How To Smell Amazing Without Using Perfume?

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Have you ever complimented someone on how good they smell and they insist that they are not wearing any perfume? Will you believe them? We bet not. But what if we say, it’s true, you can smell nice without using perfume. At first, you might not want to believe but if you read this article you will find that there are many simple and effective natural fragrance to smell nice without using perfume.

Fragrance forms an important part of our lifestyle that is beyond just applying the perfume to lead an aromatic life. We all like to smell good but not everyone likes to wear perfume every day. Some people are even allergic to the perfumes and for some, scents give a headache while there are some who just cannot afford the high priced quality perfumes. Whatever may be the situation, you cans till find alternatives and most of them are natural.

It would be so perfect if you can walk around and smell amazing all day long. Just imagine not using sprayed perfumed fragrance after every few hours. Sounds appealing, right? In this article, we will discuss how to smell nice without using perfume.

Natural Fragrance

Natural Fragrance to Smell Nice

1. Essential Oils

There is nothing more natural than essential oils. The antibacterial oils such as rosemary, lavender, thyme, lemongrass, lemon, tea tree and geranium, when mixed together, are the most healthier options that not only smell better but are also long lasting. Adding few drops of coconut oil works as a natural sunscreen. Oil tend to get soaked deeper into the skin, so even if you take bath, there will be a still subtle whiff of scents the next day. Apply the mixture of essential oils on your skin before leaving the house and be ready to get compliments for smelling so fresh all day long. They provide you long lasting natural fragrance and since they are not as expensive as traditional perfumes, they will save you tonnes of money.

2. Scented Herbs

What do you think about herbs and actual flowers? You may think they look better in the vase or in the flower bed but think again. Putting dry jasmine flowers, lavender flowers and scented herbs in your pockets will keep your hands smell amazing whole day. You can use the spritz of neroli, rose water and lavender extract on your hair and skin to feel refreshing leaving behind the fragrance where you go.

3. Scented Smoke

In some middle eastern countries, women carry scented smoke in their hair. The sands wood sticks, sage etc. are some of the best options that can be used as incense. The scents from home often linger on your clothes and skin for some time.

4. Skin Scrub

Scrubbing your skin on regular basis helps soften the skin because dehydrated skin lacks moisture and its ability to soak any oil. An effective scrub will keep your skin moist — and allow the skin to feel fresh and fragrant. Invest into a good scrub for effective result.

5. Avoid Overpowering Food

Did you know what you eat also affect how you smell? If not, then just remember this that when you eat something gassy or food with garlic, onion and mustard you can get you bloated and release bad odour through different pores after few hours. The same things go for alcoholic beverages. The reason why hangovers have a certain signature smell which is not at all good. It is important to eat clean and maintain a healthy diet to make your natural body smell amazing. To smell sweet, eat more fruits and fresh vegetables. Drink enough water to flush out the toxins and dilute the funky odours.

6. Packaged Powders

When babies are small, they always smell good because of constant powder being sprinkled on their body. Use this hack and you can also smell the same with the baby powders. There are loads of scented powders available in the market and they do not smell as strong as perfumes and deodorants. The powder also tend to soak little sweat and avoid the bad odours.

7. Body Wash/Scented Body Oils

If you do not wish to wear heavy scents but still want the fragrance to linger on the skin, then body wash could be the answer. The smell would linger for a longer period and no way overpower. Another alternative can be scented body oils that can be applied after the shower and you are ready to smell good for rest of the day.

8. Wash Your Mouth

Before you think of smelling good, it is important you avoid smelling bad and your mouth play a very important role in it. You surely don’t want your mouth to smell like a food basket when you are in public. Therefore, keep a pack of gum in different flavours like strawberry or mint so that when you cross someone the fragrance of gum can take over. This could be a smart hack for avoiding the bad odour and work as an alternative.

9. Avoid Smoking

If you know someone who smokes, you will know how gross their clothes smell whenever they are around. Apart from the health factor, one of the worst thing is the smell of smoke from the person around you. No matter how nice the person is, the smell of smoke is a turnoff and completely overpower the nose and its ability to smell anything else around. Therefore, if you want to avoid the embarrassment in front of your friends or colleagues avoid smoking and instead allow your natural fragrance.

Apart from these small hacks that you can use on regular basis, there are few other examples of effective yet odd and natural fragrance alternatives to the perfumes.

10. Citrus Peels

Citrus scents are used in air freshener, oils, perfumes and more. You can rub the peel of an orange or any other citrus fruit on different parts of the body like neck, ears and wrists. This may sound little odd but you can surely smell amazing without spending a penny.

11. Baby Oil

You will always find some quantity of baby oil in all types of scents such as jasmine, lavender and more. Dabbing baby oils on different parts of your body will give you soft, gentle and aromatic feel. This is the simplest hack you can use as an alternative and you don’t need to share this personal secret to anyone.

12. Vanilla Extract

We all love the smell of baked cake and cookies. Vanilla extract is mostly used for the baking purpose and it can also be used as a body fragrance. The vanilla extract is quite irresistible just like freshly baked cookies. Splash few drops of vanilla extract on the paper towel and dab it gently on your skin. Make sure you do a small patch test to avoid any allergic reaction on the skin.

For all those girls who cannot stand the strong fragrance of perfumes or for any reason are looking for the ways i.e. natural fragrance to smell nice, all the above-mentioned hacks can do wonder. They are tried and tested and instead of coming out loud with the sharp smells of perfume, you can walk into any party or gathering with the natural fragrance of fresh herbs or essential oils that are everlasting.

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