How To Remove Musty Smell On Clothes During Rainy Season?

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Monsoon is the most amiable season enjoyed by people of any age group. It is undoubtedly delightful weather, but the situation becomes worse when it comes to laundry. The copious rain and the humid atmosphere make it hard to dry your clothes and musty and untidy clothes. It is pretty tough to remove the smell on clothes during the rainy season. The clouds prevent sun rays from touching the earth’s surface. It is quite a challenge to make your clothes smell great.

The monsoon leaves the musty smell on the washed clothes due to the moisture presents in the air. Some people keep washing their clothes but the smell never goes away. Always sniff your clothes regularly to ensure that they need the wash or not. The partially moisten clothes always need laundry to avoid the nasty smell.

Remove Smell On Clothes In Rainy Season. Ma
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How To Remove Smell On Clothes In Rainy Season?

The musty smell of monsoon odor very bad even you use the best deodorant to stay fresh. The stinky and damp clothes work like a magnet for fungus and bad odor. The clothes should be handled very carefully. Sometimes the only laundry does not help to maintain your clothes. Proper dryness and safe storage help the clothes to stay for a long time. Here are some tips that would help you to keep your clothes in good condition during the rainy season.

1. Avoid The Habit To Store The Clothes In The Washing Machine

The washing machine should be used to wash the clothes not to store the dirty and unwashed clothes. Most of us have the habit to keep the nasty and dirty clothes in the washing machine with the purpose to wash them after some time or on weekdays.

This is the reason why the smell on the washed clothes never goes and the problem to remove the smell on clothes in rainy season become very intricate. Always clean the untidy or dirty clothes on time. Instead of storing them in the washing machine, you can spread them on the rope.

2. Always Mix Baking Soda Or Vinegar With Your Detergent

To remove the moldy smell from clothes exaggerate many people because the musty smell in monsoon odors very unpleasant when you go outside. To avoid this always mix baking soda or vinegar along with detergent. This not even helps to clean your clothes perfectly but also helps to remove the bad odor from them.

3. Dry Your Clothes Properly

Sun rays are good to dry your damp or wet clothes but during monsoon to expect this is quite uncertain. Tie a rope inside your home and spread your washed clothes on it. You can turn on the fan to let them dry fast. This is the best way to dry your clothes and remove the smell on the clothes during the rainy season.

4. Washing Your Jean

Jeans are the perfect wear and loved by most of us. They should be handled gently and properly. Many whiff removers prefer to use charcoal because of its properties to bind the bad odor from the air and make it fresh and pure.

Take a paper bag and place some briquettes in the bottom of it. Then take the stinky or musty jeans and place them on the top of it. Close the bag tightly and leave for overnight. This will remove the bad smell from your jeans. You can do this process with any of the clothes. This trick also works on the stinky smell of your shoes.

5. Freeze Your Clothes To Remove The Bad Odour

Cold storage is used for ages to keep the things fresh and long lasting. This method also works on clothes. You can take a plastic bag to place your musty clothes on it and keep them in the freezer for a couple of hours. This is the very useful trick to remove smell on clothes in rainy season. This works excellent for jeans that do not demand wash on every wearing.

6. Take The Washed Clothes Out Of The Washing Machine

While washing the clothes always keep in mind to remove or take out the washed clothes from the washing machine. To keep the washed clothes inside the washing machine leaves a bad or unpleasant odor in the clothes. So after washing the clothes spread them on the rope.

7. Keep The Clothes In Dry Place

The wardrobe is the place where you store your clothes. It is the place which should be taken care of properly and perfectly. How to keep your wardrobe safe? This one of the most asked question from many people. Choosing the dry and perfect wardrobe is very important to keep the dry and clean clothes safe. Always clean your wardrobe and spray freshener to avoid the unpleasant odor.

8. Spread The Damp Clothes On The Rope One By One To Dry Up

Make sure that you have not put all the wet clothes together as it might leave the bad smell on the clothes. If you keep the wet clothes on the rope together with the aim to spread after the sun rays came is a bad idea. Spread the damp clothes in line one by one under the roof and switch on the fan. This is the best trick to remove smell on clothes in the rainy season and keep them fresh and dry.

FAQ’s Related To Maintenance Of Clothes And Remove The Smell On Rainy Season

1. Can clothes be hanged inside to let them dry?

Yes, you can dry up your clothes inside your house. Monsoon is the quite uncertain weather. It might rain at any time. So it is better to spread the cloths inside the home and switch on the fan.

2. How to remove odor from clothes during monsoon?

Wash your clothes with good detergent and dry up the clothes completely before putting them in your wardrobe. It helps to remove the musty smell in monsoon. Also do not put the damp clothes together for a long time. This makes your clothes smell bad and also allows the fungus to spoil them.

3. How to get rid of smelly jeans?

This is the often asked question by most of the people. Do not wash your jeans after one or two wear. Wear your jeans for five to six times then wash them with detergent. Let the jean completely dry because it is made of thick denim fabric.

4. How to keep your wardrobe smell fresh?

Keep your wardrobe dry and do not store the wet or partially wet clothes inside it. The wet clothes release the musty smell and make your wardrobe smelly. So always place the dry clothes to keep it fresh and lively.

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