Natural Skin Moisturizers To Keep Your Skin Hydrated!

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The cold winds and the dryness in the air have arrived with winter! We love this beautiful climate and the coziness but maybe our skin doesn’t! During winters, due to the dryness and lack of moisture, the skin gets extremely dry. Our skin is the essential body organ which needs nutrition as well as proper hydration to battle such extreme climatic changes! Tired of applying the skin lotions every 3 hours? Here are some of the most nourishing natural skin moisturizers which you can use to make your skin glow! Try these nourishing moisturizers and your skin will blossom like a fresh flower!

Natural Skin Moisturizers To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Natural Skin Moisturizers

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Natural Skin Moisturizer

Coconut oil is the ultimate ingredient which not only fights dry skin but even battles extreme skin damage and roughness. Coconut oil is filled with nourishment which can repair the damaged skin tissues quickly and keep the skin moist. It also has antibacterial properties which will fight different skin issues! The reason why coconut oil is the best ingredient best used a moisturizer is, it has antibacterial, antifungal, organic and antiviral properties which makes it the safest moisturizer for your skin!

Every day, before sleeping, apply coconut oil on your body or before bath, apply coconut oil to moisturize your skin!

2. Shea Butter

Shea Butter Natural Skin Moisturizer

Shea butter is one of the most hydrating ingredients which can repair intense skin damage. When there were no lotions and moisturizers, women used Shea butter to nourish the skin. Application of Shea butter can reduce flaking of skin, extreme dryness and itching. It is used as a lip balm, as a healing ingredient for cracked heels and peeling skin!

Make a delicious and nourishing mixture of Shea butter and any essential oil for an aromatic homemade moisturizer!

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel Natural Skin Moisturizer

This is an ultimate moisturizer with organic and herbal properties which can simply make your skin smooth, shiny and youthful. In winters when the skin gets dry, rub fresh aloe vera gel which will get absorbed in the deep layers of your skin. Every morning and night, apply freshly extracted aloe vera gel on your skin and witness your skin getting youthful day by day!

Scrub the gel directly from the plant and rub it on your dry skin every day for the gorgeous and smooth skin!

4. Olive Oil

Olive Oil Natural Skin Moisturizer

Olive oil is filled with vitamin E which is one of the best skin repair agents. Also, it is filled with antioxidants which can protect the skin and make it youthful! It also protects the skin from getting damaged. It can prevent the skin from getting wrinkled and loose. Olive oil is also beneficial in making the skin tight while increasing the stretchiness of the skin.  The magical thing about olive oil is it promotes cell renewal which will help in forming new cell tissues and make the skin creamy smooth!

5. Glycerine

Glycerine Natural Skin Moisturizer

Glycerine is often used for skin conditioning and hydration along with rose water. Glycerine not only makes the skin moisture but also improves smoothness and stretchiness of the skin. This locks moisture in your skin and keeps it fresh! It also helps in battling issues like flaky skin, dryness, wrinkles, loose skin and different aging signs. Daily use of this ingredient simply makes the skin youthful and glorious! Thus, massage some glycerine and rose water for the soft and super smooth skin!

6. Yogurt

Yogurt Natural Skin Moisturizer

Yogurt is an ingredient which is used to reduce flakiness and nourish the skin.  It is also an anti-aging ingredient which is effective in fighting signs like wrinkles, patchiness, dry skin etc. for multiple benefits and to fight extremely dry skin, it is very important to rub yogurt on your skin twice a week. This will simply make your skin super smooth and soft while protecting the skin from damaging conditions!

7. Milk

Milk Natural Skin Moisturizer

Milk is a nourishing ingredient which hydrates the skin and fights itchiness, roughness, flakiness and various skin issues. Nobody likes the skin which looks dull and flaky and thus, a nourishing milk bath can simply hydrate your skin!  Milk consists of lactic acid which helps in reforming the damaged skin cells and internally, hydrates the skin.  It also improves collagen production which can boost skin elasticity and make your skin youthful.

Apply some raw milk on your skin or go for a milk bath once a week to make your skin gorgeous!

8. Almond Oil

Almond Oil Natural Skin Moisturizer

Almond oil is a nutritional treasure for your skin! Almonds contain a lot of nutrients and minerals which your skin needs.  Almond oil has a refreshing aroma and healing properties which can fight skin damage easily. All the hydration and nutritional needs of your skin can be satisfied while using this multi-mineral oil! You can mix it with different essential oils and apply it daily on your skin!

If you want the best results, every night before sleeping, apply almond oil on your skin and the very next morning, you will a beautiful difference in your skin texture!

These are the best ingredients which can repair your skin and protect it from getting damaged. If you want all natural solutions which can nourish your skin without any side effects, choose any of these natural skin moisturizers and brighten up your skin!

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