clean white shoes”! Yes, cleaning white shoes has been quite a hectic time for the users. Naturally, everyone would try their best to get rid of the dirt and stains on the shoes and give them their original white color back. But how many of you succeed in that?

Today let’s list out some of the effective ways to clean white shoes and try to get its original look again.

How To Clean Dirty White Shoes at Home?

Different ways how to clean white shoes

Be it canvas shoes, leather shoes, or any other material, cleaning the white shoes is truly a struggling chore. But do you know you can clean them properly with merely some ingredients that are already in your house! Just check out the list below:

1. Bleaching Powder

The bleaching powder available at home is among the best way to clean white shoes. But wait a minute, as it is highly toxic, it might lead to irritation in the lungs, skin, mouth and even eyes if ingested. So, make sure to carry out the precautions while using it. Here is how you can clean the white shoes using bleach.

  • Take a container and add a small portion of bleaching powder and add nearly 5 times water in it
  • Take a toothbrush and mix both the ingredients to dilute the solution well in a ventilated area
  • Using the toothbrush, gently begin with scrubbing the shoes
  • When done, take some warm water and rinse both the shoes in it properly

After washing, let the shoes dry on their own for various hours. If possible, overnight drying would be the best. Your white shoes are ready!

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is much popular for refreshing the refrigerators, but it is also the best shoe cleaner for white shoes too. As the baking soda is mixed with vinegar, it also refreshes your white shoes too. Here is what you have to do.

  • Take a bowl and add 1tbsp of hot water, 1tbsp of white vinegar and 1tbsp of baking soda to it
  • Mix all the three ingredients properly using a brush to make a consistent paste
  • Making circular motions, scrub the shoes well using the toothbrush
  • Once the complete shoe is scrubbed, leave them at a bright place giving it mild sunlight for around 3 to 4 hours
  • When the mixture on the shoes dries up, clap both the shoes with each other for removing the paste. You can also brush it again for removing the paste from it

Just as you would begin with removing the baking soda from the shoes, you would see the snow-white color coming up.

3. Some Mild Shampoo

Oops! Got an oil stain on your white shoes! Thinking about how to clean white shoes? The remedy is in your bathroom itself. Yes, the mild shampoos work very well over the oil stains on the white shoes. Here is how this is possible.

  • Take some mild shampoo and some warm water
  • Using an old toothbrush, gently scrub the shampoo and warm water on the white shoes
  • When done, simply wipe the scrubbed area using warm water

This is sure to get that sticky or oily portion of oil removed from the white shoes without damaging them.

4. Toothpaste

Yes, I know you use it every day for cleaning your teeth. But it is also helpful in turning on the white side of your shoes. When it comes to how to clean dirty white shoes instantly, toothpaste has been the quickest and any time available option. Want to try? Follow the steps below.

  • Take some toothpaste and an old toothbrush
  • Apply the toothpaste over the shoes properly with the toothbrush
  • Make circular motions while scrubbing the dirty spots area
  • Once you cover the complete shoe, allow it to work on it for around 10 minutes
  • Take a towel and clean out the toothpaste from the shoes

Using toothpaste here means avoiding the gel-based or other colorful toothpaste. Go for the original white toothpaste which would remove the stains properly.

5. Pink pencil eraser and white vinegar

I know this sounds really weird, but when used, it has delivered magical results. This trick is the best way to clean white shoes made out of suede material. This delicate fabric is too likely to get stained, and here is how you can remove them easily.

  • Take a cotton cloth, white vinegar, suede brush, and pink pencil eraser
  • Take the cotton cloth and begin with blotting the shoes for removing any kind of moisture
  • Rub the stains gently using the pink pencil rubber
  • Take a paper towel and use it on any kind of wet stains with required pressure. Again, don’t rub the paper towel as it might spread the stain
  • Similarly, remove other unwanted stains
  • Take the cotton cloth and dip it in white vinegar and rub out any stains remaining gently

When your shoes are stain-free, make sure you allow it to dry naturally. When the shoes dry out, using the suede brush, rub them properly to avoid any kind of black stain on it.

These were some of the effective ways to clean white shoes without using any chemical-based stain free remover from the market. Apart from all these, there are some precautionary steps that would help you out in cleaning the stains immediately. For this, you can use any spray or water repellent over the stains. You can also use white nail polish as an urgent whitener for hiding unwanted stains on the white shoes. Also, while cleaning the white shoes, using warm water helps in removing the dirt with fewer efforts.

So, next time when you think over how to clean white shoes, try any of these tricks. Or do write to us any trick you are already using for white shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleaning White Shoes

1. Can I wash the white shoes in the washing machine?

Ans: Never ever try washing the white shoes in the washing machine with other laundry items. This can lead to discoloration or even any permanent damage.

2. How can you speed up the drying of the shoes after washing?

Ans: You can use paper towels for drying the washed shoes quickly.

3. How can you protect the white shoes from discoloration?

Ans: To protect your shoes from discoloration, store them indoors or at places with less to zero sun exploration.

4. How can you clean the shoe laces effectively?

Ans: The shoelaces can be washed in the washing machines, however, to remove any kind of stains from it, soak them in warm water a day before washing them in machines.

5. What about the soles of the white shoes?

Ans: The soles catch different and stubborn dirt. So, remove it by extra scrubbing and soaking them in warm water prior to cleaning for around a day.

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