How To Get Rid Of Thick Skin Over The Heels Naturally?

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Thick skin on the heels of the feet is quite a common issue. There are numerous reasons for thick and rough skin over the heels such as weight gain, dirt and impurities, lack of nourishment and much more. The skin on the heels would simply make the feet look undesirable and undernourished. Also, the dry skin can lead to cracked heels and storage of bacteria resulting into fungal infections. You thus need to care for your heels and provide proper nourishment to your feet. Generally, foot soak and scrubbing helps in repairing the dry skin on the heels but there are various other ways through which you can get smooth, bright and clean heels forever! In this write-up we will see how to remove dead skin from feet.

If you are looking for such cool ways to treat rough skin on the heels, here are some promising solutions to try!

How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet?

How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet Naturally?

1. Pumice Stone

This is an amazing tool which can be used miraculously for fighting rough skin. If you have immensely thick, rough and dry skin on your heels, pumice stone would simply and gradually remove all this skin and make your heels look super smooth. Pumice stone is filled with elements which can scrub off the dirt, impurities and rough skin while leading you towards gorgeous feet! Thus try this amazing way to fight thick skin!


  • Fill a tub with Luke warm water
  • Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes in this water
  • Use some shower gel or mils soap on your heels
  • With the help of pumice stone, scrub your heels and rough skin
  • Scrub for 10-15 minutes gently and rinse
  • Moisturize with a lotion

This amazing remedy is the solution for how to remove dead skin from feet and we assure you would love the results. Luke warm foot soak would remove all the dirt, impurities and rough skin. Also, the skin would get loose and easily removable with this remedy. The pumice stone would gradually remove all the rough skin within few applications and leave you with flawless smooth heels!

2. How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet Using Glycerin?

Glycerin is one o the most widely used skin softening elements which is widely used in making the skin super smooth and velvety soft. Filled with nourishing and skin repairing properties, this ingredient would never fail to make your feet smooth and clean. If you have thick and rough skin on the heels due to winter or dry skin, you can use glycerin and make it flawless! Use this iconic ingredient to heal your feet problem and get beautiful legs!


  • Soak your feet in hot water for 10-15 minutes
  • Tap dry and apply some glycerin on the entire foot and rough heels
  • Cover your foot with socks
  • Sleep overnight with socks on

This amazing treatment would lock moisture in your feet and prevent dryness of the skin. If you have dry and rough heels, this is one of the most promising techniques which you can use to nourish the skin and make it super smooth!

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3. Epsom Salt To Get Rid Of Dead Skin From Feet

Epsom salt is a deep cleaning ingredient which can make your feet clean and bacteria free. Due if you wear open foot sandals and footwear, your heels can become dirty and rough with the bacteria on the floor. You can use Epsom salt for cleansing your foot and get rid of the rough skin. Also this ingredient would work as a scrubbing agent which would scrub off all the impurities and get you healthy clean feet!


  • Get some hot water in your tub
  • Mix a cup of Epsom salt in the water
  • Soak your foot in this mixture for 10-15 minutes
  • You can also scrub your heels with Epsom salt for accurate cleansing!

Try this amazing ingredient if you have any fungal infections, pain and dirt in your heels. Using this treatment twice a week would simply keep your feet away from dryness, rough skin, bacteria and keep you clean!

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4. How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet Using Lemon Juice?

What can b more effective than lemon juice on cracked, dry and rough heels? This amazing ingredient is efficient in fighting bacteria and impurities while cleansing your feet. Lemon juice can prevent various germs, impurities and dirt to stick to your skin and would simply keep the skin smooth soft and healthy! This is a body part which gets in contact to the dirt floor and outside areas thus, lemon juice is the best ingredient for pampering your feet!


  • Get some hot water in a tub.
  • Soak your feet for 15 minutes in this water.
  • Get some lemon juice slices and rub on your heels.
  • Massage you feet with this lemon slices or you can soak your feet in lemon juice water.
  • Tap dry and moisturize your feet.

Lemon juice is a germ killer which would simply make your skin free from bacteria and dirt. For an ultimate cleansing and smoothening, go for this remedy and get healthy skin!

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5. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is such a wonder ingredient when it comes to skin care. In winters and at cold locations, people use petroleum jelly to care or the skin. The skin gets dry and undernourished due to intensive cold temperature, lack of moisture and such issues. Petroleum jelly locks moisture in the skin and makes it beautifully blossom. Over the thickest and most delicate areas, petroleum jelly can work miracles and get your skin youthful!


  • Soak your feet in hot water.
  • Add some lemon juice and Epsom salt.
  • After 15 minutes, remove the feet and tap dry.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the heels and entire feet.
  • Wear socks and leave it overnight.
  • Also, repeat this process after bathing in the morning.

Using petroleum jelly twice a day on your heels would simply work miracles and get you perfectly smooth and clean skin. This ingredient has the ability repair the dry skin quickly and gets flawless results!

6. Lavender and Olive Oil

Oils are the most nourishing ingredients which can make the skin nourished and beautifully moisturized. If your heels are dry and undernourished with rough and dry skin, you can use this amazing mixture of oils which can get you cool results soon. With fatty acids and minerals, these aromatic and conditioning oils would simply never fail to make the skin smooth and glorious!


  • Get some olive oil and few drops of lavender essential oils.
  • Apply this mixture on your heels and entire feet.
  • Wear socks and sleep with this mixture and socks on.
  • Next day morning, scrub your feet and heels gently and moisturize.
  • Daily night apply this mixture for best results.

Essential oils have a very magical impact on the heels and dry skin. Filled with immense nutrients and skin enriching minerals, the oils would simply never fail to make your rough heels look clean, bright and soft!

These are some flawless ways through which you can fight dry, dull and rough skin on the heels. Moisturizing your heels is a key to get rid of the thick rough heels! Hot water soaks, pumice stone and various scrubbing, moisturizing ingredients would simply make the rough heels smooth, velvety and softer with each use! Thus try these amazing remedies and get the solution on how to remove dead skin from feet & get rid of those embarrassing rough heels now!

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    If you have the worst feet I say use the Ped Egg and you will never have rough and dry feet again. Sole Magic does an amazing job smoothing out your feet like baby skin. O’Keefe foot cream does the best job healing cracked skin, but the containers aren’t big. Miracle Foot Repair Cream has the aloe you need to moisturize your feet well. You may want to use Miracle Foot Repair Cream for the general job and you may want to use O’Keefe’s Foot Cream for the small jobs. Ped Egg and Sole Magic will get rid of the rough and dry feet but you have to dedicate yourself to moisturizing your feet with creams like O’Keefe and Miracle Foot Repair Cream if you want to see your feet look smooth forever.


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