DIY Cleaning Hacks : How to Get Paint Out of Clothes?

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Some of the common mistakes to avoid at the time of laundry

  • All the clothes are designed differently. Not all clothes need equal care and cleaning. But a common mistake made at the time of laundry is not reading the labels and washing them equally.
  • The zippers of the clothes should remain close at the time of washing to prevent other clothes from them. How many of you do so?
  • The clothes should be turned inside-out before you wash them to reduce the friction on the front side and protect your clothes too.
  • The lingerie items should always be placed in the lingerie bags for washing to maintain its delicacy and protecting it from the damages of the washing machine.
  • Using additional detergent doesn’t mean your clothes would be properly washed. Too much of detergent would damage the clothes with the harmful chemicals in it.
  • Before washing all the clothes together in the machine, it is important to remove the stains and spills on it separately by soaking it.
    Merely washing the clothes is not enough. After properly washing the clothes, using a fabric softener would help in maintaining the softness of the fabric.


How to Remove Dry Paint Stains from Clothes?

Does “how to get paint out of clothes?” rule the search bar of your internet? Don’t worry, there are several women looking for an answer to the same too. For the homes that remain loud with the naughty activities of the kids, getting paint and other stains on the clothes is quite common. When the kids fail to roll their long sleeves at the time of painting, or by mistake step in the tray of paints and mess up the clothes, the mothers are surely going to panic.

So, are you also looking for some quick instructions for getting that irritating paint from the clothes? This is the right page you have ended on.

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Have you checked on the paint?

Yes, before we head towards how to get paint out of clothing, it is essential to understand the originality of the stain or paint. What is the source of the paint? Is it the acrylic paint, water-based paint colors or oil-based paint? If they are the water-based paint color stains they are easier to get rid of compared to the other ones. After determining the type of paint, the second step is to know the time when the stain occurred. The paint stains if removed on an early basis would be much easier. Once they dry, it gets into the fabric and becomes much difficult to remove.

Here are the common types of paint colors that damage your clothes.

1. Dry paint stains

The dry paint stains are basically the acrylic paint stains which can be thicker at times. But wait a minute! Even if they are thicker, getting the stains out of the clothes is much easier.

2. Water-based paint stains

The water-based stains from paint are the normal ones the children usually get on their clothes. They are quite safe which attracts the kids towards them. Again, they are much easier to get rid of. The flushing technique is widely used for removing the stains.

3. Oil-based paint stains

Is your home getting painted? Yes, the oil-based paints generally include paints on the door frames, skirting boards and the doors. The paint is popular for giving perfect finishing touch to the products.

How to get paint out of clothes?

All the paint stains come with different washing tips that help in clearing the stains without damaging the clothes or the fabric. Here are some of the widely used tricks for removing the paint stains.

1. Dish Detergent

If you are thinking about how to get latex paint out of clothes, surprisingly, the dish detergent would work magically. The water-based paint stains like the wall paintings, ceiling paints, etc. can be easily dealt with the dish detergents. Here is how you can use the dish detergent for latex or water-based paints.

1. Take the cloth and rinse the stains slightly with warm water.
2. Secondly, take a rag that is soaked in a mixture of warm water and dish detergent and gently dab the cloth.
3. Allow the mixture to rest on the stain.
4. Scrub it again gently and rinse using warm water.

After this, you can wash the cloth normally in cold water as you do normally. This method is also useful for acrylic paints that are slightly wet used for canvas and wood paintings.

2. Nail Paint Remover

Acetone nail paint remover is also useful for how to get paint out of clothes with latex paints. To use the acetone nail polish here is what you have to do.

1. Take the cloth with paint stain, the acetone nail polish remover, and a duster.
2. Soak the duster in the nail polish remover and gently rub it on the stains.
3. When the stain is blotted, it would eliminate the paint from the cloth.

