Pollution : How to Protect Skin from Pollution?

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Pollution – An Annoying Issue for the Skin

Pollution is killing the tenderness of the skin day by day. No matter whether you work outdoors or simply keep yourself locked indoors, the air in different ways has increased the toxic levels in the environment. The skin absorbs all the toxic items in the air like the dust particles, microscopic soot particles, smoke, floating acid, etc. which leads to several issues like drying of the skin, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, early aging, breaking of the collagen, and much more. Surprisingly, the pollution also promotes oxidative stress both indoors and outdoors that is also another damage to the skin. It is, therefor, becomes extremely important to know how to protect skin from pollution.

With the increase in air pollution, looking after the skin has become more important along with the right nourishment. Apart from the chemical-based beauty products available in the market, there are other DIY ways of protecting your skin from the harmful pollution particles.

If you are also sailing in the same boat, here is a detailed piece of information regarding pollution and healthy skin that would help you out.

What is the Effect of Pollution on the Skin?

Pollution doesn’t only harm the outer texture of your skin but damages it from inside too. When the dirt, pollution, and other harmful particles get accumulated on the skin, the toxins block the pores which reduce oxygenation. Hence, the skin reduces its shine, becomes imperfect, and also feels suffocated. Additionally, when the skin faces pollution, it can also lead to an increase in unstable molecules, free radicals, and much more due to cellular oxidation. This in return results in early aging of the skin.

Lastly, pollution breaks down the natural barrier of your skin that protects your skin, as a result, it turns out to be more reactive and vulnerable. Some of the visible damages you might notice on your skin includes dull complexion, dilated pores, blackheads, pimples, hyperpigmentation, premature aging, dryness, and dehydration.

What are the Different Ways of Protect Skin from Pollution?

Apart from the harmful UVA rays and UVB rays of the sun, the skin also needs to be protected from the polluted dust particles. All these lead to several skin issues that can be looked after with some precautionary steps.

Here are some expert tips to look after the skin from pollution.

1. Keep your skin hydrated

Yes, water is the best way to protect your skin from nearly all the skin issues. Drinking plenty of water is the best way of detoxing the body along with other ingredients like Tulsi leaves, Amla, and many more. Detoxing the body would be helpful in eliminating all the toxins from the body and would also provide the body with required anti-oxidants.

2. Using sunscreens and moisturizers

Yes, using sunscreen or even a moisturizer in your daily routine is again the best way of protecting the skin. The sunscreen and moisturizing creams and lotions add new layers for proper protection of the skin. The skin lotions and creams prove to be a safeguard for the skin from the UV rays along with smog particles and other harmful chemicals. Using cold water for cleaning the face along with any non-exfoliating face wash daily brings effective results to eliminate the dirt from the skin.

3. Scrub your skin daily

Many people think scrubbing the skin daily would damage the natural layer of the skin. But the fact is that scrubbing helps the skin in recovering from any minimal damage and also heals the skin from any ill effects due to pollution. The scrub can also be prepared at home with the help of walnuts, olive oil, Aloe Vera, sugar, honey, lemon, etc. Pollution increases a chemical layer that results in inflammation. And scrubbing the skin would clean it and remove any kind of pollution.

4. Use face packs

Face packs are quite effective in protecting the skin from the damage caused due to pollution. Again, instead of using the chemical-based face packs, using natural ingredients in the face pack like green papaya, chocolate, Aloe Vera, honey, etc. for your face is much helpful in removing the blackheads along with other harmful pollution particles is an ideal way of saving the skin. The face pack is rich in anti-oxidants that removes the free radicals, smooths the skin, detoxifies it, and keeps it nourished deeply with a healthy glow.

5. Massage your skin

To protect skin from pollution, massaging is a must to do activity on a regular basis. Massaging the skin is the best way to deal with the polluted particles and help the skin relax too. When coconut oil, almond oil, or any other oil is used for massaging the skin, it rejuvenates the skin. Adding some essential oil like orange oil, lavender oil, etc. to the hot steam water is also a good idea. Look for some massage before bathing and use some warm water for having a bath.

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6. Cleanse your skin properly

Cleaning the skin with some natural ingredients is much helpful in removing the harmful particles from the skin and keeping it healthy. Using a facial mixture made from lemon juice, honey, and yogurt cleans the skin deeply and damages the pollutants. Apart from this, using rose water, milk, green tea, ice, or even cucumber juice to clean the skin comes with effective results with a refreshed and relaxed skin.

7. Don’t forget to moisture the skin

Moisturizing is an important ritual of skin care if you want to protect skin from pollution. Along with deep cleansing, exfoliating, and massaging the skin, moisturizing it properly is also an important step for working on the pollution level that has affected the skin. Pollution makes the skin dull and dark. And when you moisturize the skin and nourish it, it promotes the regeneration of the cells and helps in reducing the presence of the damages.

