How To Get Rid Of Thick Skin Over The Heels Naturally?

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  1. Dr ishan mishra says:

    Superb, marvelous ,no more words to define your article for curing soft problems of living style.

  2. Mariane says:

    Four products I would recommend for rough and dry feet are the Ped Egg, the Sole Magic Foot Smoothing Pad, O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream and Miracle Foot Repair Cream.

    If you have the worst feet I say use the Ped Egg and you will never have rough and dry feet again. Sole Magic does an amazing job smoothing out your feet like baby skin. O’Keefe foot cream does the best job healing cracked skin, but the containers aren’t big. Miracle Foot Repair Cream has the aloe you need to moisturize your feet well. You may want to use Miracle Foot Repair Cream for the general job and you may want to use O’Keefe’s Foot Cream for the small jobs. Ped Egg and Sole Magic will get rid of the rough and dry feet but you have to dedicate yourself to moisturizing your feet with creams like O’Keefe and Miracle Foot Repair Cream if you want to see your feet look smooth forever.

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