Ginger Essential Oil Benefits : Why this Anti-inflammatory Oil is so useful?

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Some Quick Facts About Ginger

  • The ginger is formed with rhizomes, the presence of which gives it a characteristic smell and keeps it fresh that is also found in its oil.
  • Ginger essential oil is mostly extracted from ginger that is aged more than 9 months from the time it is harvested.
  • Ginger essential oil is much helpful for soothing the stomach and reducing motion sickness.
  • Using ginger essential oil is much effective for strengthening the health of the heart.
  • Ginger is not only used for cooking purpose but is also popular in Ayurveda for producing various holistic medicines.
  • Ginger essential oil massage is also much effective for Lymphedema or says Lymphatic drainage, spider veins, edema, varicose veins, etc..

What is Ginger Essential Oil?

When it comes to ginger, people are aware of the ginger powder or ginger root for cooking purpose. But ginger essential oil is something new to many. So, today let’s learn about the essential oil and the various benefits it brings for you.

Energizing, spicy and warm, ginger oil is obtained from the roots of dry ginger. This process is carried out with the process of steam distillation that removes the active elements from the ginger roots in the form of oil. As the oil contains high concentration levels of gingerol and other compounds that are organic, ginger oil is widely used for medicinal purpose.

What Are The Nutrients Obtained From Ginger Essential Oil?

The essential oil is rich in various properties like anti-inflammatory, laxative, antioxidants, and stimulants which make the oil a vital ingredient in various medicines or home remedies too. Again, Ginger essential oil is rich in nutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C,and K, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Manganese, Selenium, Copper, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, etc.

What Is The Ginger Essential Oil Uses?

Coming to the ginger essential oil uses, the oil is among the best pain reliever. The oil is much helpful in promoting proper blood circulation as well as reducing pain and ache. The aromatherapists widely use ginger oil due to the warming qualities it contains along with the soothing impact it has which helps in reducing the digestive issues. It is popularly used for health issues like morning sickness, gas, diarrhea, indigestion as well as nausea.

What Are The Benefits Of Ginger Essential Oil?

Counting on the key ginger essential oil benefits, the list includes reducing inflammation, boosting heart health, prevention from chronic disease, stimulating the immune system, optimizing digestion, as well as protection from the respiratory system. Here is the list of the benefits of ginger oil.

1. Clears Up Your Digestive Issues

The essential oil is widely used in a number of natural remedies for reducing stomach issues. The oil is much helpful for digestive issues like diarrhea, colic, dyspepsia, indigestion, flatulence, and many more issues connected to the bowels. The natural anti-inflammatory and calmative properties it contains help in working on the upset stomach without any kind of side effects naturally. It also works effectively on issues like bacterial dysentery, food poisoning, intestinal infections, etc.

2. For Skin Allergies

This might surprise you, but the list of ginger essential oil benefits also includes the treatment of skin allergies, acne,and eczema. The oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that are much essential in fighting against skin issues like pimples, redness, acne, eczema, etc. It also protects the skin from any damage caused due to free radicals due to the antioxidant elements it has. It also provides with required moisture to the skin.

3. Reducing Inflammation And Pain

The ginger essential oil uses list is ruled with this benefit of the oil. The oil contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are present in an enzyme in ginger name Zingibain. Both the compounds are much helpful in reducing pain related to rheumatism, arthritis, migraine, headache, and sore muscles. Along with reducing the pain and inflammation, the essential oil is also helpful for regulating the growth of prostaglandins which reduces the trauma. Simply massaging the oil on your muscles would work magically on it.

4. Helpful In Various Aromatherapy Treatments

The ginger essential oil is also found to be helpful in a number of therapies related to anyone’s mental and emotional health. The oil is widely used in aromatherapy treatments for working on issues like stress and tiredness. Adding the oil on your bathing water or even inhaling it through vapors would work immediately on the nerves by calming them. Applying it on the muscles would help in reduce the pain and also increase proper circulation of blood. The aromatherapy would completely relax your mind and body.

