20 Essential Beauty Hacks for All the Girls…

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Every woman wants to look good and there is nothing wrong about that. But there is definitely one problem that prevents you from taking out little extra time for yourself and that is your busy schedule. You have to manage things from office to kids to home and just about everything. Consider your dilemma for quite a long, we thought of addressing this issue and thought should you compromise with your beauty? I don’t think so. You cannot keep looking dull throughout. So, we bring you few tips and beauty hacks that will not only save your time but will also help your look good just like straight out of a parlour.

In this article, we will talk about 20 essential beauty hacks which are both easy and amazing to get you ready in a minute. So, if you are ready to look great with minimal effort, stop whatever you are doing and pay little attention. You will thank us later on.

20 essential beauty hacks for all girls

20 Essential Beauty Hacks for All the Girls

1. Convert Your Eye Pencil Into a Gel Liner

Looking for a sleek eyeliner and don’t have liquid one? Take your eye pencil and bring the lead in front of the flame for few seconds and burn it. Allow it to cool and apply the pencil like a thin eyeliner. It will look intense and thick similar to any gel based liner.

2. Settle Your Lipstick

When you are done applying the lipstick, fetch a napkin or tissue paper. Dab little baby powder and place the tissue paper on your lips. Leave it for few seconds. This hack will let your colour settle and leave your lipstick long lasting.

3. Quickly Dry Your Nail-paint

Isn’t it really tiring to sit for an hour to let your nail paint dry? Sometimes you are still not sure about it. On top, it keeps you away from little chore around the house. If everything is sounding similar to what we just mentioned, you will be glad to know that next time when you apply nail paint, immediately dip your nails into chilled water. The cold waters enhance the overall drying process.

4. Use Baby Powder for Thicker Lashes

Don’t we all love thick and intense looking eyelashes? But what about those who are not blessed with long lashes and those who continuously struggle to get mascara to stay on. Here’s the solution: Dab little baby powder on your eyelashes right between the multiple coats of volumising mascara. Focus on eyelids especially the tips for longer and fuller looking eyelashes.

5. Make Your Bobby Pin More Useful

The bobby pin hack is very useful for those who continuous face problems with bobby pins not staying at the place and sliding on and off. Simply spray your pins with hairspray and slide them with the irregular side to the bottom for a stronger grip.

6. Fixing Your Greasy Hair

We all have heard about dry shampoo being the best solution for greasy hair. But what if you don’t have one and we all know that not everyone uses dry shampoo till now. You can save yourself from an embarrassment by using baby powder. On a bad hair day, simply sprinkle some powder on the hairline. Rub it well and you will instantly see the change in the texture of hair.

7. Split Ends Problems

Split ends are just pathetic to look at but don’t worry we have a trick and that is if you want to keep your hair split ends free, twist your locks of hair and get a scissor to snip off the ones which appear to be sticking out.

8. Get Beautiful Wavy Hair Without Any Heat

It’s very simple to get the wavy hair. All you need to do is to just braid. Yes, you got it right. Make sure that you braid tight without any pain and when you get up, simply open your braids and scrunch them for perfect looking waves.

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9. Extend Your Perfume Fragrance

If you have been planning for a whole day out with friends, you surely would want to ensure that your perfume stays throughout the day. So, follow a basic step: before spraying the perfume, apply little vaseline behind the ear, inside your wrist and also behind the knees. These pulse points are designed to release the heat and adding vaseline will trap the air and let the fragrance linger for more.

10. Getting Those Curled Lashes

Many of you must have used lash curlers but they don’t really let your lashes stay curly for long. Isn’t it? You will be glad to know that heating the lash curler with the help of dryer and then place it on your lashes carefully. This will let your eyelashes stay curled for a long time.

11. Perfect Cat Eye Liner With Tape

Lately, makeup tutorials by many beauty bloggers have been showing us different and unusual ways to attain cat eye look. We all cannot be a pro in getting the flick right. Apply a cello tape or band aid piece at the end of the eye all the way to the end of the brows. Slide the liner along the tape line till the desired length. Gently remove the tape and Viola! That’s the best you can get.

12. Matte Lipstick in Seconds

So what if your favourite matte lipstick is finished and you have no other choice than to use a glossy lipstick. Turn your lipgloss into matte by dusting little translucent powder on your lips after the first two coats. You can also apply the matted eyeshadow of the same colour to your lips.

13. Homemade Makeup Remover

Again if your makeup remover wipes are finished, simply use coconut oil or any cold cream and gently massage your face for almost 2 minutes. Wipe it with a wet towel and then wash it with face wash.

14. Make Your Own Lipstick

There is no harm in trying your own DIY lipstick. Melt little vaseline in a spoon and add loose eye shadow. Mix well and Tada! You got yourself an instant lipstick ready.

15. Use Mouthwash for Bruises

If you keep hurting yourself every once in a while, then you need to use mouthwash for the treatment of all the bruises. Whenever you get bruises, dab few drops of mouthwash on cotton for an instant relief.

16. For Bigger Looking Eyes

The easiest way to make your eyes really pop up well is by covering your eyelids with white liner. It helps in highlighting your colourful eyeshadow and makes your eyes really pop out. You can also apply a nude liner on your waterline for an eye pop out.

17. Lipstick: A Beauty Saver

There would be days when you don’t really want to put makeup due to any reason. Using lipstick to add a tinge of colour to cheeks, lips, and eyes is the easiest way to add instant glam. Swipe your lipstick along the brow bone, lips and cheekbone and then gently use your finger to blend well for that cute glow.

18. Heal Your Cracked Heels

In case your heels are dry and cracked, a simple, overnight treatment is all you need. Cover your foot with any oil or foot lotion and wear socks to bed. You will thank this cracked heels treatment hack after few days when your feet will feel smooth and super soft.

19. Cover Those Touch-up Needing Roots

If you flaunt your coloured hair and it’s time for the touch up which you are not getting for quite long. We have something for you to cover up in the meanwhile. Simple tease your strands at your roots and create the messy side parting to help cover up the overgrowth.

20. Fuller Lips Trick

No, you don’t need to try like Kylie Jenner to flaunt those full lips. Add peppermint oil with your lipstick of lip balm to make it look plumper. Also, always apply light pencil in the center and thicker at the sides to give the illusion of fuller lips.

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All these beauty hacks mentioned above are not only inexpensive but also very easy to use. We hope you practice them at your home to save on some extra time for other important work.

Remember, these days when you are already occupied with hundreds of things, these essential beauty hacks are much needed. All you have to do is to put them into action and look like a diva! If you have any other beauty hacks that you would like to share with us, feel free to add them to the comment box below.

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