Easy Hacks to Get Slime Out Of Clothes!

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Some Crazy Myths Regarding Cleaning Clothes Debunked

  • People think adding extra detergent scoops to the clothes would make them cleaner. This is basically a waste of powder and water too. Using the required amount of detergent would clean the clothes. Pre-treatment is required only if major stains are involved.
  • It is a myth that dry cleaning is a completely dry technique of washing clothes. Dry cleaning basically includes liquid solvents and heavy machinery which help in washing the clothes effectively.
  • There is a myth that washing clothes with hot water would clean them better. But the fact is, not for all. Using cold or normal water would do the cleaning work better. Hot water is used for soiled fabrics like gym clothes and bedding.
  • People think that the dryer would shrink the clothes in the washing machine. Not really! It’s not the heat of the dryer that shrinks the clothes but the dryness and the harsh chemicals which shrink the clothes.
  • Hairspray users think it can help in removing stains. Wait a minute! The fact is that using a hairspray that includes alcohol in it is helpful to remove certain stains. Not all the hairsprays would work on all the fabrics.

Slime on Clothes – A Disaster

How to Remove Slime from Clothes?

Slime adds fun to the life of the children. Millions of children are looking for DIY slime for playing which keeps them busy as well as indoors especially during the summers. But slime also adds to the worries of the mothers. The kids leave the slime over the clothes, carpets and other fabrics which are quite difficult to get rid of. Yes, there are many mothers looking for how to get slime out of clothes on the internet. Trying various detergents, bleaching powders, and other harmful techniques have resulted in failure most of the times.

Are you also looking for some effective way to remove the slime from the clothes? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Today we shall learn some quick and easy solutions for removing the slime from the clothes and stress from your minds.

How to Get Slime Out of Clothes?

Here are some best ways of removing the slime from your clothes without any hassle. Again, make sure you avoid the machines for washing the clothes having slime on them.

1. Remove Slime from Clothes Using Vinegar

If you are having vinegar in your home, the answer to how to get slime out of fabric becomes quite quick and easy. It is a best idea among the DIY’s to remove slime which is quite effective on the slime. Vinegar makes cleaning easy for slime. Here is how you can use vinegar to remove slime.

  • The first step is to remove the hardened, dry thick slime from the clothes. Using hard tool like scissors or scrapper, carefully remove the major part of it by scrapping. Be careful not to tear the clothe.
  • Now take some white vinegar and soak the clothing in it. Make sure the vinegar doesn’t evaporate while you do so.
  • Keep the fabric in the soaked position for around 5 minutes. Rinse away the white vinegar with warm water.

Once you rinse the white vinegar, simply wash the cloth normally as you do every day. This trick is sure to impress you for removing the slime.

2. Use Ice Cubes to Get Rid of Slime

When it comes to how to get slime out of clothes without vinegar, ice cubes have proved to be an instant and quick way. However, it is also important to remove the initial scrape of the slime before you go with the ice cubes. Here is how you can use ice cubes for removing the slime from the clothes.

  • Firstly, remove the initial scrape on the clothes. Then take some ice cubes and rub them on the slime for removing the small globs to freeze the slime.
  • Scrape the slime from the clothes as much as you can without damaging the fabric.
  • Soak the cloth in some mild liquid detergent for laundry and allow it to rest for around 10 mins.
  • Now place the clothes in hot water filled in some plastic gallon or bucket for around 30 mins.
  • Now wash the clothes in the washing machine and wash them regularly in it.

If you are thinking about how to get slime out of clothes with ice, this is what you need to do for protecting them from any damage regarding particular fabrics. Again, after all, this is done, air dry the clothes to keep them as they were before.

3. Take Some Dish Soap

Surprisingly, dish soap is yet another answer for how to get slime out of clothes. Again, this process eliminates the usage of vinegar due to which it remains harmless to your fabric. For this trick, move to the sink with excess water flow and continue the steps below.

  • Remove as much slime as you can with your hands or a scrapper tool. This would leave few goofy marks of the slime along with glitters.
  • Place the required quantity of dish soap on the cloth and scrub the cloth under the proper flow of water as you scrub using your hands.
  • Scrub till the slime is visible on the cloth.
  • Wash the cloth as you do daily.

Remember, don’t wash the cloth in the washing machine as this might leave some slime chunks on other clothes. Wash it separately. Also, if you are using dish soap, use plenty of water and suds for removing the slime effectively. If you wish you can also use home-made dish soap for the slime as this wouldn’t damage the softness of the cloths.

Bonus Tip : How to Remove Slime from Carpet?

You can use warm water and Vinegar to get the slime off from carpet. Warm water is very essential for this trick. Do not forget to remove the hardened and dried slime out from the carpet surface using a tool. This will ease the job. You can also try using a brush with soft bristles. After that blot with a clean, dry towel to absorb the liquid solution of warm water and vinegar. Repeat this process many times till the stains are faded. Once the stains are removed or you are satisfied with your efforts, let the spot air dry. You may also use vacuum cleaner to dry it.

So, hope you had all the possible tricky answers to how to get slime out of clothes through this page. Make sure you don’t experiment with some strange tricks that might leave you with a messy result. No doubt, the teens and the kids would never be able to put some control over playing with slime, but with these tricks, you shall always be prepared to fight against slime in an easy way.

Hope you loved our tricks on how to get slime off clothes. Please do not forget to share this article on social media with your friends and family. Also please do share your experience and challenges while removing slime from clothes.

So, happy slime playing and have a great day!

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