How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs?

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Winters are back with the cold breezes and wonderfully smelling flowers!

But wait!

Where is that foul smell coming from? That’s nothing but the stink bugs that are spreading such awful smell. No doubt, they come in small size, but the surface they would cling on or land on, they are sure to spread unwanted smell at your place.

Thinking how to get rid of stink bugs? But firstly, let’s get an idea of what the stink bugs are.

How to get rid of stink bugs

Stink Bugs – What Are They?

What are stink bugs? Are they similar to the cockroaches spreading germs on your belongings? Or are they like ants having an eye on your food? Do they bite you like the mosquitoes? Well, none of these has any kind of similarities with the stink bugs. The stink bugs would neither bite you nor dirty your belongings or eatery, but would simply spread some unwanted filthy smell in your house or office. They come in various colors from brown to green and dime size.

The bugs have a body with shield shape that is perched to the legs. No doubt, the stink bugs can fly quite effectively, yet, they can hardly crawl fast which makes it easy killing them.

Are you also looking for different ways of killing stink bugs? Let’s check out the best ways of removing the stink bugs.

Different Ways To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

Just as the temperature starts falling down, it is the right time to start proofing your home to prevent from the stink bugs from inside and outside. Here are the simple steps that would help in killing stink bugs.

1. Close All The Entry Points

When it comes to how to remove stink bugs from the initial phase, sealing the entry points works effectively. Move out of your house and look for entry points which are easy to access for them like the utility pipes, siding pipes, under the wood fascia, behind the chimneys, etc. Make sure you seal all the holes, cracks and other opening using silicone-latex caulk or normal high-quality silicone for sealing them.

2. Check Out For Any Repairing Or Replacement

The stink bugs are quite small and can enter your home from any smallest open place available for them. Hence, whether it is the doors, windows or any kind of screens, check out for any kind of damage on them. Repairing them or replacing them would be an effective step to get rid of stink bugs. Look for any kind of torn mortar or weather stripping. If required, look for the installation of door sweeps.

3. Peppermint Spray

Thinking how to get rid of stink bugs with essential oils? The essential oils like peppermint essential oil come with a herbal fragrance which helps in rebelling with the stink bugs. All you need to do is add around 16 ounces of water to a spray bottle, and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil to the water. Mix the ingredients well and spray the liquid around your house or office windows, doorways, and other entries from where the stink bugs might enter your house. This would not only prevent them from entering and stinking the house but would also provide the house with a healthy fragrance every time.

4. Neem Oil

Do you have a small garden at your place? Then the possibility of having stink bugs in your house and garden increases. Thinking how to kill stink bugs at both the places? Neem oil is the best way to remove the bugs from your garden and home without damaging your plants. For using the neem oil, take around a half a cup of water and 2tbsp of neem oil in the spray bottle. Mix them well and spray the liquid on your surroundings like a door, window, and other entries. Along with this, spray it on the plants outside too, and the stink bugs are sure to vanish.

5. Watch The Lights Outside

This might sound weird, but it actually works. Similar to other insects, the stink bugs get attracted to the lights, especially in the evenings. These light lovers would gather at places they find bright and a little warm. During winters, such surroundings are easy to find at outdoor light stands, porch lights, etc. They not only provide brightness to the bugs but also with some warmth. So, make sure you switch off any unwanted lights outdoor or keep it minimum when it starts turning dark. Also, you can close the window blinds down for preventing the inner light from spilling out.

6. Water And Soap

This is among the easily available options for dealing with stink bugs. This combination basically disturbs the stink bugs a lot. This option works for removing the crawling bugs from the curtains, mats, window nets, etc. To use this option for killing stink bugs, take around a quarter amount of water in a container. Add 1tsp of laundry soap or dish soap to it and mix well. Place this mixture under the curtains, walls, etc. while cleaning. As they would be disturbed, they would get dropped in this bucket and would ultimately drown and die.

7. Ventilate Your House Properly

Areas like garages, chimneys, crawl spaces, basements, etc. are most favorable to have stink bugs in large quantity. As these areas are mostly dark and have moist, they are likely to crawl and live there. Thinking the best possible way to get rid of stink bugs from here? All you need is to provide such places with required ventilation. Eliminate any kind of harborage points in such areas. You can also use a dehumidifier or even carry out installing screens over the chimneys and other attic vents.

Along with all these, keeping a watch on your belongings, decoration items, grocery items, garbage, etc. can also be listed in the answers for how to get rid of stink bugs. Another widely used option is vacuuming the areas with bugs to kill them and also get them out of the house by throwing the garbage out.

So, are you ready to fight the stink bugs this time? Adopt any of the possible ways of killing stinkbugs and write to us any of your secret ways.


1. Do the stink bugs rely on your food for a living?

Ans: No, the stink bugs feed on the plants only. Hence, they are found in large quantity in gardens.

2. How can you protect your gardens from the stink bugs?

Ans: Using neem spray, weeding the garden at regular intervals and planting wildflowers can help in getting rid of the stink bugs with ease.

3. Can wasps help in reducing the impact of stink bugs?

Ans: Wasps are considered to be the main predators for the stink bugs. Having a number of wasps in the area of stink bugs would help in reducing their numbers.

4. What is the best home remedy for stink bugs?

Ans: The most effective home remedy for dealing with the stink bugs is the garlic spray which is made by using 4tsps of garlic and 2 cups of water.

5. Can hairspray help in killing the stink bugs?

Ans: Wait a minute, hairspray wouldn’t kill the stink bugs but would paralyze them and drop them down.

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