How to Clean Suede Shoes and Remove Stains?

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Some surprising facts about suede shoes

  • Suede shoes are much similar to the leather shoes and require the same maintenance too.
  • There are various creams and sprays too that would help in protecting your suede shoes from any damage.
  • By regularly brushing the suede shoes, you can maintain its integrity even in rainy days
  • The black and brown suede shoes are quite easy to maintain as even if something gets spilled on it, it can be easily hidden.
  • The suede shoes can also be cleaned with some of the ingredients easily available in your own kitchen.
  • It is easy to clean the suede shoes, get rid of the stains on them as well as repair the damage done by water.
  • The suede shoes are basically made using fuzzy leather that is used for detailed finishing over furniture, shirts, purses and other leather products.

Suede Shoes – An Introduction

Tips on cleaning suede shoes

Fond of having suede shoes! But the question of how to clean suede shoes stops you from getting your favorite collection! You are not alone in the queue. Suede is an amazing material which not only gives you something stylish to wear but also comes with a smart look too. It is a kind of leather which is quite delicate as it would easily get ruined if meets any kind of marks or stains. And this is the primary reasons many would think before owning one.

Of course, you can’t invest in something you would simply keep packed and avoid using it just because of the stains that would damage its look. Hence, the best part is to look for the best ways of cleaning suede shoes.

Can suede shoes be cleaned at home?

A big yes to this. No doubt, the material of the shoes is quite delicate and requires proper care and maintenance to make sure you are not damaging them. Again, if you are looking for how to clean suede shoes at home, make sure you avoid placing them in the washing machines or use any dryer on them and only handwash them. Following the cleaning instructions or the tags is also equally important before you begin to wash them.

How to clean suede shoes?

Suede is beautiful as well as fragile material. Hence, even a drop of water would stain it. Here is a complete guide to help you clean your shoes at your place with ease.

1. Look for the best suede cleaning tools

How do you get water stains out of suede shoes along with dirt and stains?Having professional tools for the same is equally important. Look for suede brushes that are perfectly designed for the shoes. But what if you don’t have one of such brushes? Don’t worry, in the absence of such brushes, you can also use other supplements to it like a terrycloth towel, old toothbrush, or even an emery board that is fat and soft. Again, while using the brush for cleaning the suede shoes, make sure you move the brush in a single direction and not to-and-fro of the fibers for a smooth surface after cleaning. This is also important to keep moisture away from the shoes as the moisture can also leave unwanted stains on the shoes. Brushing would help you keep them dry.

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2. Cleaning the sneakers

Suede sneakers have been quite trendy for a stunning casual look. However, while moving around in the dirty streets, they are sure to get dirty, marked, messy and whatnot. So, thinking about how to clean suede shoes with household products? Not to worry. With merely rubbing an eraser would give you magical cleaning of the shoes. For this, firstly, remove the laces and place a shoe tree inside so that your sneakers don’t leave their actual shape. Then take a suede rubber or eraser and remove the dirt from it. Finally, use a suede cleaning cream and water. After that allow the sneakers to dry and then rub it using a fine suede brush.

3. Cleaning stains on suede boots

If you are owning one of the nubuck or suede boots, you might be knowing how difficult it is to maintain them. For cleaning suede shoes to remove stains, firstly remove the laces and then soak the suede brush in a container having suede cleaner. Then hold the boots from inside with one hand and clean it with the brush with the other. Clean in circular motions and allow them to dry completely when done. It takes around 1 day to dry. Once they are dry, take some mink oil and a brush for making the boots smooth and soft again. This not only cleans the boots but also provides them with a stylish look for a long time.

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4. Cleaning black shoes in suede

Thinking how to clean black suede shoes? This has been a challenging job for all the black suede owners. For keeping the black suedes looking as new, there is a cleaning process you need to continue regularly. Clean the suede shoes using a good suede cleaner and water properly. Once the cleaning is done and you have removed the dirt, stains, and other spots from the suede shoes, use black dye for suedes to cover the left – overstains. If you are not having the black dye, you can also use a black crayon and rub it using your fingers on the affected area.

5. Cleaning stains on white suede shoes

White suede shoes are a very liked fashion statement. But keeping them clean is surely going to be hectic. So, when it comes to how to clean suede shoes with household products, here is how you can do it. To clean the white suedes at home, all you need is a soft cloth of cotton and white vinegar that is easily available in your kitchen. Using a suede protector, clean the marks or stains on the suede shoes. Begin with blotting out the excess moisture and then use the eraser for working on the stains. Finally, clean the shoes with a solution of white vinegar and cotton cloth. Once the shoes dry out, brush them and you are done with the cleaning.

How to clean faux suede shoes

The faux suede shoes are mostly durable and stain-resistant. The answer to how to clean suede shoes for faux is quite simple. It is easy for you to clean the faux suede shoes however, maintaining them and cleaning them regularly is still essential. So, for removing the marks and stains from the faux shoes, all you need to do is remove the dirt using the suede brush. Again, you can wipe off the remaining dirt and stains using a combination of vinegar and water. When washed using the solution, stuff the shoes using a paper and allow them to dry. Once they are dry, brush them and the softness is restored.

So, next time if anyone inquires you how to clean suede shoes, make sure you include all the different ways including crumpled papers, suede brushes, vinegar, cedar shoe tree, erasers, suede protector, etc. in the list for getting that brand-new look of the shoes back.

How to prevent suede shoes from stains?

To avoid that dirty looking stains on the suede shoes, it is better to protect them. Hence, as soon as you get them, give them a waterproof coating with the help of waterproof spray. This would not only protect the shoes from getting stains or dirt but would also help your shoes in losing its original color easily. Look for reliable suede cleaners, brushes, and protectors available in the market. Test them before using on a small area of your shoes to avoid any negative result. Avoiding the shoes in monsoon season and protect them from water even in normal seasons. When cleaning suede shoes, don’t use the dryers and allow them to dry naturally. Lastly, look for the manufacturer’s label as it would provide you with proper guidance for cleaning our suedes. They can be made with different natural materials like sheep’s skin, goat’s skin, calves’ skin, and even deer’s skin. The label would provide you with a proper process of cleaning it with the required care.

So, are you owning a pair of luxurious suede shoes? Try any possible way of cleaning the stains and let us know which worked the best for you.

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