Copper and Its Benefits for Hair, Health and Skin!

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Next to Zinc and Iron, Copper is the third element that is found in abundance in a human body. It can be found in tissues but is mainly stored in your liver. We need little amounts of this element in our diet. But it is usually deficient in one’s diet as the sources of food that has this element is usually ignored. Hence, let’s discuss here some copper health benefits that you must know.

Our body contains nearly 500 mg of copper and its importance cannot be ignored. It is used by many enzymes, few of them act like antioxidants. Some enzymes are also involved in collagen and hemoglobin formation. Iron and copper work together in order to produce red blood cells, and copper is also a major component in the outer coating of collagen and nerve fibers. Now you realize how important it is?

Copper Health Benefits

Copper Health Benefits

Copper is a comparatively small group of metals that shows various benefits pertaining to our health. These elements along with amino and fatty acids and vitamins can help in triggering the usual metabolism processes. Your body is prone to lack copper since it can’t be generated within your body. Hence, it is vital for you to include foods rich in copper in your diet.

Consumption of copper will aid healthy living. When you take it in the right quantity, here are the Copper Health Benefits you will avail.

1. Suitable Growth- Copper Health Benefits

Copper is vital for proper growth. If copper has to be used, it must be bound to a protein. As human body cannot actually synthesize or generate copper, you must make copper a part of your everyday diet and in right amounts.

2. Using of Iron

Copper aids in utilizing iron in our bodies and aids in absorbing iron. Deficiency of iron in our bodies is usually linked with copper from tracts of an intestine. It aids in oxidizing glucose and releasing energy.

3. Osteoporosis and Arthritis Treatment

As it has properties like anti-carcinogens, copper in our body aids in alleviating pain due to arthritis. Nearly half of the copper in our body is stored in muscles and bones. Hence, it is a general treatment for Osteoporosis and Arthritis since it aids in the promotion of healthy collagen in our body. Since copper is a part of compounds such as SOD and ceruloplasmin, it also aids in decreasing the symptoms of arthritis.

4. Copper Health Benefits – Eye, Hair, and Skin Pigmentation

The copper’s presence could be found in two forms, copper sulfate, and copper gluconate. Virtually seen in each cell of our body, this element aids in the production of melanin in our body that is responsible for eyes, hair and skin pigmentation.

5. Formation of Red Blood Cells

Copper has a vital role to play along with the iron in order to supply oxygenated blood that is healthy. Along with iron, copper aids in the synthesis of hemoglobin, releasing the iron required to generate hemoglobin in RBCs. This is the reason why copper is at times used in treating Anaemia.

6. Tissues

Copper has a significant role to play in maintaining health and well-being of myelin sheath which is a material that surrounds and protects our nerves. Moreover, it also aids in regulating the functions of lysyl oxidase, which is an enzyme required for creating collagen in bones as well as connective tissues.

7. Thyroid Glands

Copper helps the thyroid gland in secreting and balancing hormones. It has a significant role to play in the proper functioning of these glands.

8. Stimulation of Brain

Copper supplies oxygen to our brains, and aids in brain and nerve functions. This is the reason copper is largely recognized as brain food or brain stimulant. Nonetheless, too much quantity of copper can also harm the brain.

9. Decreasing The Levels of Cholesterol in The Body

Copper has come properties that help in decreasing bad cholesterol and enhancing HDL cholesterol. Hence, it provides protection against heart disorders and avoids the clot formation in the body.

10. Enzymatic Reactions

Copper is that element which had fifty kinds of enzymes, most of which act as antioxidants. And I’ve already told you how antioxidants help our body, right?

11. Antibacterial Features

Immense studies have shown that the copper has got antibacterial features which inhibit the bacterial growth in our human body.

12. Vital for Fetuses, Newborn Infants As Well As Children

Copper is one element which is essential for the growth as well as the development of fetuses, newborn infants as well as children. Copper deficiency in pregnant moms can potentially trigger many health disorders in infants such as weakness in muscles and many other neurological disorders.

