DIY Remedies To Stay Sweat Free This Summer…

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Summers and sweat come all together hand in hand! Sweating is a sole issue which can sometimes create really annoying and embarrassing situation for you! We all have experienced heavy sweating in whenever we step out of our air-conditioned home and offices and in the public areas! The hot weather in summers makes the skin immensely greasy and the freshness of skin gets faded! Do you know how to stop sweating in summer?

We all want a glorious and refreshing skin in summers which can make us feel chilled out and pleasant! If you are too suffering from excessive sweating and need some cool remedies which can fight to sweat and get you flawless fresh skin, you must try the natural ingredients and remedies! No other products can give you such resistance to sweat as the natural product does! Consider the perfumes which would just eliminate the smell or consider the talcum powders which would also wash away with sweat! Consider these natural ingredients which can reduce sweatiness and make your skin dry and supple from the depth!

How To Stop Sweating In Summer?

How To Stop Sweating In Summer?

1. How To Stop Sweating In Summer Using Cucumber Juice?

Cucumber Juice to Stay Sweat Free

The reason this awesome ingredient is used quite a much during summers is due to its awesome sweat hindering properties! Cucumber is filled with a huge amount of fluids and skin-repairing agents which can nourish your skin and balance the hyperactive sweat glands! Cucumber juice can simply work miracles on your skin and reduce sweatiness! Try this cool remedy for fighting sweat this summer in a natural way!

Ingredients: Cucumber juice


  • Get some fresh cucumbers and extract the juice.
  • Apply it on the face while rubbing the cucumber slices on the sweaty area.
  • The slices can work amazingly on the armpits, face and all such sweat targeted areas!
  • Trying this awesome remedy for some days regularly would get you enhanced and super cool results!

Cucumber juice is a natural cleanser and toner which would not only fight the sweatiness and greasy skin but would also make your skin smooth and supple. Also, it fights pigmentation and helps in rejuvenating the dark and sweaty areas!

2. Tomato Juice To Stay Sweat-Free

Tomato Juice To Stay Sweat-Free

This cool food available in our refrigerators is an ultimate cleansing agent which would maintain the pH balance of your skin while making it super smooth and flawless! Tomatoes are made up of lots of healthy acids, cool nutrients, vitamins and essential ingredients to stop sweat and get the freshness of your skin back! This stunning and high impact ingredient can simply work miracles on your sweat affected skin and get you stunning results soon!

Ingredients: Tomatoes


  • Get some fresh tomatoes and slice them.
  • Rub these slices over your face and the armpits.
  • Rub for 15 minutes daily before bathing.

Following this cool process for a week on a regular basis, you would get some interesting results over your skin! The products available in the market for sweating can irritate your skin as they are made of the chemical based ingredients. This natural ingredient would make your skin dazzling, cleanse your skin, repair your skin and also make it beautifully bright! This is one of the most promising ingredients used for treating sweatiness which gives perfect results!

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3. How To Stop Sweating In Summer Using Baking Soda?

How To Stop Sweating In Summer Using Baking Soda?

Baking soda is a home ingredient which can nourish your skin as never before! This cool product would work beautifully on your delicate skin and remove blackheads, pigmentation, cracked and itchy skin too! This multi-tasking ingredient can be used to reduce and eliminate sweating within just a few applications!

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Water


  • Get some baking soda and add it into a little water.
  • Prepare a thick paste and apply it to you sweaty areas.
  • Rub this cool mixture on your sweaty skin for 10-15 minutes and leave it for some time.
  • Rinse with cool water.

This natural scrubbing and cleansing element would make your skin super smooth, balanced and reduce sweatiness in just a few applications! For cool and refreshing skin, use this high impact recipe and you would surely love the results!

4. Lemon Juice For Sweat Free Summer

Lemon Juice For Sweat Free Summer

People generally have mixed or combination skin which has some highly sweaty and sensitive areas. Just like some people get sweat on the nose while some can get sweaty forehead. For such people, using an oil-based cleanser can get even more complex! Thus you can use the lemon juice of you have such complicated skin! Lemon juice makes the skin balanced and works effectively on the sweaty area! This amazing bleaching element would simply fight the darkness and greasiness of the skin and would get it an adorable freshness!

Ingredients: Lemon Juice


  • Apply the fresh lemon juice on your sweaty areas.
  • You can also squeeze out some lemon juice and apply it on your sweaty body parts.
  • You can try this cool remedy for mixing a little lemon juice in your bathing water for freshness and overall body cleansing!
  • Do not get heavy exposure towards the sun as lemon juice is a bleaching agent and can make your skin dark with sun rays!

This is an amazing remedy which can nourish your skin, maintain the pH balance and also remove excessive sweat! Try this multiple benefit remedy and make your skin refreshing and sun-kissed!

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5. How To Stop Sweating In Summer Using Aloe Vera Gel?

How To Stop Sweating In Summer Using Aloe Vera Gel?

Aloe vera is an amazing herb which has numerous skin and hair benefits! This glorious and divine herbal ingredient can make your skin super smooth, glorious, bright and sweat free! The antioxidants and nourishment in this awesome soothing ingredient would nourish your skin making it free from excessive sweating!

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel


  • Get some aloe Vera plant and extract fresh gel from this plant.
  • Directly massage your skin with this super stunning ingredient.
  • Let it work for 20-30 minutes and rinse with cold water.

With added freshness and sun-kissed beauty, this cool ingredient would make your skin super smooth and flawless! You must try this remedy daily for making your skin youthful, dazzling and admirable!

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar To Stay Sweat Free

Vinegar is a cool ingredient which has numerous benefits over skin fighting sweat and pungent smell is another benefit you can make the most of which! During summers and hot weathers, apply the fresh apple cider vinegar on your skin and avoid the sweaty armpits and face!

Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Get some fresh apple cider vinegar and apply it on your armpits and face with a cotton ball.
  • Let it dry for a few minutes and rinse with cold water.
  • You can also add two spoons of this cool ingredient in your bathing water for cleansing and be nourishing your body!
  • Try this cool remedy thrice a week and you would get some notable difference in your skin sweating.

We have discussed how to stop sweating in summer and DIY remedies. These are some of the most widely preferred and natural ingredients which are easily available and have got some cool benefits over the skin! From pigmentation to greasy skin, these home remedies can make your skin rid of sweatiness while blessing you with you a refreshing and blissful skin!

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