You Will Be Surprised To Know The Benefits Of Peppermint Oil For Hair!

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 We all know peppermint for its refreshing aroma and cooling effects. The minty flavor is popular among many for both vanity and food cuisines. Apart from being used for seasoning and flavoring, peppermint also has its place in various home remedies. Many ailments including stomach problem, muscle aches, chest congestion etc, can be treated using peppermint. But are you aware that peppermint essential oil offers many benefits for your hair also? It is simple to make at home and to store. Let us see the benefits of peppermint oil for hair and how to use Peppermint oil for hair growth.

Benefits Of Peppermint Oil For Hair

Top 5 Benefits Of Peppermint Oil For Hair Growth!

1. Peppermint Oil For Hair Loss!

It is a pain to see those strands of hair on your comb each time you brush your hair. Peppermint essential oil for hair helps in stimulating your scalp and hence the oil easily enters and moisturizes the hair follicles. It also increases the blood circulation and so using Peppermint oil for hair brings down hair loss.

2. Say Goodbye To Dry Scalp!

Dry scalp leads to itchiness and hair fall. Peppermint oil for hair growth is an excellent moisturizer and keeps the scalp hydrated. Its anti-fungal property controls dandruff and gets rid of flakes.

3. Get To The Root!

The Pulegone and Mentone content in the peppermint essential oil gives strength to the roots. This in turn again prevents hair loss.

4. No More Lice!

The peppermint oil has a strong fragrance and though it is refreshing for us, it works against the lice in your head. It suffocates the lice and kills them entirely.

5. Keep Cool!

Packed with a natural cooling property like menthol, peppermint essential oil for hair keeps your scalp cool and refreshed. Especially in summer, using the peppermint oil takes the heat out of your hair and body.

Make Your Own Peppermint Oil For Hair Growth

It is very simple to make your own peppermint essential oil for hair. Store bought products may have the peppermint flavor, but will not carry the essence of the oil. Homemade peppermint oil for hair growth using fresh leaves is more effective and safe to use.

What You Need To Make Peppermint Oil For Hair Growth?

  • Fresh Mint Leaves
  • Coconut Oil (Carrier Oil)
  • One Wide-mouthed bottle.
  • Strainer
  • Container
  • An airtight bottle

How To Prepare The Peppermint Essential Oil For Hair?

  • Clean and dry the mint leaves.
  • Chop the mint leaves finely or crush them in a mortar.
  • Ensure that the leaves are not ground into a paste.
  • Stuff the wide-mouthed bottle with mint leaves. The bottle should be packed with the leaves.
  • Warm the coconut oil in low flame for 5 minutes.
  • Now pour the warm coconut oil into the wide-mouthed jar till all the leaves are submerged.
  • Close the bottle with the lid.
  • Let it sit for 2 days. Shake the bottle every 12 hours.
  • After 2 days, strain the oil into a container.
  • Squeeze the oil from the leaves with a spoon to get all the essential oil.
  • Store the oil in the airtight bottle and use as and when required.
  • This homemade peppermint oil for hair loss can be stored and used for up to 6 months.

Other Carrier Oils That You Can Use

Carrier oils are oils which are taken from kernels, seeds, nuts or other plants. They are used for diluting the essential oils since the essential oil in itself may be too powerful or to help in easy absorption of the essential oil.

The carrier oils are generally neutral and are widely used along with essential oils for skin and hair care.

When using carrier oils, you should be aware that different carrier oils have their own properties and benefits. Mixing the right carrier oil with the essential oil will derive you the maximum benefit for your purpose.

Top 5 Best Carrier Oil To Make Peppermint Oil For Hair

1. Coconut Oil

Peppermint and Coconut Oil for Hair

This most popular carrier oil adds abundant nutrients to your hair. It is very light and has a pleasant and slight flavor. It is sure to maximize the benefits of peppermint oil for hair.