5. Relief From Menstruation Pain

Surprisingly, ginger oil is widely used in various issues related to the menstruation. A widely faced issue by women during menses is dysmenorrhea which is a kind of pain that lasts for 2 to 3 days. The pain in the lower abdomen or pelvis is unbearable, and ginger oil is quite helpful for reducing it. Simply massaging the oil on the lower abdomen gently would help in reducing the menstruation pain or cramps as this would smoothen the muscles and would also work on reducing the inflammation.

6. Reducing Respiratory Problems

The respiratory benefit is one of the ginger essential oil uses. The oil is much effective in the treatment of various respiratory problems which includes flu, cough, as well as the common cold. Along with such common issues, it is also helpful in easing various serious problems like removal of mucus, inflamed sinus, and clearing the clogged airways in the lungs. Hence, the use of ginger oil is quite effective on various respiratory issues by inhaling the vapors from the hot water bowl.

7. Improving The Health Of Your Liver

Among the body organs, the liver is the most hardworking organ that works for the processing of the nutrients obtained from the filtered blood, food, neutralizing the hormones, and removing the dead cells. It is also helpful in the maintenance of the metabolic balances as well as it is much suspectable for toxic, viral, cancerous and microbial attacks. Ginger oil works as a natural detoxifier for the liver. The anti-oxidants in the oil reduce the damage to the cellular and boost the immunity levels. It protects the liver from the deposition of any fatty elements and reduces the chances of liver enlargement.

8. Works Effectively For Male Impotence

Male impotence is among the various ginger essential oil benefits.It is used in various therapies for encouraging sexual enhancement along with other sexual problems like impotency and erectile dysfunction. Using the oil for massaging the private part would help in improving the blood circulation as the skin would absorb all the important ingredients from the oil. Again, the oil also helps in boosting the libido through aromatherapy. Hence, it helps in treating male sexual problems in a natural way.

9. Helpful In Vomiting, Sickness And Nausea

Be it traveling sickness or morning sickness, ginger oil is much helpful in managing both with ease. Along with this, it is also effective for dealing with nausea and vomiting caused due to medicinal side effects in a natural way. Inhaling the oil through vapor would work on the nerve that is hyperactively related to vomiting and nausea by preventing the function of serotonin in the digestive system. It is the best natural way to deal with morning sickness in pregnancy without any side effects.

10. Reduces The Risk Of Developing Cancer

The nutrients list of ginger oil also includes anti-cancer properties. The oil promotes apoptosis in the cancer cells with the terpenoids content in it. Similarly, it also promotes Zerumbone in the cancer cells which makes it much sensitive to the radiations. This makes radiation therapy effective. The oil is much helpful in reducing the chances of skin cancer. If used in the initial stages, it also reduces the growth of cancer and prevents its conversion to irreversible stages.

11. For Proper Hair Care

Ginger essential oil is also famous for the minerals content which is an essential ingredient for hair care. Massaging the oil has come up with magical effect on hair conditions like itchy scalp, dry scalp, and dandruff. Adding to the benefits, the oil also keeps your scalp healthy and clean with the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Apart from this, the oil is also popular for promoting healthy circulatory system since ancient times for strengthening the heart. Hence, in this way, the essential oil is helpful for the health of the entire body.

How To Use Ginger Essential Oil?

There are various ways of essential oil. Some of the popular ways are:

  • Rubbing a drop or two on the heart daily would help in improving the heart health and blood circulation.
  • For reducing the joint and muscle pain, rub around 2 to 3 drops of oil twice a day on the joint or area.
  • For inhaling or using the oil as a diffuser, add around 2 to 3 drops of the oil in warm water which helps in boosting the mood.
  • To reduce stomach issues or nausea, take 2 or 3 drops of the oil and apply it on the stomach
  • For menstruation issues, massage the oil on the lower abdomen.
  • You can also use a few drops of the oil in warm water to have a bath for eliminating the toxins from the body as well as some digestion issues.
  • Adding the ginger essential oil to the tea or green tea for quick relief from respiratory issues and vomiting.

Along with all these, the ginger essential oil is also added to the meals while cooking.

The essential oil is much helpful in working on both the common and acute health symptoms for various health conditions. As it is combined with a number of chemicals, it contains a number of healing properties which makes it effective on various health and mental issues.

So, how are you going to add the oil in your routine to obtain its benefits?

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