Do You Know Vitamin B6 Benefits for Your Overall Health?

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Surprising! But true!

  • Vitamin B6 is the only water-soluble Vitamin.
  • This Vitamin is helpful in maintaining the blood glucose levels in the body to normal.
  • The best sources for Vitamin B6 include sunflower seeds, turkey, lentils, soya beans, avocado, chicken, tuna, pistachio nuts, etc.
  • Both the immune system and the nervous system need Vitamin B6 for functioning efficiently.
  • Vitamin B6 helps in keeping the thymus, spleen and the lymph nodes healthy beneficial for having healthy hemoglobin levels.
  • Vitamin B6 is much important during pregnancy for both the mother and the infant for proper growth and development.
  • Vitamin B6 deficiency can lead to damage to the nerve on a permanent basis.
  • The regular intake of Vitamin B6 helps in improving the mood which helps in reducing the symptoms leading to depression.

Vitamin B6 Benefits

What Is Vitamin B6? How Is It Obtained?

Pyridoxine – Have you heard this word? No? What if I say Vitamin B6? Yes, Pyridoxine is nothing but Vitamin B6 which is an essential nutrient for the human body. Also known as a water-soluble nutrient, there is a long list of Vitamin B6 benefits, which is quite unknown to the people.

Vitamin B6 is much essential for a number of body functions. Just as your body requires essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, and proteins for proper metabolism of the body, B6 is essential for the neurotransmitters and the formation of the red blood cells. Again, your body isn’t capable of producing this nutrient and hence, it is obtained from the supplements or variety of food ingredients. TheVitamin B6 deficiency of the same can lead to serious nerve issues, and hence, people looking for diets should make sure they include Vitamin B6 supplements or ingredients for a health or balanced diet.

Coming to the list of Vitamin B6 foods, it is widely obtained from cereals, wheat germ, green beans, walnuts, and whole grains. Including eggs, meat, liver, and fish to the diet is also another way of obtaining Vitamin B6. Some other foods high in Vitamin B6 are cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, banana, soya beans, tuna, turkey and chicken breast, avocado, pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds, blackstrap molasses, chickpeas, amaranth grain, pinto beans, sesame seeds, etc.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lack Of Vitamin B6?

Some of the popular Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms include:

  • Confusion
  • Anemia
  • Depression and stress
  • Dementia
  • Fatigue
  • Balancing issues
  • Mood swings
  • Intestinal issues
  • Soreness of tongue and mouth
  • Loss of memory
  • Numbness or tingling in feet and hands
  • Weak muscles
  • Weak immune system
  • Confusion

When the required amount of Vitamin B6 is included in the meals, you are sure to fight against the deficiencies. Again, there are certain supplements available for the same too. Again, before beginning with the dosage of the supplements, it is better to seek the help of your medical practitioner for getting correct results.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Vitamin B6?

Vitamin B6 is much helpful in improving the metabolism of the body. However, apart from that, it also supports healthy vision and carries out the detoxification of the liver.

Still, want to know more? Here are some of the hidden benefits of Vitamin B6 that would push you towards foods high in Vitamin B6.

1. Gives You That Flawless Look

This is one of the fewer known benefits of Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is much essential to prevent your skin from premature aging as it reduces the chances of wrinkles and fine lines in a natural way. Apart from this, Vitamin B6 provides relief from skin issues like eczema, dry skin, acne, psoriasis, melanoma, and many more. Hence, Vitamin B6 aids in getting a glowing and flawless young look.

2. To Detoxify Your Liver And Kidney

It is the job of your liver to detoxify any impure toxins in the body and Vitamin B6 benefits in doing so. Patients suffering from Chronic liver dysfunction are widely suggested to intake Vitamin B6 sources as it would help in the detoxification of the liver properly. Again, B6 when combined with other minerals like magnesium help in reducing the chances of developing kidney stones too.

3. For Having Healthy Blood Vessels

Homocysteine is a kind of amino acids which if increases in the body can result in inflammation and a number of heart issues. Vitamin B6 helps in maintaining required levels of homocysteine which helps in preventing from inflammation and heart disorders too. Along with homocysteine, it also controls the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol for giving you a healthy heart.

4. For Boosting Your Cognitive Function

Vitamin B6 serves as the natural booster for your cognitive functions. The Vitamin comes with a positive effect on the production of good hormones like norepinephrine and serotonin which is helpful in the treatment of various behavior disorders. B6 is has proved to be helpful in curing disorders related to the brain like dementia, Alzheimer’s disorder, ADHD, and many other brain disorders. Hence, Vitamin B6 improves cognitive functions and provides you with an accurate nervous system.

5. Relief From Irritating Mood Swings

Did you know, mood swings are among the Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms? The Vitamin helps in uplifting the mood and spirits in a natural way by increasing the serotonin levels of the brain. The intake of the required amount of B6 is also helpful in the creation of happy hormones that reduces the stress levels and depression. By providing a new source of energy, the Vitamin helps in boosting good mood and reducing mood swings.

6. For Fighting Against Anemia

As mentioned above, Vitamin B6 benefits the red blood cells by boosting the levels of hemoglobin in the body. And the patients of anemia certainly lack the required amount of red blood cells in the body. Vitamin B6 when introduced in your diet enhances the level of red blood cells in the body reducing symptoms of anemia like body aches, fatigue, etc. It increases the required levels of hemoglobin and slowly reduces anemia.

7. Helps In Fighting Against Rheumatoid Arthritis

Suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis, or having severed joint pain? Simply introduce Vitamin B6 foods in your meals and it would help in getting relief from the severe pain. Vitamin B6 along with other nutrients help in reducing the pain in the joints and muscles which is unbearable for the people suffering from arthritis.

8. Prevents From Diabetes

This might be shocking for you, but it is true that diabetes is among the Vitamin B6 deficiency list too. Vitamin B6 helps in the prevention of Diabetes and other complications that come hand in hand with Diabetes. For the people suffering from any painful condition due to Diabetes, Vitamin B6 proves to be a savior.

9. For A Healthy Pregnancy Phase

Pregnant women require the proper amount of nutrients for various purposes, and Vitamin B6 is among the important ones. Taking the supplements or food rich in Vitamin B6 would help in conditions like nausea faced by the expecting mother. Along with nausea, it is also helpful in conditions like morning sickness and upset stomach. Most importantly, Vitamin B6 is essential for the healthy growth and development of the infant during and after pregnancy.

10. Treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This syndrome attacks the fingers, hands, etc. as it makes them numb and weak. This happens while you perform any particular task repetitively for long hours. This syndrome is widely observed in pregnant women. Vitamin B6 is much essential to help you out from the pain that the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome provides you with. It provides some relief from the pain and comfortlessness provided by the syndrome.

Along with all these, Vitamin B6 is also essential for the healthy growth of the hair and prevents you from hair loss. Talking about the vision, B6 is also a good source for protecting you from any kind of sight issues, age-related macular degeneration, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Gift yourself a healthy meal and include foods high in Vitamin B6 for providing your body with overall health.

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