Skin Benefits of Copper

Apart from having various Copper Health Benefits, this wonder element also has a significant role to play in taking care of our skin too.  All this while, I told you how copper helps us in producing melanin that is responsible for the hair and skin color. Copper gluconate and copper peptides promise good treatment during skin care. The copper ingredients help in the production of collagen and regeneration of skin and effectively enhance functions of antioxidants.

Skin Care With Copper Peptides

Not all of us have come across with this term. However, they are one among the highly efficient products for skin regeneration. Peptides are parts of a protein that play a vital role in skin care, specially while repairing the damaged tissues and regenerating new ones. Copper is vital in attracting such peptides and bonding with them to form copper peptides. Hence, copper plays a vital role in transporting nourishing protein all the way to the damaged skin.

Copper peptides have these benefits-

  • They aid in the regeneration of skin, that is very effective in curing skin lesions as well as wounds.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of peptides let copper deal with a large range of irritation of the skin.
  • They help in regenerating new elastin and collagen, thereby enhancing the softness, firmness and elasticity of our skin that results in young appearance.
  • The production of collagen aids in filling up wrinkles and fine lines, while elastin can stimulate and firm your skin, thereby avoiding the sagging which would eventually cause wrinkles.
  • It aids in reversing the damage caused to the skin barrier, reconstructing the skin and getting rid of scars.
  • Peptides regulate the rate of growth and migration of many cells in the skin that avoid the release of oxidation, thereby sending iron into our tissues that result in giving us a clean look.

Skin Care With Copper Gluconate

It is a white crystalline, odorless powder that is used in many skin cleansing and skin care products. As it is gentle on our skin, it is used in treating sensitive aging skin. The gluconic acid present in copper gluconate cleanses and conditions our skin and gets rid of dangerous microorganisms.

Hair Benefits of Copper

Copper benefits for Hair are nothing less significant than those other copper health benefits. SCRPs or Skin Remodeling copper peptides are used in creams, gels, lotions, shampoos as well as conditioners. Since these protein peptides are present, they help the wounds of hair heal themselves quite quickly. SCRPs are specifically useful for those people who want to heal their scalp and regrow the hair after chemotherapy since they increase follicles and decrease resting phase of hair growth while healing wounds. The ingredients of copper are also vital for Hair in these ways:

1. Essential When You Undergo Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy will cause killing of proper healthy cells along with those cancerous cells, causing dry, cracked, itchy and red skin, as well as hair scalp. Since it is anti-inflammatory, copper peptides aid in healing these problems. They enhance the quantity of subcutaneous fat as well as hair follicle size that gets reduced during the treatment.

2. Hair Transplantation

Owing to their healing abilities, copper peptides endorse faster growth of the hair that are transplanted and decrease the visibility of scars. Copper peptides saturated with Gauzes are used for amplifying the initial three days after surgery in order to promote faster healing.

3. Treatment of Scalps

Copper peptides are generally used of scalps treatments. Besides, they are also used in hair tonics in order to provide overall scalp and hair treatment.

4. Other Benefits

Copper peptides avoid and also reverse premature graying of hair since they help in the production of melanin pigments. They enhance the flow of nutrients from the blood by reconstructing capillaries over the follicles. Besides, they inhibit the hormone DHT which causes Alopecia. Owing to their healing qualities, they repair scalp damage because of the thermal and chemical treatments that cause thinning of hair eventually.

Copper Food Sources

A well-balanced diet will have enough copper needed by our body. Food which are great sources for copper are legumes, oysters, whole grain cereals, dark chocolate, yeast from dried brewer, fruits, cherries, nuts, leafy green vegetables, chicken, prunes, tofu, soybeans and so on. Organ meat like black strap molasses and liver are great sources for copper.

Now that I have mentioned how important it is for you to include copper in your diet, I guess you’ve learned the gravity of the matter. If you have anything more to add, feel free to comment below!

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