Body Odor – What It Says About Your Health?

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Some Interesting Facts About Your Body Odor

  • Every individual has different body odor, just as the DNA and the fingerprints.
  • The odor our body has throughout our live are stored in the olfactory memory.
  • Removal of armpit hair is necessary to prevent the area from getting affected by bacteria to reduce sweating.
  • Reduction is the consumption of red meat, alcohol, garlic, onions, fats, etc. would help in avoiding bad odor.
  • Ingredients like legumes, beans, whole grains, etc. can lead to bad odor.
  • People have a myth that sweat of the body has a bad odor. The fact is that sweat doesn’t have any odor.
  • Men’s body odor works to turn-on women as it makes emotional and psychological changes in her mood.
  • Compared to men, women are able to detect body odors better.

Facts About Your Body Odor

Body Odor – A Crucial Matter To Think Over

Has anyone complained about your odor silently! Does your odor keep you apart from your surroundings or friends!

Don’t worry, you are not the only one facing this problem. Walking in the hot summers, working for long hours without any fans on you, exercising, etc. would surely give your body a typical odor that would be hated not only by the people around you but you also would hate that filthy smell.

The fact is that each and every individual in the world has different body odor, which in scientific language is known as odor print. And even when no one thinks there is some odor from your body, actually your body does have some odor coming from it. The odor print is the main reason why the dogs can track people on the run.

The main reason of the body odor is the bacteria that exist in your armpits, around the groin area, around the hair follicles, on the scalp, etc. These bacteria when come in touch with the sweat at the armpits, a chemical reaction takes place that causes body odor. However, not everybody stinks naturally. The bacteria in your armpits reacts on the type of ingredients you feed them with. Your armpit wouldn’t react if you feed them with minerals and other metabolic wastage products. It will only react to ingredients that are toxic byproducts like meat, processed food and refined food.

The body odor also depends on the sex of the individual. The women generally have the body odor that is similar to the smell of the onions. The reason is that women’s sweat contains a rich level of Sulphur that reacts with bacteria highly. When it comes to men, they give a cheesy smell as the sweat produced by men have high levels of fatty acids in them. The bad odor can be easily tracked while sitting closer on romantic dates, interview sessions, conversations with family and friends, meetings, and much more. Another way to detect excess sweating is through wetness on the clothes.

But have you ever thought that the odor print also has an effect on your relationships and your health! Yes, it’s true. The odor of your body has an effect on your health even if your noses are not able to pick out one from the other individual.

Types Of Body Odor And Its Effect On The Health

Different activities like meals, exercises, sweating, etc. has a unique smell from the body. And to get rid of it, one has to detect the type of the body odor that gives you both good and bad indications of your health. Here are some of the body odor you must be aware of to protect your health.

1. Sweat With A Sweet Smell

Does your body give out a salty or non-existent smell! This is a good sign. However, if it starts smelling sweet, you need to worry a little. This can be a yeast infection or bacterial infection, which leaves a great impact on the skin. Hence, it is necessary to move to your doctor and start with a prescribed course of medications as soon as you catch the smell.

2. Sweat With The Smell Of Your Breath

If your breath gives a fruity kind of odor, you are surely having serious health issues. This odor is commonly found in patients of diabetes. This kind of odor generally indicates the burning of fats and proteins in your body, and avoiding the use of glucose for energy. The result of this kind of activity in the body means increase in the blood sugar levels. For improving your odor, one has to start reducing the blood sugar levels and getting your body in a healthy state. For more serious impact, the individual can also be admitted in the hospital to get rid of the odor.

3. Tampon Smell

This is a commonly found smell, however, it is not noticed when you are busy with your schedules and you forget to carry the tampon down there. But while sitting idle or in worse conditions, the odor can easily be caught not only by the wearer, but the surroundings also. When the tampon is worn for more than 24 hours, it leads to the growth of bacteria. The smell due to such mistakes is similar to that which comes from a rotten ingredient. If the tampon is left at its place for long period, it can also lead to damages to your vagina, and also have a negative impact on your fertility. In more serious cases, this damage can also lead to death if the bacteria develop in high levels leading to conditions like sepsis. Hence, to protect yourself from such harmful effects, it is necessary to keep on replacing your tampons at regular intervals, no doubt whatever is your flow type.

