Amazing Benefits of Soaked Almonds!

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Some Fun Facts About Almonds

  • Almonds are also known as “the queen of the rose family”.
  • Almonds grow in too hot summers as well as too cold winters.
  • For pollination, almonds depend on both honey and wild bees. Hence, if there are no bees, there would be no almonds at all.
  • Almonds reduce the absorption of carbs and sugar.
  • Soaked almonds are rich in nutrients like Vitamin E, folic acid, and dietary fiber.
  • Eating soaked almonds is much beneficial compared to eating raw almonds.
  • Almonds that are soaked are much easier to digest compared to the raw ones.
  • The average age of the almond tree is around 20 to 25 years.
  • Almonds are beneficial for health issues like impotency, anemia, heart issues, cough, constipation, diabetes,and respiratory issues.
  • Sweet almond oil is used since ancient times for various massage therapies for lubricating the skin.

Why Eat Soaked Almonds Everyday?

Soaked Almonds – An Introduction

Remember your grandmother forcing you to eat soaked almonds every morning? At that time, you might be getting annoyed with the routine, but today after reading this you would thank your grandmother for forcing you to the habit.

Everyone is aware of the benefits of almonds. However, very few are aware that by soaking the almonds overnight, you can boost the nutrition levels to a great extent. But why soak the almonds when you can avail its benefits by having them raw? The secret behind soaking the almonds overnight is that by doing so, you reduce the acids and tannins content the skin of the almonds have. When the brown skin on the almonds is removed, they become easy and quick to digest. Along with this, you can also absorb added minerals and vitamins from the almonds if soaked.

Still wondering why have almonds soaked in water? Let’s learn the list of benefits it brings along.

What Are The Benefits Of Soaked Almonds?

No doubt, almonds of any type come with the same nutritional values, but having almonds that are soaked would add to the benefits. The soaked almonds are rich in Vitamin B, Lipase, dietary fiber, potassium, protein, polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats, iron and calcium. Here are the health benefits these nutritional values help you with.

1. For Cardiovascular Health

Almonds are filled with monounsaturated acids and flavonoids. Both the nutrients are helpful in improving cardiovascular health as well as help in the complete anti-oxidation of the body. Flavonoids in the almonds work as a protective shield against inflammation. Also, Vitamin E and other nutrients in the almonds when soaked help in the regulation of the cholesterol levels too. Again, the benefits of soaked almonds also include a fact that they help in reducing the bad cholesterol levels and help in the building of healthy arteries preventing them from any clogging.

2. Boosting Mood And Memory

When you have almonds soaked in water, they also help in improving the memory and mood. They are rich in L-Carnitine levels which are useful in the growth and production of the new brain cells. Phenylalanine present in the almonds helps in improving the memory. Again, Vitamin B6 present in the almonds also help in enhancing the protein bioavailability to the cells of the brain. This improves the production of a chemical in the brain which improves the brain cells and its working like quick and easy learning, good memory, etc.

3. Improving Bone Density

Soaked almonds are much helpful in boosting the calcium levels in the body. They help in meeting the daily requirement of calcium which strengthens the bones. Apart from this, it is also helpful for people facing Osteoporosis due to which the density of the bones decreases and the bones become weak and brittle. Merely having a handful of almonds that are soaked in water, you can easily boost the bone density levels and make them stronger.

4. Regulation Of Blood Sugar Levels

For the people having diabetes type 2 and metabolic syndrome, eating almonds that are soaked in water would be a great routine to follow. The almonds are much lower in carbs which help in the regulation of blood sugar levels for diabetics. Again, the magnesium and other nutrients mentioned in the almonds improve the function of insulin along with other body functions. Eating almonds would also improve the magnesium levels for the one suffering from its deficiency.

5. Helpful For The Growth Of Probiotic Bacteria

Gut health is one of the benefits of soaked almonds. They promote the growth of probiotic bacteria in the stomach which is much essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system. The almonds also contain dietary fiber which is helpful in the regulation of peristaltic motion. This reduces the chances of indigestion, cramping, constipation and bloating too. The increase in the probiotic bacteria levels also helps in filling any kind of nutritional deficiencies from the meals you have. Hence, have a happy gut with some almonds soaked with water every morning.

6. For Weight Loss

Yes, this is true. Having some almonds soaked would be helpful in weight loss. The almonds are rich in dietary fiber, fats,and proteins which are helpful in controlling your craving and reducing it too. It keeps you full for long hours which protects you from overeating. It promotes digestion as well as reduces the calorie consumption which works magically for reducing weight. Again, it is also helpful for those looking for the regulation of their BMI levels. So, if you are obese and looking for some weight loss, include some almonds that are soaked in your early morning routine.

7. For A Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy eating is much essential during pregnancy. And the soaked almonds nutrition values would be much helpful for pregnant women. They help in the nourishment and development of the fetus. It also increases the energy levels in the body of the mother along with the folic acid levels which makes sure the mother has a hassle-free and safe delivery. It also protects the baby from any kind of defects during birth.

8. Complete Hair Care

Whether you are suffering from hair loss, damaged hair or any other hair issue, using soaked almond for hair is a complete package for any kind of hair issues. Having almonds every day would promote the growth of healthy hair as well as hair follicles which increases the volume of the hair. The nourishment and protein levels it provides protects your hair from hair loss and also provides it its lost shine and any kind of hair or follicle damage.

9. For Flawless Skin

Just as the almonds soaked in water are helpful for entire hair care, it is also helpful for overall skin health too. The nutrients obtained from almonds are much helpful for providing the skin with required moisturization. It cleans the skin properly and also reduces the chances of inflammation by treating the chapped skin, rashes, etc. As it works on aging symptoms like saggy skin, fine lines and dark spots, it is also the best anti-aging ingredient. Hence, having almonds that are soaked in water overnight would provide you with glowing and flawless skin.

Hence, soaked almonds are much helpful for a number of health, skin and hair benefits. They reduce the cholesterol levels which reduces the chances of increased blood pressure levels or stroke, balances the pH levels and is also the best source for meeting the riboflavin requirements of the body.

How To Soak The Almonds In The Water?

Looking for how to soak almonds? Here is how you can do so for reaping more and more benefits.

Take a bowl and add one cup of almonds to it. Now add two cups of water to the almonds. If the almonds are not covered out completely, add some more water to the bowl to cover them entirely. Leave the almonds in the bowl for around 6 – 12 hours or overnight. Drain out the water completely and rinse the almonds. After rinsing, you can eat the almonds in two different ways. One with the skin and secondly by peeling off the skin.

So, start a healthy habit of eating almonds soaked in water and gain maximum benefit from it from today itself!

If you have been eating soaked Almonds since quite a few time and are experiencing its benefits, then please share your experience with us in comments section. It will be helpful for our readers. Lastly, if you loved this article then please share it with your friends and family on social media.

Thanks, have a healthy and happy day!

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