Common Breast Feeding Issues And Their Solutions!

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Pregnancy is filled with lots of surprising events! One of them is breast feeding. It looks simple that how easily the mothers can feed the baby with breast feeding but, it is actually not that simple. Due to several issues like problems in babies regarding latching, diet, hormonal issues etc which can make it extremely difficult for a mother to breast feed the baby! Especially if the mother is breast feeding for the first time and is also having the baby for the first time, it is quite hectic to understand the complications hidden in breast feeding! Here are some common breastfeeding problems which can affect the mother and baby, along with the solutions!

Breastfeeding Problems

Common Breastfeeding Problems And Their Solutions

1. Your Baby Does Not Latch!

Most of the mothers complain about the baby not latching. There are several cases in which, the baby does not latch and gets the mother stressed! This is due to inappropriate latching positions and your baby’s lack of knowledge regarding latching.

The baby needs to be guided about latching thus, sometimes is not able to latch properly! This issue can cause issues in your baby as if the baby wont latch, he/ she won’t be able to get appropriate nutrients.


  • To make your baby latch, you can try changing the position of your baby. When you make your baby shift positions, it can benefit the baby.
  • Also, you can try shifting the baby from one breast to another and skin to skin nursing.
  • These are the most beneficial ways through which your baby can surely latch. When your baby would get hungry and you would put these extra efforts to make your baby latch, it would surely work!
  • Bring your baby close to your chest, with skin to skin contact and close to your chest, feed your baby!

2. Pain During Latching

For some women, it is extremely painful to latch the baby. This is the horrible experience when our nipples get sore due to pain. This can also happen if your baby bites or harshly sucks your nipples. The nipples are extremely soft and tender and cannot bear this pain.

If you are still wondering why your baby is getting so naughty, your baby must not get be getting enough space to latch freely! Thus, now it’s time to teach your baby some ways to treat you properly!


  • If your baby gets very harsh on your nipples, it is due to his inability and lack of experience in sucking your nipples. Also your baby must be getting little space and thus would bite your nipples due to suffocation!
  • When the baby does not get enough space to breath and latch, he would certainly bite your nipples. Thus, give more space to your baby, let him latch comfortably and your baby won’t bite you!
  • Instead, your baby can also fall asleep while feeding! Through this amazing solution which works best on your naughty baby!

3. Swelling In Breasts

This is also one of the common issues among women who are lactating for the first time. During lactation, the changes in blood flow, milk production, constant breast feeding, hormonal changes etc can make your breasts look swollen.

When you conceive, your breasts starts getting filled with milk and also gets prepared for lactation. This amazing change in the breasts is not due to any unwanted problem but is the preparation for your baby’s feeding sessions!


  • Swelling in the breasts is due to the pregnancy and to make the baby feed. Thos is the reason why your breasts look swollen and enlarge.
  • You don’t need to worry if your breasts look like this. Within few days of lactation, your breasts would get in a proper shape and would look as before!
  • Sometimes this welling can cause issues while you make your baby feed. Within few days, your breasts would get proper and you must arrange your baby’s position while holding your nipples and arranging them!

4. Cracked Nipples

When your nipples are cracked, the baby is not able to latch properly and avoids latching. The nipples get cracked, dry, and rough and can hurt the baby. The nipples are extremely sensitive and tender.

In such cases and the problems of pregnancy, your nipples can get rough, dry and extremely itchy. Also there are different infections which can make your nipple cracked.


  • When your nipples get cracked and dry, your baby is not able to feel the smoothness and this perkiness would make your baby avoid latching
  • These issues can affect your baby and he would not latch properly which results in lack of nutrients in your baby
  • You can try applying some smoothening ingredients on your nipples and get it healed
  • But, make sure that your nipples are clean and are not stuffed with the ingredients which can affect your baby. Thus, make your baby latch properly by smoothening your nipples!

5. Soon After Breast Feeding, Your Baby Vomits

Are you concerned if your baby starts vomiting soon after you feed him? There are different reasons for this. Sometimes, the baby is not able to digest the milk the mother makes him feed.

When the milk does not get easily digested in the body and does not burp, he would simply vomit. This can also happen if your baby has over fed!  Thus, there are various reasons like over feeding, digestion issues which can make our baby vomit soon after rest feeding!


  • If your baby is spitting soon after you feed him, try to keep your baby standing for a while. Let your baby burp and then let your baby sleep.
  • This would help your baby to absorb all the milk and the milk would get in the system easily. Also keep a track on the amount of milk the baby gets.
  • Extreme feeding can make your baby over fed which causes the problem in digestion. Thus, let your baby feed as per the need and help the baby digest milk!