4. Bad Odor From Mouth

This odor is found in 7 out of 10 individuals. The main reason of this odor is the food that gets stuck in between your teeth or on the gums, or sinusitis. Normally brushing habits twice, a day would help you to get rid of this problem, however, for complete relief, it is better to see a dentist and get yourself a complete cleaning treatment. You also need to rush to your dentist if the odor problem increases as sinusitis can only be treated with the doctor’s help. For precautions, adopt an effective and oral routine.

5. Smell From Gas (Fart)

Popularly known as fart, gas always carries a typical smell, which is definitely not pleasant. However, if your flatulence really smells too bad, it indicates that you are having a problem in your pancreatic enzymes. When the pancreatic enzymes don’t function properly, it leads to negative effect on the digestive system as well, which needs to be looked after quickly. Hence, if your flatulence is affecting the surroundings on a great level, see your doctor soon before the condition worsens. To avoid such farting problems, it is better to chew your meals properly before you push them to the digestive system, as this would help your body organs to break down the ingredients smoothly and digest it also.

6. Smell From The Feet

The feet are supposed to give an odor that is similar to your body. This happens when your feet are clean and healthy as your body. Nevertheless, if your feet are giving an awful smell, your feet are surely in danger. The cleanliness of the feet doesn’t limit to washing them with soap and water. After properly washing them, it is also important to pat dry them, including the areas between two fingers and toe. Avoiding drying them, or even wearing footwear that doesn’t allow fresh air to the fingers would result into the development of fungus and bacteria giving you a bad odor. This problem can be easily eliminated with the help of few topical medications, but doctor’s advice is a must before starting with any of them.

7. Sweat With Rancid Smell

Does your sweat give a sour smell! Visit your nearest doctor as soon as possible. Yes, such odor is received when body lacks the required amount of magnesium. Magnesium is a vital nutrient for the body, which is useful in various functions of the body. The deficiency of magnesium would not only hinder the job of the organs, but would also provide you with a rancid or sour smelling sweat, mostly after your workouts. To avoid such problems, see your doctor regularly to get your magnesium levels checked. You can also rely on ingredients that are rich in magnesium like kale, spinach, broccoli, etc.

8. Breath With Fishy Odor

If your breath smells fishy, there are high chances that you are facing some unusual body defect. The main reason of this kind of odor is the functioning of the liver. When your liver faces some problems, in which its failure is also included, your mouth would give a fishy odor. The job of the liver is to detoxify the body, and when this process is hindered, your mouth would deliver fishy smell, which needs quick attention of the doctor. Avoiding such breath or late visits to doctor can lead to serious liver problems and failure in worse conditions.

9. Urine With A Strong Odor

This might be shocking, but the odor of the urine also matters your health. The fresh urine comes with neglected amount of smell, that is even not noticed sometimes. But if on urinating, it gives a strong odor, it is harmful. When you suffer from infection in the urinary tract, your urine would give out a strong scented smell, once you are done. Person facing this kind of strong smell should seek for doctors help on early basis, as if the infections spreads out, the infection can lead to severe effects. With merely a course of antibiotics, and by having the juice of cranberry, this problem can be easily treated, which can also reduce your chances to face such infections in future.

10. Sweet Smell From Urine

Just as having a strong smell from the urine is harmful, similarly, having a sweet odor from the urine is also not a good sign. When the blood sugar levels in your body rises, the urine gives out a sweet odor. The reason behind this is that through urine, your body is trying to remove the unwanted blood sugar levels. Hence, if you are not a patient of diabetes, and are facing such odor after urinating, you must visit the doctor soon. For the patients of diabetes, they need to make slight changes in their diet to control their blood sugar levels, and also get their blood sugar checked at regular intervals.

