Deodorant Mistakes You Are Making!

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I am sure many of you would refer to deodorant as the single solution for sweatiness, body odor and numerous such bodily issues! It is quite common as people live with many surprising miss-conceptions about deodorants and unknowingly use it in the incorrect way! I remember using the deodorants just in the armpits and restricting their use for the single body part! However, I would have used it in different ways!

Deodorants are for multiple uses and its uses differ as per the skin type! But there are chances to make some deodorant mistakes. Did you know that you can use deodorants in various areas like behind your knees, in your armpits and body parts where you feel sweatiness? Without any harm, deodorants can give you amazing freshness and fragrance! Here are such awesome facts, myths and deodorant mistakes which you are making!

Deodorant Mistakes You Are Making

Deodorant Mistakes You Are Making

1. Restricting The Use Of Deodorants To Armpits!

We all know that the most sweaty and smelly area of the body are the armpits. Surely we can fight body odor and over sweatiness in the armpits while using deodorants but restricting its use only to armpits is a pure insult of its multi benefit properties! Here are some deodorant mistakes and truths about using deodorant in various body parts which you need to know!

Where You Can Use The Deodorants?

  • There are various places other than your underarms where you can use deodorants and feel fresh all the day long.
  • Deodorants can fight germs, bacteria and can battle the sweatiness over many areas while eliminating body odor.
  • Isn’t it amazing to know that deodorants can also be used over the hair line? We all have experienced sweaty hair due to hot and humid climate which then causes bacteria and odor. You can use deodorants on your hairline to kill these bacteria and fight odor!
  • Over your inner thighs, legs and behind the knees, we have some sweat glands which keep secreting while making the legs greasy! I remember not fitting in those slim fit jeans due to lots of sweat! Use the deodorant on these areas and you would love to grab some slim fit jeans more! Also, next time you won’t get your thighs stuck with each other due to sweat!
  • You can apply some deodorant in the front side of your elbows as it is a joint where we frequently observe sweating. Also, under breast sweating is common during high temperatures and thus, you can use the deodorants to feel fresh and kill all the germs and bacteria caused due to sweating!
  • Make the most of your deodorant now and use it everywhere you feel sweaty to stay fresh and smell gorgeous!

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2. Applying Deodorant While You Are Already Sweaty

Deodorants are used to prevent sweat and odor. What if you apply the deodorant when you are already covered with sweat? Here you make the deodorant mistakes. Simply, the deodorants would have no effect on your body! Some studies show that on the early mornings, your sweat glands are highly active and as you start your day, you would feel the sweat in different areas! Thus, you surely need to consider the right time of applying deodorants for more effective results!

What Is The Right Time To Apply Deodorant?

  • If you are using a deodorant with an inbuilt antiperspirant, you surely need to apply it at night
  • The chemicals and products react differently on your skin during different time sessions. Applying deodorants during night would block your sweat glands and would release minimum sweat during the day time
  • The chemicals in the deodorant with antiperspirant would keep your sweat glands blocked and would work on your skin throughout the night so next morning, you would witness the least sweat!
  • Many of us apply deodorant straight after bathing which has least impact over the skin
  • The deodorants require to get into the inner layers of your skin to fight sweat and to kill the germs
  • If you apply the deodorants soon after bathing, it won’t get adsorbed in your skin and would protect your outer skin layer for some time and the effect would banish!
  • Thus, if you are applying the deodorant in the morning, make sure your skin is dry and you get some time to make your skin absorb the deo!
  • Also if you apply the deodorant at nights, it would get absorbed in your skin and even showering would not be able to banish its impact!
  • Thus go dry and clean while using deodorants and get fantastic results!

3. Applying Deodorant Right After Shaving!

This is one of the worst deodorant mistakes anyone can commit using deodorants! Shaving is a quite delicate process while it can make your skin itchy and using the deodorants on your freshly shaved skin would get you no benefits! For sure, using the chemical products after shaving your skin is no mindfulness as it can damage your skin and make you feel horrible!

Why Should You Not Apply Deodorant Right After Shaving?

  • Shaving not only makes your skin free from unwanted hair but also makes your skin rough an itchy for sometime due to cuts, injuries and bumps
  • Improper use of shaving tools and the wrong technique for shaving can worsen your skin and make it feel itchy
  • Your skin requires a lot of time to get back into its normal state after going through the process of shaving. Razor bumps, flashes, burning sensation, itchy skin etc are the common effects of shaving
  • Some women even get little cuts and injuries from shaving
  • In such scenarios, only a person having no mercy on the skin can use deodorants!
  • Surely, the deodorants are made to kill the bacteria and sweat but they won’t give you benefits over shaving issues
  • Filled with various chemicals and elements, the deodorants can make your itchy skin even more itchy and painful!
  • Thus, let your skin get dry and repaired for some time and then use the deodorants to prevent burning and itchiness all the daylong!
  • Also you can try the deodorants made from natural ingredients and soothing oils to prevent the burning sensation and to kill sweatiness!
  • Treat your skin as a delicate element and pamper it as a pro for amazing results!

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4. Not Knowing How To Get It Off The Clothes

Not just sweat but also the deodorants can make your clothes stained! We use lots of deodorants to fight chemicals, bacterial and sweatiness and this can cause staining and extreme smell on the clothes! Lots of people are unaware of deodorant mistakes and how to remove those stains and smell of deodorants from the clothes!