6. Baby Always Bites

This is a very common problem almost all the mothers face. Whenever the mother makes the baby feed, the baby bites the nipples and this cause’s extreme pain! Especially when your baby gets some teeth, this problem gets bigger! This happened when your baby dies not get enough space for feeding! There are various ways to fight this issue and make your baby avoid biting you!


When your baby bites your nipples, you can try various things which can help in preventing this. Place a finger in the baby’s mouth if he bites constantly. Give your baby less area to bite and this would work amazingly. Trickily, place the finger and avoid your baby from biting your nipples and hurting you!

7. Low Milk Production

This is one of the widely observe problems in mothers. This can happen due to different reasons. The deficiency of different nutrients in your body, previous breast surgeries, inappropriate position during breast feeding etc can cause low milk in the breasts.

During the starting phase, your breasts would get filled with milk but within some time, you may not be able to feed your baby properly. There are various ways through which you can boost milk in your breasts and feed your baby!


  • If you have low levels of milk in your breasts, you can try various methods to boost milk supply.
  • Try some breast massages to improve blood low in your breasts, try fennel seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds and such impactful ingredients which can stimulate the milk producing glands and can fill your breasts with milk.
  • Also, you can try positioning your baby in different ways through which milk can be regulated!

8. Blood In Breast Milk

This is a condition in which, the milk appears pinkish or reddish. This is due to bleeding from your breasts. If your nipples are cracked, rough and dry, it can cause bleeding. Sometimes this can happen due to the internal issues in the breast. If this happens casually, there is no need to get concerned as it is a very natural thing which happens sometimes due to biting of baby, harsh nipples etc!


If your nipples casually appear pinkish or reddish, it can be due to the cracked nipples and bleeding in the nipples. You can extract some milk in the bottle before making your baby feed with it. But if the bleeding does not go away, you must consult a doctor and go for appropriate treatment. This can be a sign of dangerous issues hidden inside your body! Thus, get diagnoses and safe yourself and your baby from issues!

9. Lumpy Breasts

If your breasts get lumpy and small bumps appear on our breasts, it can lead to low blood supply and reduced breast milk. This can happen due to clogged breasts, infections in the breasts, etc.

The breast feeding gaps can also lead to lumpy and bumped breasts. Also, these lumps can also make our milk flow reduced. Thus if you face this issue or reduced flow, it may be due to the lumps in your breasts and clogged breasts!


  • If your breasts are clogged and lumpy, you can try something which can make your breasts normal.
  • If you have gaps during breast feeding, it can lead to incomplete milk supply in the breasts. This reduced and incomplete milk supply can also cause lumps and clogging in the breasts.
  • You must consult your doctor to identify the main cause of the lumps. It may happen due to reduced blood flow in your breasts which has a direct relation to lumps on the breasts!
  • Thus, don’t forget to get an appointment as it can affect you and your baby!

10. Baby Sleeps At The Time Of Breast Feeding

Your baby breast feeds as he is hungry. But if your baby does never feed completely and sleeps in between the feeding sessions, it is surely an issue. If your baby does not feed properly; he will get deprived of the nutrient which is quite dangerous for the baby!

The main reason behind your baby getting asleep is sometimes the warmth and closeness of the mother’s chest. The baby feel extremely safe and close satisfied when he is in direct contact to your skin and thus, this causes a problem!


  • How amazing it is to watch the baby fall asleep beautifully in your arms. We understand that it may concern you that why your baby sleeps while breast feeding but it is a normal process which happened frequently.
  • There is no need to worry as your baby might sleep out of satisfaction and warmth. Especially, if your baby is full and have feed correctly, there is no problem when your baby sleeps.
  • But, if your baby does not feed properly and sleeps, this can be a sign of danger.
  • If regularly, your baby does not feed and sleeps constantly, you must consult the doctor for the proper solution!

It is so interesting to feel your baby bite your nipples, and reacting differently every time he latches but it can simply become so tricky! Enjoy this precious time while feeding your baby! With this amazing guide, you would be able to understand our baby and his feeding habits easily!

11. Lack Of Fullness In The Breasts

If you no longer feel full in your breasts, it is due to various reasons, if it has been days since you have been breast feeding your baby, this is a common problem.

Your baby has got fed from your breasts several times and now it is the time to return to its original shape and size. Also the quantity of milk get reduced when your baby grows!


  • When your baby is small, he needs a lot of nutrition and mother’s milk. But along with age, the baby is consuming other foods rather than the breast milk; this is why your baby now needs low milk.
  • This is when your body gets back in to the normal shape and milk production in your breasts gets balanced.
  • This is a very natural phenomenon which give you your healthy breasts back!

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