11. Poop Smelling Body

This can be seriously awful, but there are people, who smell similar to poop. The reason behind such odor is problem in the digestive system, leading to constipation. Through regular visits to the toilet, your body gets rid of the unwanted toxins. However, if there is a problem in the digestive system, it leads to constipation, and hence, the toxins find their way through the skin, that gives you a fecal odor, or say poop smell. For avoiding this, you can see your doctor on early basis and treat your constipation problem. To protect yourself from such odor, include ingredients that are digestion friendly and would help you with a clear gut regularly like papaya, spinach, kale, etc.

Hence, if your body is giving out any of such odors, it is time to visit the doctor instead of trying some body deodorants or antiperspirants. Some of the odors can also be treated by making slight changes in your diet and maintaining cleanliness.

Impact Of Odor On Your Lifestyle And Relationships

Yes, just as the body odor has an impact on your health, it also has a mild or severe impact on your lifestyle or relationships. Your nose might not track the odor print, but there are some people and animals that might track your mood or health problem through it. Some mostly marked changes are-

1. Can Attract Mosquitoes Towards You

If you are a well-served buffet for the mosquitoes in the hot summers, it might be due to your odor print. Mosquitoes don’t stick on anyone’s body for feeding themselves. The body odor is quite responsible for being the magnet to the mosquitoes. This problem is widely faced by individuals carry genes of identical twins, as compared to those with fraternal twins. The fraternal twins carry less attractive genes, and hence, are less preferred by the mosquitoes.

2. Your Body Odor Can Help You Find Your Soul Mate

Yes, this shocking fact is true. People generally get more attracted to partners who are romantic and carry different body odor. The famous quote, ‘opposites attract’, is quite true in this case. People mostly look for a body odor that is completely different than theirs, which is known from the chemicals they carry. This definitely doesn’t mean to start smelling your date, but the fact that odor also matters in finding a soul mate cannot also be neglected.

3. The Body Odor Reveals Your Stress Levels

After a hectic day, have you ever noticed that your pet dog would surely walk towards you as you reach home! Yes, this is because the dogs and other animals can make out your stress levels by the odor of your body. This change in your body odor can be noticed only by the pets or say animals. When the stress level in your body increases, your body odor would also react accordingly and change, which is not noticeable by your friends and family, but the dogs can immediately capture the fear. Stress adds an odor to your regular scent, and the change can only be captured by sensitive noses which dogs carry.

4. Helps In Making Friends Or Losing Them

If you meet your friends with a bad body odor, you are surely going to lose them soon. Nevertheless, even if your smell good, that can bring you new friends, or lose some of them. The logic behind this is that people can derive the personality of the person having the odor, on the basis of which, they can derive whether the person is friendly, dominant, neurotic, extroverted, etc. Therefore, if you are a likeable person, your friends would come to know through your odor and get attracted towards you, however, if you are a dominant personality, they might even move away before having a conversation with you.

5. Odor Helps In Detecting Diseases

Strange, but this is true to some extent. Your odor print is also enough if you want to know whether you are healthy or facing any health issues. There are examples where dogs can identify individuals having prostate cancer, from the smell of their urine. People having immune problems are also detectable by dogs, and human beings to some extent. However, it is better to turn to a doctor rather than moving to such experiments to know the actual facts.

Tips To Control Your Body Odor

Yes, the body odor can be controlled through various natural and artificial ways, according to the odor your body is giving. For smelly armpits, a mixture of baking soda and water would help you to a great extent. Similarly, mixing lemon juice in warm water is also beneficial. Maintaining a proper diet, can also be helpful in controlling the bad odor. Include ingredients like green leafy veggies, food rich in fiber, and various tea types to prevent your body from bad odor.

For smelling feet, you can use warm water with vinegar, by soaking your feet in it for some time. This would kill the bacteria on the skin of the feet giving you a relief from the bad odor. For filthy odor from the mouth, regular intake of black tea, and maintaining healthy dental habits would be effective.

Try avoiding antiperspirants as they contain aluminum that might worsen the situation. Instead you can look for antiperspirants that are aluminum free for a healthy odor. Replacing your regular soaps with anti-bacterial soaps is also a good move towards having good body odor.

Hence, keep a track of your body odor and maintain cleanliness to keep yourself health and fit.

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