Do You Know What is Dead Sea Salt & Its Amazing Benefits?

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Some Interesting Facts Regarding Dead Sea Salt

  • The Dead Sea is named a sea, but actually, it is a lake that was formed due to the crust in the earth from a rift.
  • The Dead Sea and the Dead Sea Salt comes with various healing powers.
  • Along with the Salt, the mud of the Dead Sea also comes with a number of skin benefits.
  • There are no animals, plants or even fishes that can live in the Dead Sea due to the massive amount of salt in it.
  • The salt obtained from the Dead Sea is much bitter than the normal table salt which helps in a number of health, skin and hair issues.
  • The Dead Sea is considered to be the best potassium source on the earth for agricultural benefits.
  • The Dead Sea is the only natural health resort on the earth.
  • The Dead Sea is mentioned in the Holy Bible.
  • It is said that the Roman Emperor Herod the Great used to visit the Dead Sea.
  • Cleopatra, the renowned queen of Egypt, was not only fascinated by the allure of the Nile but also captivated by the mystique of the Dead Sea. Intrigued by the abundant minerals present in its waters and mud, she saw an opportunity to create exquisite cosmetics.

Why is Dead Sea Salt Useful for Skin Care?

Dead Sea Salt – An Introduction

We all are quite familiar about the Dead Sea, right! Yes, I am talking about that salty lake which is too salty for anyone to drown in it. But how many of you are aware of the Dead Sea Salt and the amazing therapeutic benefits it comes with?

The Dead Sea, located between Jordan to the east and Israel and Palestine to the west, is more accurately described as a landlocked lake rather than a true sea. Renowned as one of the saltiest bodies of water on Earth, it boasts a unique environment that makes it impossible for any living creatures to survive. This is why it has earned the name “Dead Sea,” as it lacks fish, birds, and plants due to its high-saline composition.

Visitors to the Dead Sea will witness the fascinating sight of salt buildup along its shores, forming rocky ridges, peaks, and towers. What makes this body of water truly remarkable is its exceptional buoyancy. The Dead Sea’s highly concentrated saltwater allows individuals to effortlessly float on its surface, almost as if they were sitting.

Thinking what is Dead Sea Salt? Let’s today explore the nutrients and the benefits it comes with.

The salt is nothing but the salinity of the Dead Sea which comes with various nutrients in it. This is not something that has come into existence in a year or so. Since centuries, people have been traveling to the Dead Sea shores and benefited from the water, mud, and salt obtained from it. The salt not only heals any kind of skin issues but also works for various internal issues of the body and hair.

No doubt, due to the salinity level of the lake, it is much harsh for the animals and plants to survive on, the lake is much helpful for various benefits due to the nutrient list it contains. Rich in minerals, the lake also provides with other nutrients like magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfate, calcium, zinc, bromide, iodine, etc.

Why is Dead Sea So Salty?

The high salt content of the Dead Sea is primarily attributed to the erosion of rocks along its shores. These shores are predominantly composed of rock salt and other minerals with a rich mineral content.

As these rocks and salt erode, the mineral components are released into the water, contributing to the exceptional salinity of the Dead Sea.

What are the benefits of Dead Sea Salt?

The combination of 21 minerals the salt comes with is much helpful for various health benefits. The minerals not only treat the body but also cleanse it and detoxify it too. Just as it is helpful for the muscles, it is helpful for the skin, hair, bones, etc.

Here is a short video that explains the amazing benefits of Dead Sea Salt for Skin –

Now, let’s explore the Dead Sea Salt benefits in detail –

1. Detoxifies And Purifies The Skin And Pores

As mentioned above, the dead sea salt is rich in properties like disinfectant and detoxifying. Hence, it is much helpful in purifying the pores of the skin be working effectively on the dead skin cells. It accurately cleans the stale sebum, germs, pollution, dead cells and the dirt from the skin and the pores that can result in blackheads, whiteheads or even acne. Rather than popping up any acne or pore from the skin, using the salt would be more beneficial.