Once the cloth gets clean from the paint, you can wash it normally as you do every day. While carrying this method to remove the paint stains, make sure the fabric eliminates both triacetate and acetate as the nail polish remover would damage the fibers of both.

3. Rubbing alcohol

When the dish detergent doesn’t work on how to get dried paint out of clothes, rubbing alcohol is yet another option you can go with. Here is how you can use rubbing alcohol for removing the paint stains.

1. First, wet the paint stains using warm water to damp the spot.
2. Take a toothbrush and a cotton ball. Soak it inside the rubbing alcohol and scrub the paint stain using it.
3. After scrubbing the stain, rinse the cloth using warm water.

If the stain still appears, you can repeat the process again. This process is also effective if you are looking for a solution to how to get acrylic paint out of clothes. Once the stains are removed, wash the clothes regularly as you often do.

4. Hairspray

Hairspray is yet another answer to how to get paint out of clothing. Hairspray is widely used for instant cleaning of small stains. As the hairspray contain a good portion of alcohol, it is much effective on stains of paint. Here is how you can use it for quick repairs.

1. Take the paint-stained cloth and the hair spray.
2. Spray the hairspray on the stain till you cover the entire stain properly.
3. Once it is covered entirely, take an old toothbrush and gently scrub the stain.
4. When the paint stain loosens, use warm water and rinse it under running water.

If you still find the stain, you can repeat the process again. Once the stain is removed, you can give the cloth a regular wash.

5. Vinegar, ammonia, and salt

If you are looking for some household ingredients for how to get dried paint out of clothes, this technique is surely going to work effectively. Follow the steps below to get the stains off from your clothes.

1. Take a bowl and add 1 tbsp of salt, 2 tbsp of vinegar and 2 tbsp of ammonia in it to form a mixture.
2. Take a toothbrush or a rag.
3. Soak the brush or the rag in the mixture.
4. Scrub the paint stain with it until it is removed.
5. When the stain comes out, wash the cloth normally again.

If the stain is large, dry or stubborn, take the mixture and add it to the water in the sink for soaking the cloth. Soak the cloth overnight and then carry out the scrubbing of the stain.

6. Hand sanitizer

Surprisingly, similar to the hairspray, the hand sanitizer is also effective on the paint stains. The hand sanitizer contains a good amount of alcohol which is effective in the paint stains. Here is how you can remove the stains with hand sanitizer.

1. Take the paint-stained cloth and the hand sanitizer.
2. Using the hand sanitizer, cover the entire stain properly.
3. Using a toothbrush, scrub the stain gently.

Once the stain is removed, wash the cloth as you do on a regular basis. Again, if the stain is strong, stubborn or big, you can also combine both hand sanitizer and hairspray for effective removal of the paint stain.

Apart from all these, other operative ways of abolishing the paint stains from the clothes are a lavender essential oil, laundry detergent, turpentine, duct tape, etc.

Things to keep in mind while removing the paint stains

Things to Keep in Mind Before Removing Paint from Clothes

  • If possible, have a look at the label on the paint. They sometimes provide you with particular details along with cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturers.
  • Before washing the clothes or removing the stains, check the care labels for appropriate cleaning.
  • Before cleaning the dried paint stain, use any implement with a blunt edge and scrape the stain off.
  • If the paint stain is wet, using the cotton bud would work well for lifting the stains.
  • Make sure you don’t rub the stain for removing it as this may spread the stain and push it towards the fabric.
  • If trying for the first time, take any discreet portion of the garment and test the solution on it.
  • For protecting your hands at the time of removing the stains, use gloves.

Allowing the paints to dry would surely make blunders at the time of cleaning. So, be sure to make a quick move for removing the paint stain. This would make the cleaning part easy with natural ingredients rather than using harmful chemicals. Again, using the fabric softener after removing the stains is also advisable to protect the fabric of the cloth.

So, which active trick are you going to use for paint stains on your clothes? Write to us about your experience.

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