Say Goodbye To Hair Fall With These Coconut Oil Hacks & Benefits!

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Hair loss happens every day. It is absolutely normal to lose approximately 50 -100 strands of hair every single day. However, losing more hair in lumps every time you put a hand through your hair is an alarm hinting at hair loss. Using coconut oil for hair loss is the age-old solution to this problem.

There are many questions associated with the benefits of coconut oil uses for hair. Here, we’ll handle few such questions and discuss why is coconut oil good for hair loss.

Uses Of Coconut Oil For Hair Loss

1. What are the causes of hair loss?

The hair loss can be caused due to various problems like hormonal, nutrition deficiency, hereditary reason, infections, exposure to sun rays, pollution and growing age.

2. How can coconut oil stimulate hair growth?

Coconut oil penetrates the scalp easily and improves blood circulation to the scalp. This causes easy absorption of nutrients that are required for hair regrowth. And thus, in this way works the coconut oil for hair growth.

3. Why is coconut oil good for hair loss treatment?

Lauric acid in coconut binds to the roots and hair strands and prevents breakage. Coconut oil acts like natural body sebum. It hydrates the hair and scalp. The healthy scalp has healthy follicles that strongly adhere the hair to the scalp and keeps hair fall away.

4. Can coconut oil regrow lost hair?

Yes, the coconut oil is extremely capable of regrowing the lost hair. It penetrates the scalp from the environment impurities. Also, the coconut oil is rich in natural oxidants and other nutrients. Vitamin K, Vitamin E, iron and other content of the coconut oil expedite the hair growth and regrowth process.

5. Why is coconut oil good for hair loss?

Coconut oil possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties. This helps the scalp fight against the various fungi and bacteria that attack the scalp and inhibit the hair growth process.

Properties And Uses Of Coconut Oil For Hair Loss And Complete Hair Health

1. Coconut Oil As An Antidandruff Agent

Coconut oil is known to soothe the reactions and any attack by the bacteria or parasites in the head. It hydrates the scalp to prevent the formation of flakes and dandruff. It works to restore the scalp health and texture of hair.

2.Coconut Oil For Hair Growth And Conditioning

Coconut oil nourishes the hair shaft from within and not just from outside. It helps to lock in the moisture in the hair and improve their appearance. Coconut oil rich in vitamins and other nutrients provides extra nourishment to the hair and allow their faster and healthier growth.

3. Coconut Oil For Hair Regrowth And Its Cooling Effects

Irritated scalp or any sores can effectively be treated with the coconut oil as it is cooling in nature and the antibacterial properties of the oil can help soothe the sores.

4. Coconut Oil For Hair Growth By Prevention Of Protein Loss

Coconut oil as mentioned above in the article is a triglyceride for lauric acid. This penetrates deep in the hair shaft and locks in the needed protein and also prevents the depletion of any other proteins. This keeps your hair strong and protects them from the future possibility of hair fall problem.

5. Coconut Oil Prevents Swelling Of The Hair Shaft

Swelling of hair shaft also known as hygral fatigue is prevented by coconut oil. Hygral fatigue occurs when excess moisture is trapped inside the hair cuticles. This can be caused due to excessive use of shampoo or humidity in the weather. Coconut oil while hydrating the scalp traps in just enough moisture required and prevents hygral fatigue.

With these benefits of coconut oil for hair loss in mind, let us see on how to use the coconut oil to get best of its benefits –

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair Loss

1. Deep Conditioning With Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Things You’ll Need

  • Coconut oil – 2-3 Tablespoon
  • Comb – 1
  • Shower cap -1

Preparation Method To Follow

  • Wash your hair thoroughly before starting the procedure.
  • Do not condition your hair after washing them. Air dry the hair.
  • Now heat the coconut oil and now place the bowl in another bowl or container holding hot water.
  • Apply the heated coconut oil slowly with your fingers and palms into the scalp. Make sure that your hair is completely dried before applying the oil.
  • Now comb the hair and tie it in up in a bun. Combing the hair allows each and every strand to be well coated with the oil.
  • Cover the head with the shower cap and let the oil set in your hair for 45 – 60 minutes. If desired leave the hair covered in oil overnight.
  • Later wash the hair with shampoo and condition the hair.
  • If you don’t intend to condition your hair then you can just apply a small amount of coconut oil to the hair ends.

2. Coconut Oil For Hair Loss Treatment And Detangling The Hair

What Do You Need?

  • Coconut oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Comb

Usage Method To Follow

  • Heat the coconut oil in the bowl.
  • Allow it to come down to the room temperature.
  • Take a tiny amount in your hand and massage gently with your fingers.
  • Now start combing your hair and detangling them slowly.

3. Coconut Oil For Hair Loss Treatment And To Fight Dandruff

What You’ll Need?

  • Coconut Oil –     2 to 3 tablespoons
  • Towel/shower cap – 1

How To Use The Coconut Oil To Fight Dandruff?

  • Wash your hair before starting the use of coconut oil.
  • Take the coconut oil and heat it well in a pan.
  • In the night, take a small amount of heated oil on the hand and slowly massage the oil on your scalp.
  •  Apply the oil to your entire scalp and wrap your head in the towel or cover it with the shower cap.
  • Wash the hair followed by conditioner.

Are you convinced now that coconut oil is a blessing and we all should include it in our daily hair care regime? Do let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

Have a long strong and shiny hair with Coconut oil!

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