How To Remove The Stains And Smell Of Deodorants From The Clothes?

  • It’s simply annoying to grab a pair of t-shirt catching a huge white stain under the armpits! This is due to the deodorant mistakes, fighting sweat all the day and ending up as a huge stain!
  • You can move a damp cloth on the stain which can fix it quickly if you are in hurry.
  • You can also use some tricky products like baby wipes, makeup removers and sponges to fight these stains.
  • If you have enough bucks to spend on your luxuries, go for cool deodorant stain remover which is the fastest and effective way to remove stains!
  • Along with stains, you will have the leftover smell of the deodorants on your clothes and you surely need to remove it to feel fresh and cool while you wear the same pair of clothes for the next time.
  • If you are looking for an easy way to fight both, stain and odor from your clothes, try this cool remedy and get awesome results!

Baking Soda Stain And Odor Remover

Ingredients- Baking Soda, Luke Warm Water
  • Get a tub of Luke warm water.
  • Add half cup baking soda in this water.
  • Soak your clothes in this water.
  • Let it settle and work for few hours.
  • Wash your clothes as usual.

This method would surely get your clothes free from the stains and smell of deodorants and get you a fresh pair of clothes you can carry!

5. Mixing Up Between Deodorants And Antiperspirants

Most of us mix up the functions and uses of deodorants and antiperspirants! However, both are quite different and are used for different purposes! Antiperspirants are used for fighting and blocking sweat while deodorants are used for fighting body odor caused due to sweating and the bacteria.

What Is The Difference Between Antiperspirants And Deodorants?

  • Antiperspirants are the products made from aluminum largely to block the pores an sweat secreting glands.
  • When people need to reduce the mount of sweatiness or stop extreme sweat, they use antiperspirants.
  • Antiperspirants are sometimes odorless and can would get absorbed deep in the skin layers to block sweating and keep your skin fresh all the day long.
  • Deodorants are the products which can fight the bacteria and odor of sweat.
  • When your body sweats, there are numerous bacteria which get released and develop a pungent smell! The deodorants can effectively kill these bacteria and odor while making you feel fresh!
  • Only some deodorants with inbuilt antiperspirants can fight sweating, not all of them can!
  • If you apply some deodorant and go for a walk, you would surely sweat a lot but if you apply antiperspirants, your sweat glands would get blocked and you would get no amount of sweat!
  • Thus if you want to kill odor and bacteria, go for deodorants and if you want to battle perspiration, try antiperspirants!

6. Using Wrong Deodorants

In this competitive and evolving world, there are tons of products which would get you confused and people can make deodorant mistakes! People get allured to different products on the basis of fragrances, brand names and much more elements but there are various factors which you must consider while choosing the right deodorant for your skin. The best deodorant is the one which suits your skin type and works magically over it!

How To Get The Best Deodorant For Your Skin?

  • The first step for purchasing a deodorant wisely is to test your skin. If you are getting immense sweat under your arms, you need an antiperspirant. If sweating under your arms is balanced, you can use the combination of antiperspirant and deodorant!
  • The deodorants are available as sprays, solid deodorants and roll on deodorants. If you have moist and immensely sweaty skin, the roll on deodorants may feel uncomfortable
  • In such cases you can use the powdered or solid deodorants. If you are ready to spend a handsome amount on the deodorants, you can sue the spray deodorants, which generally cost more than the regular deodorants and last more!
  • The armpits are extremely sensitive and delicate area. You need to treat it very carefully to avoid irritation and itchiness.
  • Deodorants can play a huge role in making the skin on your armpits dry and soft. Choose the deodorants which are mild and are prepared with some natural ingredients. Especially if you have sensitive skin, do not use more chemical based deodorants
  • Some deodorants are filled with ingredients like alcohol and chemicals for fighting the bacteria which can irritate your skin making you feel horrible! Thus, choose the deodorants while reading the labels and elements used!
  • Thus, follow these tips to get the best deodorant for your skin and to avoid itchiness and skin irritation.

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7. Using Extremely High Scented And Too Much Deodorant

Everything used in a balanced way can give you proper benefits while anything used in excess would have its side effects! We all love deodorants for their amazing scents and bacteria killing properties! However, you need to consider the right amount of deodorants which can get you high impact results.

How Much Deodorants We Can Use?

  • Your underarms are very delicate and thus, you need to apply deodorants properly and in enough quantity
  • Immense amount of deodorants can make your skin itchy and irritated
  • Heavily scented deodorants are filled with various combinations of scents and chemical products which can harm your skin on long term
  • We understand that you would love to smell awesome and refreshing all the day but that does simply not mean that you can sue lots of deodorant!
  • Also people apply deodorants very frequently. Once after bath, and the second time in the evening or nights while partying out! If you require applying the deodorant while moving out, thoroughly clean your skin and apply it to avoid skin irritation and itchiness!
  • Thus, use the deodorants in a précised way to extract more benefits and to stay ever ready and fresh whenever you step out!

Thus we have seen here some deodorant mistakes. Deodorants are amazing and with the perfect blend of scents, it can make you smell awesome. It would kill the bacteria which can result into body odor and would leave you with a refreshing and blissful aroma! Try using deodorants effectively and in needed quantity to get more benefits while avoiding all the skin related issues!

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