DIY Life Hacks : How to Get Chocolate Out of Clothes?

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Some surprising facts about chocolate

  • During the entire year, there are several celebrations carried out for chocolates globally.
  • Both dark chocolate and milk have derived from the beans of cacao that is obtained from the cacao tree which is an evergreen kind of vegetable.
  • White chocolate is not made from chocolate liquor or any kind of cocoa solids. Hence, it is not basically any kind of chocolate.
  • Any kind of cocoa products along with chocolates are made with theobromine which is a toxic product. Hence, it is dangerous for pets.
  • Surprisingly, chocolates are helpful in protecting your tooth from any kind of decays. It contains antibacterial properties which help in the prevention of bacterial infection or decay.
  • The cacao beans in ancient times were used in the form of currencies.
  • The life of the cacao trees is around 200 years as they grow in the tropical regions, but they produce beans for merely 25 years only.
  • The cocoa beans are roasted to remove pathogens from the seeds which can be harmful to the human beings if taken in a raw state. Proper roasting and a chemical process eliminate the pathogens and provide it with a tasty flavor.

OMG! Chocolate Stains!

Chocolate Stains on White Cloth

Who doesn’t crave for chocolate! Be it ice creams, puddings, or merely a sip of hot chocolate, it surely makes your mouth watery with age no bar. But what if the craving leaves a stain on the clothes? Irritating right! Washing the chocolate stains can be both simple and complex, and hence, many women are found looking for how to get chocolate out of clothes.

Chocolate has been an essential part of anyone’s life. But enjoying it surely comes with the stress of removing its stains from the clothes. Are you also looking for some effective ways of removing the chocolate stains? Here are some you wouldn’t want to miss.

How to get chocolate out of clothes?

Dark Chocolate Pieces

Learning how to get chocolate stains out of clothes is a simple process to follow. Yes, the kind of stain also matters. One is a dark stain from cocoa powder, while the other is an oily one with liquid chocolate. But no matter whatever kind of stain it is, here is the quick solution to remove them with ease.

You will love to watch this video on how to remove chocolate stains from clothes –

A simple process of cleaning chocolate stains from the clothes include:

1. Remove the excess stuck chocolate

The first step towards cleaning the chocolate stains is to remove the excess stuck on the clothes. For this, take a dull spoon or knife and remove the chocolate from the cloth’s surface. Again, while removing the chocolate, make sure you don’t spread it as well as press it into the fibers. Gently remove it in a scooping motion.

2. Rinsing the stain

Once the excess chocolate is removed from the cloth, it is not time to rinse the cloth. Turn the cloth inside out. But make sure doing so you don’t spread the chocolate stain. Place the stain under running cold water. This would flush the chocolate stains that are locked inside the fibers. While placing the stain under the water, rub it with your fingers or fabric against the fabric to remove the chocolate completely from the cloth.

3. Use detergent

The third step in how to get chocolate out of clothes is using the detergent to clean it effectively. Focus on the area containing stains. Place some drops of detergent on the stains or on your fingertips. Rub the stains using the fingertips by gently scrubbing it. Allow the detergent to saturate completely in the fabric. Soak the stained cloth inside cold and clean water. After 3 minutes of soaking, rub the stain gently. Rinse the cloth with cold water. Repeat the process until the stain disappears.

4. Routine wash

Once you have clearly removed the stains from the clothes, the last step to clean the clothes from chocolate stains is to give your clothes a normal or routine wash. If the tough stain is still there, you can use a stain remover which doesn’t include bleach in it for cleaning the cloth completely. So, give it a regular wash.

After all, these, if the chocolate stain still is visible, the last option is to go for the dry cleaning of the clothes. Allow the professional cleaners to deal with the stains in their own way. Again, if the stain is on fabrics like rayon, wool or silk, rather than experimenting at home, dry cleaning would be the best option to look for removing the stains without damaging the clothes.

How to remove chocolate stains from different fabrics?

Yes, no doubt the process of how to get chocolate out of clothes remains the same, there are yet slight changes that need to be taken care of.

1. Removing stains from washable clothes

When it comes to how to get chocolate out of white clothes or other washable clothes, here are the steps you need to follow :

  • Take the white cloth or washable cloth and gently wipe the chocolate stain to remove the excess chocolate.
  • Flush the chocolate using cold running water from the backside of the stained cloth.
  • Soak the cloth inside water and detergent for around 30 minutes. Rinse again.
  • Wash the cloth again in a routine way.

2. Removing stains from un-washable clothes

When the chocolate stains get on clothes or fabrics that cannot be washed, here is the process you need to carry out for cleaning it.

  • Firstly, wait for the chocolate stain to dry out completely and then lift the chocolate stain gently from the cloth.
  • Take a sponge damped in some fluid used for dry cleaning and gently blot the spotted area till the stains vanish.
  • Make sure you don’t wet the stain too much. Carry the process till the stain is completely removed.
  • Blot dry again using a dry cloth.

3. Removing chocolate stains from furniture and carpet

Just as people are looking for how to get chocolate out of clothes, they are also looking for the same to clean the couch, carpets or furniture. Here is the process you need to carry.

  • Take a sponge and damp it with some drops of any mild dishwashing liquid.
  • Blot the stain using the sponge until the chocolate stain comes out.
  • Sponge the area using clean water for rinsing and pat dry using a clean cloth.

Hence, in this way, depending on the fabric or material you are washing, you can work on cleaning the cloth effectively.

Some basic tips for removing chocolate stains :

  1. Firstly, before cleaning the chocolate stains, read the instructions given on the fabric or garment.
  2. Once you observe your clothes getting stained, act quickly for treating the stain. The longer you take, the harder it would be to remove it.
  3. For cleaning the chocolate stain, make sure you use cold water primarily. Hot water might set the chocolate stain making it hard for you to clean the chocolate stain.
  4. While treating the chocolate stain, use a paper towel or any clean cloth beneath the stain so that it doesn’t spread on the fabric and damage the entire cloth.
  5. Even after trying 3 to 4 times, the stains don’t get off, look for some professional help or dry cleaners to clean the stain.

So, now as you are ready with all the possible tricks for how to get chocolate stains out of the clothes, don’t limit yourself or your loved ones from enjoying the various flavors of chocolate. Happy Eating!

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