8. Cover the face properly while going out

While moving outdoors, don’t leave your skin open to the detrimental pollution particles. Be prepared for every kind of pollution by covering the face in different ways. Wear a mask that covers the face as this would also be helpful in preventing the lungs. Carry a scarf to cover your face and forehead too. In this way, protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays is also possible.

9. Focus on your diet

Just as water is important for hydrating the skin, similarly, the diet is also important for protecting the skin. No doubt, focusing on the taste of the food is essential, the ingredients you have added are also equally important. Use ingredients like almonds, garlic, eggplant, avocado, broccoli, oily fish, whole grains, eggs, and much more which helps in restoring the hydrolipidic film of the skin and also promotes healthy tissues.

These are the effective ways to protect skin from pollution of different types. There are many chemical-based creams and lotions that are being used for the skin. But instead of them, looking for natural ingredients in making the skincare products and following a proper regime is essential for protecting the skin from the pollution, as well as repairing the damaged skin.

How can I make my skin pollution-proof?

Skin prevention is definitely one of the essential things for proper care of the skin. No matter, whether you are having dry skin, oily skin, or even a sensitive one, there are different ways of working on the skin nourishment which helps to get to a healthy and pollution-free skin texture.

Here are the different ways of treating pollution for different skin texture.

1. For dry skin

If you are having a dry skin texture, using a mild face wash for cleaning the skin would be recommendable. Use a serum, based on a cream that is rich in anti-oxidants, or a similar sunscreen at day time. Using a mild cream for nourishing the skin is also good for night time. Apart from this, using a face mask rich in multivitamins is also helpful to keep the skin hydrated. Some essential ingredients recommended for dry skin include antioxidants, oligopeptides, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5, essential oils, plant butter, cilantro, cucumber, etc.

2. Normal to Combination skin

For normal to combination skin, to work on the pollution care, using a gentle face wash in the morning to clean the face is appropriate. Again, apart from using the face wash, using a sunscreen in the mornings or while moving out in the sun would be helpful for protecting the skin from UV rays. While during the night, using a lotion that is oil-free for moisturizing the skin is a good idea. Apart from all these, using a face mask based on Charcoal is helpful for detoxing the skin once a week. This would clean the skin deeply and also help in eliminating the blackheads. Some natural ingredients people with normal to combination skin can use include Vitamin C, Glycolic acid, Kaolin clay, charcoal, hyaluronic acid, etc.

3. Oily Skin

The people having oily skin come with a primary necessity of controlling the oil on the skin. For that, use a face wash that helps in controlling the oil on the face and also cleans the pores. After a face wash, make sure you add a mild toner that is alcohol-free for the neck and face. To reduce the production of excess oil from the glands, use a moisturizer (matte). Choose a sunscreen that is gel-based and controls the oil on the face. For the night, use a salicylic glycolic cream which helps in reducing the oiliness that might have attacked during the daytime. Going for a granule scrub is also recommended around 2 times in a week. Some natural ingredients best for the oily skin include niacinamide, activated charcoal, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, calendula, and Vitamin C.

4. Acne-prone skin

The routine of the people having acne-prone skin is quite similar to the people having oily skin texture. All you need to do is simply add one of the mild anti-acne creams that work in reducing the breakouts. The ingredient list for the acne-prone skin includes menthol, tea tree, sulfur, retinol, cinnamon bark, Vitamin C, etc.

5. Skin aging earlier

For the people suffering from early skin aging, hydration is quite important. So, start the morning with a hydrating face wash for cleaning the face. After the face wash, go for a serum to protect the skin from aging signs. Using anti-aging or under-eye cream is also recommended. Some of the natural ingredients the people with aging skin can use include retinol, Vitamin C and E, peptides, ferulic acid, ginger leaf, etc.

One of the important tips to protect the skin from pollution is to use skincare products on a regular basis. Make a proper routine and spare some time for the routine to protect and care for your skin. So, keep yourself protected with a proper skincare routine and let your skin be healthy and glowing even if the pollution is increasing out there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Protecting Skin from Pollution

1. What is the essential part of skincare?

Ans : The essential part of skincare is to follow a proper routine for skincare which includes toning, cleansing, and moisturizing of the skin. This would help in protecting the skin from the pollution as well as the harmful rays. The routine also protects the skin from dark circles, blackheads, wrinkles, and much more.

2. Why is a moisturizer important for the skin?

Ans : Including a moisturizer in your routine is much important to keep the skin healthy, and protect it from getting dry. It is also one of the essential steps for the sensitive skin textures as it helps in improving it. Using a moisturizer daily helps in hydrating the skin, and making it glowing and healthy.

3.Which is the right time to use a moisturizer on the face?

Ans : A moisturizer should be used on a daily basis. Use it in the morning after cleaning your face, and at night before sleeping. Again, it should be used for every season and not only for winters.

Hope you liked our tips on how to protect skin from pollution. Please share this article on social media with your friends ad family. If you want to add few more tips or want to share your own experience then please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Have a glowing and healthy skin!

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