2. Reducing The Symptoms Of Aging

Did you know! The dead sea salt scrub is also helpful for reducing the symptoms of aging! Yes, the salt comes with anti-aging properties that provide the users with a younger look by reducing the aging impact. With the help of the salt, it is possible to work on the various aging issues like fine lines, wrinkles, the elasticity of the skin, and much more that appear due to factors like climate, heredity, stress, exposure to sun, lack of nourishment, etc. The minerals present in the salt not only moisturize the skin but also detoxify the skin and boost relaxation giving you a younger look.

3. Hydrating The Skin

Thinking why hydration is important for the skin? Well, without hydration the skin is sure to get dry, dull, early aged, etc. as the natural moisture is lost. Simply having a bath in a solution that comes with merely 5% of the salt would help in improving the hydration of the skin, would reduce the roughness and redness of the skin as well as boost the barrier skin. The salt includes anti-inflammatory properties which provide the skin with particular hydrating effects with the high magnesium levels in it. The magnesium in the salt boosts the features of the skin like permeability and absorption that locks the natural moist of the skin and keeps it hydrated.

4. Reduces Severe Skin Conditions

Are you suffering from any kind of chronic skin issues? Around 40% of the people today are dealing with skin problems like flaking, redness, dryness, swelling, itching skin, psoriasis, dermatitis, sensitivity, etc. Again, eczema and dermatitis are yet another skin issue that requires long term therapies. But do you know, the list of Dead Sea Salt benefits also includes all these chronic skin issues! Gone are the days when spending time in the sun for climatotherapy was the best solution. Merely having a bath with the salt would help in reducing even severe skin conditions with ease.

5. Heals Rheumatoid Arthritis

Tired of the pain and swelling in the joints? Are you having Rheumatoid Arthritis? This is the conditions when the bones suffer from deformity and erosion and many times swelling too. Compared to other therapies and medications, Dead sea salt has proved to be among the best solutions. Having a bath in the water containing the salt for around 20 minutes for merely 2 weeks would help in reducing the effects, pain, and swelling due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Again, the patients working with this therapy have experienced relief in the joint stiffness, hand grip, and even the swelling effectively.

6. Works On Sore Muscles

Are you irritated with the frequent cramps in the muscles or soreness? Have tried various treatments but are still not comfortable? Have you tried the salt? This would surely help you in relaxation from the soreness of the muscles and cramps providing you with relief from tense tissues and fatigue. Along with the muscles, the salt has provided relief from conditions like fatigue, muscle pain, impaired memory, sleeping disturbance, mood swings, stiffness, headaches, anxiety, swelling in the joints, etc. that improves the symptoms and severity they come with.

7. Removes Dandruff Effectively

Is your dandruff coming back every now and then? Not possible to get rid of it even after trying several conditioners, shampoos, and other treatments? Here is the best way to kick it off. The Dead sea salt benefits include dandruff too. The sulfur and sodium content in the salt that removes dandruff completely from the scalp. The salt loosens the flakes and removes it from the scalp providing you with a healthy scalp through proper blood circulation. Along with the circulation, it also absorbs the extra moist from the scalp and protects from the growth or overgrowth of the yeast leading to dandruff. So, feel free to wear black again.

Along with all these prime dead sea salt benefits, some more in the list are:

  • Reduces bad breath
  • Eliminates the unwanted cellulite
  • For healthy beachy hair
  • Exfoliates the skin well
  • Reduces the roughness from the skin
  • Eliminates acne
  • Increases hair growth
  • For white and bright teeth
  • Brightens and strengthens the nails
  • Reduces stretch marks

So, isn’t is a good, healthy and natural remedy for various skin, hair and health issues! There are various people who have been using the Dead sea salt scrub various skin and hair benefits by using it with other natural ingredients. So, when are you thinking to try it? Do write your experience of using the salt.

A Word of Caution

No doubt, the dead skin salt is a natural healer with various benefits, there are still some minor things one must look after. To avoid irritation on the skin, it is advisable for men not to shave before entering the water. Using the salt after shaving would lead to the stinging impact that would make you go crazy. Again, if you are using it for the first time, begin with small portions of the salt with hot water that would help you observe how your skin reacts with the salt. The salt can be used easily with homemade products that don’t include any harsh chemicals. However, with other chemical based products, consult with your practitioner.

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