2. Olive Oil

Peppermint and Olive Oil for Hair

This oil is very good for dry scalp and dandruff. The aroma is not too strong and is non-greasy. Among olive oil, the extra virgin is the best for making peppermint oil for hair loss.

3. Jojoba Oil

Peppermint and Jojoba Oil for Hair

Jojoba oil comes closest to resemble natural secretion of oil in human. It has lots of anti-fungal properties and can also prolong the shelf life of the peppermint essential oil for hair

4. Sweet Almond Oil

Peppermint and Almond Oil for Hair

It is great massage oil and protects the hair from damages of the sunlight. The Vitamin E content nourishes the scalp keeping your mane strong and shiny!

5. Argan Oil

Peppermint and Argan Oil for Hair

Argan Oil has amazing properties which aid in hair growth and in controlling split ends. Many companies use this oil in their beauty care products. Being rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and E, it sure is miracle oil. Use it as the carrier oil and get the best benefits of peppermint oil for hair.

How To Use Peppermint Oil For Hair Growth?

Now that we know how to prepare the peppermint oil for hair, all we need to do is to start using it! There are two methods in which you can apply your peppermint oil. Knowing how to use peppermint oil for hair growth will help you in enjoying the best properties of the oil.

1. Direct Scalp Massage

Massaging helps in seeping of the oil into the pores and directly nourishes the hair follicles and improves blood circulation which in turn promotes hair growth.

  • Take the peppermint oil for hair in a cup.
  • Now start applying the oil from the roots to the tips of your hair.
  • Massage your scalp with your fingertips starting from the front to the back.
  • Move your fingertips in gentle circular motion can make sure you massage the entire scalp.
  • You might feel a tingling sensation which is due to the Mentone content in the leaves.
  • Enjoy the minty flavor and leave the oil in for at least 15 minutes.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo.

2. Adding The Oil To Hair Products

The peppermint oil for hair growth can also be added to your hair care products like shampoo and conditioner. But ensure that only a little amount is added to the products.

It is a simple and easy way to use your essential oil when you are strapped for time and energy!

Side Effects Of Peppermint Essential Oil For Hair

  • Peppermint oil may cause burning of eyes. So caution should be taken when applying to the scalp. In case of contact with the eye, please wash with lots of plain water. Since it does not have any chemicals, the effects are minimal.
  • People with sensitive skin should use more carrier oil while preparing the essential oil. Concentrated peppermint oil may cause irritation and rashes on the scalp.
  • For some, the menthol scent could be overpowering and might cause a slight headache. Wash your hair immediately if you have a sensitive nose!


1. Can I use undiluted peppermint essential oil for hair growth?

It is not advisable to use undiluted peppermint essential oil since it might cause scalp irritations and rashes. It must be used along with carrier oil.

2. Can we use this oil on infants and children?

Avoid using the essential oil on infants and children as the strong flavor and tingly sensation may cause discomfort for them. Also, their skin is very sensitive and might develop rashes.

3. How should I store my peppermint oil for hair growth?

Use an airtight bottle to keep your peppermint oil. Best way to store your Peppermint oil is in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight. A dark colored bottle can be used for storing the oil.

4. Does peppermint oil for hair loss treat baldness?

The good news is that peppermint oil can surely treat baldness and help in hair re-growth. Except in case of genetic baldness, all other balding issues can be controlled by using peppermint oil for hair growth. Just follow the tips on how to use peppermint oil for hair growth!

5. Do hair products having mint flavor give same results?

All products with minty flavor do not necessarily have the essential oil added to it. Be aware of the contents before use. The required level of menthol should be enough to experience the benefits of the oil. This may not be available in most store-bought products.

To sum up, peppermint oil for hair, especially homemade, is a safe and effective treatment for nourishing hair and maintaining its health.  So go on, enjoy the benefits of peppermint oil for hair and watch your hair grow strong and shiny right before your eyes!

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